The Mysterious Brain Balance Of Reality

The human mind usually is able to achieve a sense of balance between reality and delusion. When we dream, we have temporarily lost that balance. When we awake we find it again.

Scientists say the sense of self, the balance between knowing your own body exists and the thoughts about that body, requires several parts of the brain to work together. When they don’t, we see the strangest behaviors.

One man tried to commit suicide but was unsuccessful. A few days later he began to believe he was dead–told several people. When they argued with him, he said, “My mind is OK. My brain is dead.” This mental illness has a name and the man eventually recovered.

Another man thought his leg belonged to someone else. He tried to cut it off. Something similar happens when a limb is cut off the person feels pain as if the limb is still there.

Visions of the Virgin Mary, Jesus and Elvis are an entirely different mental phenomenon, but they illustrate the power the brain has to be off balance between what is actually happening and delusion. Ancient story telling is heavy with visions which probably seemed as real to the person as reality seems to me at this moment.

These creative works by the brain are the stock and trade of religion. Whether it is the Paul of the Bible having frequent conversations with a dead Jesus or Joseph Smith hearing a voice telling him start the Mormon church, the brain can invent a new religion.

[An article discussion the brain and sense of self is linked in comments.]

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  1. True, atheism is a form of mental illness. The undying desire to discredit feelings, beliefs and emotion is peculiar, at the least. Christianity recognizes the value of humanity but atheism worships science and only science.

    1. Matt 9:50 True, atheism is a form of mental illness… but atheism worships science and only science

      The real indication of atheists’ mental illness are the visions they all have of the long dead Mr. Science saying, “Believe in me or you will spend eternity in misery.”

    2. entech

      Such vehement hatred is a mental illness. That there is something not quite right about people that shout and scream as the people in your video do is just as attributable to people that write as you do.
      In the video the street atheists seem to be shouting at the street preachers, you seem to scream at the very idea of atheism, as if not to believe as you do was in itself evil. People like you petrify me, to ask a question of the type you seem to like, how long is it since an atheist flew a plane into a New York building?

  2. Greg

    Another neat delusion is when people convince themselves a fetus is not a growing, living being that will soon be born, (if it isn’t killed first)

    1. Greg 12:08 Another neat delusion is when people convince themselves a fetus is not a growing, living being that will soon be born, (if it isn’t killed first)

      Congrats for another in the anti abortionist tradition of slippery wordsmithing, “when people convince themselves a fetus is not a growing, living being that will soon be born.”

      By saying it that way, you slide by the absurd notion that immediately after the female egg is fertilized it is a “human being”. Use cleverly say it is a “growing, living being”, something entirely different than a human being.

      Shame on you for not recognizing the a sperm cell is a swimming living being, anxious to unite with an egg and soon born. Any wasted sperm cell is the murder of a living being.

          1. entech

            And every one is sacred 😉

            Which leads to the question, why would an intelligent designer design a process where there was such a surplus of sacred entities that all except the one that wiggles its tail the fastest is wasted, denied the function for which it was designed – denied by that self same design(er).
            Then of course there is the question of the recipients that never receive, those that do that never come to fruition under natural circumstances. Pretty hap hazard means of creating new life.

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