Nasty Religion

No matter how much success secular people have in blocking required Christian prayers in schools and public meetings, a part of the Christian faith finds a door open to government open and sneaks in. It is happening at this moment in Presidential politics.

We need to recall the method of conservative religious politics. First, find a group that has little clout and a small minority of voters. Then, knock them to the ground and beat them over and over again. This was the formula against black people during segregation. It was repeated with gays. Now, it is being done to Muslims.

In a recent round of Presidential interviews, candidates were asked if it would be acceptable for a U. S. citizen who is Muslim to be President? The only reasonable and logical answer to this question is to point out our Constitution allows someone of any religion to be President. To say anything else is basically to not stand for our Constitution.

But, the temptation to insert religion into both government and politics is most powerful than factual information. It is irresistible for some candidates to say, no, it would not be acceptable for a law abiding citizen who happened to be Muslim to be President.

My hat is off to a group of people who attend every Christian political gathering in Iowa with signs saying keep government and religion separated. That is a principle that cannot be stated often enough.

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  1. Cevon Anderson

    Yes, the founding fathers knew from Europe’s history how disastrous it was to mix the two. When one religious sect got in control of the government the rest of the religious sects and people who didn’t practice any religion were oppressed, abused, restricted, and even torture, killed or suffered genocide. Our founders knew the only way to protect people no matter what religious sect they were, or none at all, was to establish freedom of religion; freedom from other religious sects whether one was religious or not. These lessons are being relearned in Bhutan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the like.

    1. Cevon 8:19 I was so naïve after 9/11 I thought people in the U. S. would see the danger of mixing religion and government. After all, a religious group had taken over a country. Was I ever wrong. The majority seemed to want more, lots more, religion in government. That passion for more Christianity and keeping out all others like Islam can be seen clearly in this election cycle.

    2. Henry

      Ca:“Yes, the founding fathers knew from Europe’s history how disastrous it was to mix the two”

      Did they really? Is that why Tommy J attended church at the Capitol building? Must have been. I learn much from this atheist site.

      1. Henry

        Like I said, we just do not know anything. We will get learned. We will learn to accept their culture. We will learn to adapt to it. They will train our women and children. Then we will celebrate with some kind of pride parade with many different fun color balloons, and all will be well.

        1. Cevon Anderson

          Standing before thy red, white and blue, thee shalt clutch thy gun, grip thy Bible tightly, whilst waving thy teabags about.

          1. Henry

            Ouch! Anuther atheist wit com’ a crashin’ on my head. I now know what to expect. I can’t best such genius. Such good folk.

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