Religious Fun From Down Under

The moral and ethical standards practiced by parts of the Christian community is not to be admired. This is true both in the U. S. and other places including Australia.

While Australia’s political system seems to have some strong secular attributes, it is also entangled with lots of Christianity. The separation of church and state is not very clear.

An interesting bit of Christian political gamesmanship is going on at the moment. The census questions in Australia include a question about religion. In the last census it showed an overwhelming majority of citizens are Christian.  Using this data as justification, several government policies fund and promote Christian activities.

A little wrinkle in the census question that favors marking “Christian”. The Christian option is right below the question. To choose “atheist”, one has to go to “other” and there find the atheist option.  In neighboring New Zealand the atheist option was placed next to the Christian option and the percentage of atheists officially recorded shot upward.

Just now the Australian government is considered a revision in its census presentation to make choosing atheist as easy as choosing Christian. A Christian group is opposing this saying atheists can find the atheist option. It is not an important enough issue to change the census presentation, it says.

Meanwhile, the Christian group continues to encourage Christians to mark “Christian” in order to safe guard the public money for their faith. Apparently, it does not matter how Christians achieve victory so long as they succeed.

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