Who Has Attained Moral Superiority?

Today’s news carried a little lesson. If you are in a religious or political group that claims for itself the moral high ground, best you keep that to yourselves. That is, you are welcome to think of yourselves as superior, but don’t crow about it in public.

One of the stories is about the reality show which lauds the Duggar family with 19 children. From what I know of the show, the message is that this family is morally superior because it doesn’t use birth control, the daughters are required to wear only skirts and they must be below the knee.

Now we learn the oldest son molested his sisters when he was a teenager. The parents have know of this for years. The show has been pulled off the air.

Seemingly unrelated is a national referendum is on gay marriage in Ireland. Conventional wisdom is voters will approve gay marriage. There is only one reason this first of its kind national vote is being taken. It is the child abuse and money scandals of the Irish Catholic Clergy.

Ireland’s Catholic Church has dominated its politics ever since Christianity took over from paganism. The Catholic Church was deeply involved in preventing all kinds of progressive legislation from passing in its parliament. The dramatic exposure of the Church’s dark side let loose a pent up resentment from its years of holy posturing.

The irony is that so many of the faithful sneer at nonbelievers because, believers say, nonbelievers have no moral compass.


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  1. Matt Noah

    Clearly, atheists are morally superior. They have no version of sin to violate. All Christian faiths and most other religions have sins. That’s Jon’s point.

    1. Matt 11:32 That’s Jon’s point.

      That’s not my point. I did not say atheists are morally superior. Others do say they are morally superior–it turns out they are not.

        1. Matt 12:01 Who is to judge if they are morally superior? What are your qualifications

          It would be my determination that priests, and others, who sexually abuse children do not have higher morals than those atheists who do not molest children.

          Am I qualified to make this determination? I’m as qualified as anyone one else. Anyone else would include the Catholic Magisterium.

          1. It would be my determination that priests, and others, who sexually abuse children do not have higher morals than atheists who do not molest children.
            Jon, perhaps a little rephrasing would be in order. A little clarity to overcome the inevitable literalistic interpretation used as a basis for attack:
            “than atheists who do not molest children” could be expressed as “than those atheists which do not molest children. Because clearly some atheists have abused children; child abuse is widespread and reprehensible no matter who is doing the abusing.

            My contention is that those who hide or coverup such abuse, to the extent that they actually assist the perpetrator to abuse again, are morally inferior to the perpetrators. I say morally inferior because it is usually done to protect “the integrity” of the organisation, as if the organisation were more important than the individuals. Some members go as far as to deny it ever happened; perhaps not deny in words but by failing to acknowledge that it has ever happened.

          2. entech 1:15 Thanks for that suggestion. I changed my post accordingly.

            From what I read, the Duggar family knew of this not long after it happened. They wanted to keep it a secret so they entrusted the offending teenager for treatment to someone they knew who later turned out to have similar behaviors.

            I see the Duggar husband makes a living in “investments”. That is, he is a business man and it is clear he has been marketing the 19 children as his brand. Protecting the brand integrity must have seemed important.

          3. Matt Noah

            It didn’t take long for Jon to get off-topic. At least we know Jon believes he has the qualifications (unstated) to judge those who are morally superior and those who are morally inferior. So, you are no better than the people you criticize.

            Perhaps you should just restate your position every day. It is simple. I hate Christians. You keep thinking of new ways to make the same statement.

      1. Matt Noah

        Not that you were ever a devout Christian but I think you are using this blog and your ego to try to justify your departure from Christianity. It seems something is pulling you back but you fight it like St. Augustine before he repented and returned magnificently to the Church. If something is not pulling you back why bother with this blog?

        1. Matt 1:36 before he repented and returned magnificently to the Church. If something is not pulling you back why bother with this blog?

          Tell me something that is more fun than exchanging views with Matt.

          1. Two things on Ireland.

            1) As Jon pointed out not to long ago in another post, there is increasing tension between the ivory tower Vatican and local Bishops who are faced with people fleeing their pews. We’re seeing that play out in Ireland where a very highly placed Vatican official strongly condemned the democratic decision of the people of Ireland while on the same day the Bishop of Dublin acknowledged a growing gap between Irish culture and the church.

            2) The most repressive religious organization on the island are now the Free Presbyterian Church of Northern Ireland who make up over 30% of the ruling DUP party despite comprising only 1/20th of the total population. Northern Ireland is not the only nation in the United Kingdom that doesn’t recognize same-sex marriages.

    2. Jinx

      Mattie, don’t be such a silly pants. I find Jon to be much less judgmental than OTHERS who like to twist his words. He apologizes if something is mis-stated and corrects a statement when he is given real facts some commenters can’t seem to understand.

  2. bobby

    Liberals claim they are morally superior because they supposedly stick up for the poor, the needy and “the little guy” which of course is smoke and mirrors. I wonder why they don’t stick up for the littlest of guys in the unborn?

    1. bobby 12:25 I wonder why they don’t stick up for the littlest of guys in the unborn?

      I’ve always wondered why right to life zealots do not care what happens to the mother during the pregnancy. Under a law that declares the fertilized cell to be a human being the mother will become under virtual house arrest. Law enforcement will have to know what she is doing and if it will harm the fetus.

      1. Matt Noah

        Blah blah blah lie lie lie blah blah blah. One of the principles of the Nazi movement was to tell huge lies, tell them over and over and over until enough people thought it was true.

          1. Chuck–Probably. But more likely I was born without knowledge of god, affirmative or negative. Nothing much has changed in that respect.

          2. entech 2:47 As Hitler was born Catholic he had a long history from which to receive the principle.

            It would have been refreshing if the Catholic Church at the time had condemned him instead of praising him.

          3. Matt Noah

            Arguing with a lapdog such as entech is like arguing with a 2-year-old. I take that back. 2-year-olds are more rational.

        1. Matt—Now that the Catholic clergy has instructed Catholics to vote NO on gay marriage are you putting your money on the NO vote? Surely you are praying for a NO vote and are a man of faith.

        2. Matt Noah

          Jon, you lie like a Nazi. Tell the big one, keep repeating it, hope it sticks. I won’t let you get away with it.

          1. Matt Noah

            The truth is the truth. You can be inspired or you can flatulate. Or you can just accept it. Jon reverts to lying when his argument is exposed. His latest lie? If abortion is made illegal, pregnant women, or those suspected, will be under virtual house arrest. He has on numerous times told us that miscarriages will be treated as murders.

          2. Matt 11:29 Jon, you lie like a Nazi. Tell the big one, keep repeating it, hope it sticks. I won’t let you get away with it.

            You are an amusing person to have on our board, Matt. You say over and over again that I am a LIAR. Worse than that, I am a Nazi liar.

            Now, just a post ago both entech and I pointed out that the chief Nazi was Hitler and that Hitler was a Catholic and that the Catholic hierarchy of Germany referred to him as one of their own. These are facts. You say, “I won’t let you get away with this,” but really you do. As President John Adams said, “Facts are sticky things.”

  3. Greg

    Here’s the equation to Jon’s blog:
    One Christian does a bad thing= Christians are bad = new blog entry. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    1. Greg 2:41 Here’s the equation to Jon’s blog:
      One Christian does a bad thing= Christians are bad = new blog entry. Wash, rinse, repeat

      This blog would be hard to write if there were not so many who claim moral superiority but then turn out to do things that are despicable.

      1. entech

        A better equation might be:
        Some people are bad = Some people are bad.
        Doesn’t actually tell us much, a simple truism.
        Might as well say:
        Some Christians do bad things = Some Christians are bad.

        If this were all there was there would be nothing to blog about, as this topic shows:
        One Christian does a bad thing= Christians are bad = new blog entry. Is an oversimplification and should more accurately read.
        One Christian does a bad thing ? Christians are bad (but at least one is) = new blog entry.
        But this is so obvious it should never have been introduced and would hardly warrant a new blog. Everyone knows, or should know, that not all Christians are bad any more than all atheists are bad.
        Just all Christians are just morally superior 💡

        1. entech

          Before anyone points out that this post is ridiculous. I just thought one ridiculous post deserves another. 🙂

          1. Matt Noah

            Jon, It looks like you are down to one lapdog today. That’s a lot of dirty work for one dog.

          2. entech

            Hey that is independent not lapdog at all. For you woof woof means I hate all atheists and atheists can never be right. Why do you hate atheists so much.
            Tell me Matt is your biggest hatred atheists, Lutherans or paedophile priests.
            😳 oops sorry the last don’t exist in your world.

          3. entech

            Matt, any chance of an answer to my questions (sorry i missed the question marks but they are obvious).
            You are you stuck with hatred and petty insults.
            PS. time for another interjection from Chuck – your own pet Chihuahua (see I can make stupid and mindless insults just like you)

          4. entech

            Any answers Matt? What is the cause of your all consuming rage? That might be the basis for the answers.
            Why do hate atheists so much?
            Who do hate the most atheists, Lutherans or those others that you refuse to acknowledge ever existed?

        2. Greg

          I agree Entech, that would be a better equation. Problem is, Jon rips on Christians and lumps them together, while conveniently leaving all others alone. So, my equation accurately describes Jon’s blog, while yours does not.

        3. Jinx

          Mattie and his snapping Chihuahua’s are here to entertain us today, easy to brush off with a whisk broom.

        1. Chuck Z

          “yip, yip, yip…Mattie, Gregie, Faker James, Chuckie, yip, yip yip, GREAT POST, JON!!! THANKS FOR ALLOWING ME TO WORSHIP AT YOUR ALTER!!! yip, yip, yip.”

  4. Greg

    Where are all these Christians that claim they are superior to everyone else? Maybe you could get some direct quotes from some, or better yet do a video blog with some Christians touting their superiority and sin-less lives?

    1. Chuck Z

      Are you new here, Greg? Jon doesn’t need anything to back up his assertions. His simply makes them, gets called out on them, and then feigns extreme busyness as a means to avoid having to actually supply answers.

      1. Jinx

        Yap, Yap Yap…can’t you do better than that little chihuahua? Its just your unsupported opinion. Have all you crazy dogs ever heard of the psychological defense method of projection? If not, here it is…..
        when you talk about others like you and the rest of the mutts do, you are actually projecting your traits upon others……and that is fact. Projection reflects some nasty business about the speaker, writer or poster that he/she never intended. Remember that next time you insult Jon or others.

        1. Chuck Z

          My unsupported opinion? LOL. Don’t blame me because you can’t objectively read Jon’s blogs. Jon is your god. We can see that. Nearly every post you have on here entails, “Great post, Jon!”. “I agree, Jon!” “Blah, blah, blah, Jon!” Yes, Jinx, kneel at the alter of your master.

    2. Jinx

      My sister, who thinks her brand of christianity is the right one, said for years that her 5 kids were raised correctly with superior morals. Well, at this date, her oldest has had 3 kids by 3 different men and is on the dreaded welfare rolls, another is living in sin with her BF and using birth control, another kid is 16 with a 22 yr. old BF and the last 2 are in fights and have other behavior problems. Haven’t heard much about their moral superiority for a few years now. Mattie and his flea ridden dogs sound a lot like she used to be!

      There, now I’ve insulted you and yours….how does that feel? Just as stupid as your constant insults of Jon, Entech, Wolfie, Mac, Grandma, and of course Me.

      1. Jinx

        BTW, my kids are doing well. One is gay, married and an english professor, another is a pharmaceutical chemical engineer and the one with all the learning disabilities owns his own semi and contracts with a company and farms 400 acres. No pregnancies, no drug use, no alcohol problems and they do a lot of volunteering for organizations to help those who have less than others…….and not one of them is christian!

          1. entech

            When you are yap-yap yapping away it might be superior, but in human talk it just sounds like being proud of a job well done.

    3. Chuck Z

      Sure you do. Your god is in charge of this blog. Just because you don’t want to admit it, it doesn’t make it untrue. You are here to worship every word Jon writes.

      1. Jinx

        Sorry Chuckie, I had these opinions decades before I knew Jon existed, heck, I found his blog about 3 years ago. There were yapping Chihuahua’s then, now and more of you in the future….your all the same.

        1. Chuck Z

          “If I say it’s not true enough times, it won’t be true. You’ll see.”

          Sorry, Jinxie. It’s obvious every time you worship at the alter of your god, Jon.

          Deny it all you want.

    1. entech

      Are you the latest incarnation of the Matt of Many Names?
      If so is this post instead of answering my questions?

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