The Appalling Candidate.

Mike Huckabee was the subject of a biting column by George Will today. Will recalled that broadcaster and preacher Norman Vincent Peale had advised Christians not to vote for Adlai Stevenson when he ran for President. Stevenson replied, “I find the Apostle Paul appealing but Peale appalling.”

Will reviewed Huckabee’s apocalyptic preoccupation: There are Satanic threats to Iowa’s ethanol industry. School shooting happen because God has been removed from schools. We are moving toward the criminalization of Christianity.

One of the interesting ones is when Huckabee muses what will happen if legalized gay marriage is passed by the Supreme Court. Legislatures and Governors will simply pass laws overruling the Court, Huckabee says.  He does not seem to remember the 1960’s in his home state of Arkansas. Our Fargo Federal Judge Ronald Davies saw to it armed Federal authorities escorted black children into the Little Rock School overruling Arkansas Governor Orville Faubus.

I’m hoping to catch an appearance by Huckabee near where I live soon. My impression of him is that, whereas the last time he ran he had just finished being a preacher and then Governor, he now has just finished being a talk show personality. The first experiences caused him to note about how government works best when it is inclusive. His recent experience has been about dividing up the radio and TV market to prosper. It is the opposite of inclusiveness.  He now sounds more like a TV talk personality than a future President.

George Will found Huckabee “appalling.”

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  1. Matt Noah

    When I saw the title of the blog I could only think about Hillary being vilified by Jon. I’m glad to see St. Hillary is still on her throne.

  2. Fr. James

    At least he isn’t a community organizer who began his career in the home of domestic terrorists.

    1. Fr. James 11:56 At least he isn’t a community organizer who began his career in the home of domestic terrorists

      Welcome back, Fr. James. I’d like to remind you it is time to stop hammering on Obama and join Matt in hammering Hillary.

      1. Fr. James

        I will remember the scandals of the Clinton years. It depends on what the meaning of “is” is. Perhaps you folks could stop bashing Bush?

      2. Adam Heckathorn

        Fr. James11:56 Obama domestic terrorists? This reminds Me of the time a fellow devout witness said “see those vapor trails that’s what’s causing the flooding there are nozzles on all planes now and they (The Government) are seeding the clouds” This Friend of mine had formerly kept up a private pilot’s license so I said “well that would mean that all the airplane mechanics in the country would have to be in on the conspiracy and as You know every pilot has to do a preflight inspection of His plane so I guess all the pilots would have to be in on it also and not one has spilled the beans?” I could tell He hadn’t thought about that although it was clear He had been thinking about this conspiracy for a while. after I had teased Him a little bit I thought about how often I had heard My fellow believers say things like that. Then as I thought about how many silly things I had heard various witnesses say over the years and laughed to Myself a little thinking these folks will believe anything I was suddenly sobered by the fact that one of those things was the belief in God We held in common. in all the years it had never occurred to Me that People believing ridiculous things undermines any message They may have about God. Fr James somehow this talk of Obama part of a domestic terrorism conspiracy forced these memories back to the front of My mind. 🙂

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