Bernie Sanders: The Most Secular Of The Presidential Candidates.

It is refreshing to have a modern candidate for President. Senator Sanders will not be preaching about sin and the moral decay in his campaign. Republicans will talk about that.

I’ve read that Sanders has a special dislike of Bible thumping politicians. I hope he lets people know how he feels about them. Perhaps a goodly portion of the public dislikes them as much as Sanders does.

I would expect Sanders to not only express openly he is not for inserting religion into politics but to also contrast himself from Republicans by being a Big Picture candidate. While Republicans will discuss petty issues like gay marriage and abortion, Sanders will discuss the growing income disparity and participation in wars around the world.

We know conventional wisdom is that Sanders cannot win the Democratic nomination. There is just now a feeling of uncertainty about current politics. Republicans seem determined to move further and further to the right. Perhaps Democrats are moving further to the left more than most think possible.

This period reminds me of politics during the Vietnam War. When it started there was a general consensus it we should be over there. As time dragged on, the majority began it see it as  folly. That the establishment in both parties supported slogging on in Viet Nam gave rise to the candidacy of liberals George McGovern and Eugene McCarthy.

Sanders is a non practicing Jew. It will be entertaining to see his answer to the  question, “Did Jesus ask you to run?”

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      1. Adam Heckathorn

        LOL! That caused Me a moment of confusion. You seem to have My Wifes scandinavian sense of humor!

  1. Paul Larsen

    Bernie represents the best of Judaism and real Christianity … he cares for the poor and disenfranchised … I have everything, Bobby, have achieved wonderful things and now it’s time to be a good person … like Jesus, eh?

    Bernie’s my guy. Thanks for writing this, Jon.

  2. bobby

    Paul, were you not a good person at one time? Feeling guilty? Give a man a fish you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish you feed him forever. Or something like that. Giving able bodied people something for nothing is counter productive. Look at Indian Reservations and welfare recipients. Handouts hold people back from being productive members of society.

    1. Better start teaching those kids to fish. The majority of welfare recipients are either elderly or children. We introduced child labor laws to deal with the reality of what you propose as a solution to poverty. Would you seriously want to go back to the days of 8 year olds in coal mines?

  3. Wolfy32

    I still think choosing the presidency is an illusion to create the illusion of choice in America. I do think people have huge numbers of choice. Choosing the president is not one of them. Not that I feel it matters. I believe those with sufficient funds, power, and influence on politicians will get their way no matter which candidate wins. Ironic as it may be I suspect the president is the one with the least power to influence America. Sure he can command the military, someone(s) can tell him what to have the military to do though.

    I used to buy into caring about which president won, but when Clinton took office and the country didn’t fall into hell like most evangelical Christians were predicting I started to wonder how it mattered to any of us which president won… Sure, many people sure get bent out of shape over it. In the end whoever is selected will most likely be proposing, introducing, and/or vetoing / approving the same bills and laws regardless of who is selected. How they go about getting voter approval will differ from president to president, but, I don’t believe much else matters in who’s president.

    Maybe I’m the one disilusioned.

    1. Adam Heckathorn

      Wolfy I can’t
      help but disagree with You. I am an eternal
      perennial optimist. 🙂

      1. Wolfy32

        Perennial Optimist? Heh. I’d consider myself a realist.. Which some confuse with pessimism. I don’t view life negatively, I am very happy with my life and my contributions to society. I have lots of hope for myself and others for the future. I see things realisticly though. Things don’t always go awesome and things don’t always go horrible either. Religion teaches a very black and white approach to life and death. Heaven or hell, really awesome or really horrible… Doesn’t fit with most people’s experiences of life in this world. I have no supporting reasoning other than experience, which well, really is all most of us have.

        1. Chuck Z

          I’m in 100% agreement with you, Wolfy. I wonder when the last time the president was actually “elected” by the people he is supposedly representing?

    2. One of the most important things a president does is nominate supreme court justices. That alone is worth my vote for my party.

  4. The Julius Project

    I’d like to see Jon do a comprehensive analysis and series of posts on Pamela Gellar. Will he have the courage? I say, “No,”…because it is clear that no Christian would exact any kind of retaliation on him. The continuation of this blog is proof of that. One day when he celebrates that Christians are in the more quieted minority…he will be left with a religion that will not tolerate the expression of his “free-thinking!” So throw your stones now…your next enemy will be not so tolerant.

    1. Formerly Fargo Bob

      We live in a Christian-dominated country. Your “Muslims are far worse than Christians” defense is pretty meaningless, considering what a small percentage of the population Muslims constitute. And I notice that your comments are all drenched in fear.

    2. Julius 4:41 So throw your stones now…your next enemy will be not so tolerant.

      Interesting, I’ve said exactly the same thing about rabid Christians for years. If Christians insist on putting Christianity into government, it will come back to bit them. One day, another religion will take over and the laws and custom of government endorsement will be right there on the table for them, ready to dine. If Christians insist on laws prohibiting abortion, it puts government way into the issue and it will be able to change laws to require abortions.

      Thanks for your advice to atheists. Best if you heed it yourself. If Christians would just stay out of government, their long term prospects will be better.

  5. zep

    We love your creative writing style. I sense a very unhappy person in Jon and the followers of his slam writing style.

    1. zep 4:43 Always happy to have amateur psychologists on board here determining my state of mind. We have theologians here making predictions about my afterlife. It’s all helpful.

      1. The Julius Project

        I can’t speak for anyone else…but as for me, I know that I am no amateur, sir. Crazy, isn’t it…how a liberally trained social scientist can still turn out to be a conservative Christian?! My B.S…detector is actually pretty good, I think. As is spotting hypocrisy a state away.

        1. Julius 7:24 can’t speak for anyone else…but as for me, I know that I am no amateur, sir. Crazy, isn’t it…how a liberally trained social scientist can still turn out to be a conservative Christian?! My B.S…detector is actually pretty good, I think. As is spotting hypocrisy a state away.

          So, are you saying putting all these Christian concepts into law is good so that Muslims or some other faith can use these laws against Christians later is a good idea?

          1. Julius 7:47 I believe that I posited the first inquiry. It IS…your move!

            I’ve tried, unsuccessfully it seems, to explain what I do here. I tolerate most all views. That includes yours. I do not chase after many vague sources and videos because I do not have time. You offer seems like a debate on an unimportant topic so I will not chase it. My thing is separation of church and state so all may enjoy the church or lack of church as they choose. If you thingy is warnings about Islam, you may proceed. I’m just not working on this evening’s blog so I don’t have to for your personal project.

        2. Paul Larsen

          Mr. Project … who are you? Do you have a name? Why do you hide behind this war-like icon … you’re a “social scientist”? Tell us the details. Are you so insecure you need to create this silly persona to hide your hatred and bigotry. Out of the closet, Mr. Project.

  6. Jaq

    Jon you are so lost and unhappy about life. Come clean and accept Jesus Christ love and grace. Find true Joy. Jesus first Others second yourself last. That is Joy something you have lacked for many years. Come on Jon be honest and be a man and stand up.

    1. Jaq 9:22 Come clean and accept Jesus Christ love and grace.

      I’m afraid Jesus is like his father, the god called God. That god drowned tiny babies in the story of the Noah flood. Even if it never happened, it reflects a cruel and mean kind of a god. If I were to worship some god, I’d shop around some first. Until then, I’ll just remain “lost and unhappy about life.”

  7. I just ask questions of you, Jon. It is your blog…and perogative…to avoid, distract, and twist what is said. You don’t have problems, however, I’ve noticed, making comment or answering softball inquiries from those who don’t challenge you intellectually or put your logic to the test.

    If I have a project, it is this…to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And, to use your very own words as the means to point out and make clear the hypocrisy of your reasoning, logic, and inconsistency of thought wherever it is found. The latter is really quite easy because you are often in a hurry…and your own words are the stumbling blocks that trip you up. I just enjoy pointing out that your “thinking” is more constrained than you would otherwise like to admit. And isn’t that just the thing that you so enjoy commenting on in regard to Christians?

    It seems I’ve gotten under your skin!

    P.S. Click on my gravatar…lots of information there…so I guess I’ve been “hiding” in plain sight this whole time?

    1. Julius 10:18 It seems I’ve gotten under your skin

      Glad to have you here. I just don’t have time to get distracted into pointless and unimportant arguments.

  8. Jaq

    Our country of the United States of America does not need Clinton or Bernie in the White House in 2016. We have had enough of secular values ever since Obama walked into the White House. We need a God fearing man with family values and Christian life style to lead this great country back to its strong value system.

    1. Jaq, problem with that idea is that every time you find one someone disagrees, and tries (sometimes succeeds) to shoot him.

    2. It’s just crazy to me that people continue to think that Obama isn’t a Christian and that they question his family values.

      I’m seriously astonished that that continues to be a thing for people.

    3. What are “Christian values” other than good old ethics that are universal self evident positive behavior? How about voting for someone who promises to practice peace rather than war?

      1. Thank you, Robert, for you first contribution to the discussion here. There are positive behaviors people understand are necessary for a community, or a society, to survive.

        I like to recall the writing of the late sociologist, Eric Hoffer. Hoffer was a long shoreman and self educated. His view was that people are prewired to do that which benefits both the self and the whole. He told of being down and out during the depression. A truck with a loud speaker came along and said, “Get on for day of work, $5.” So he did. The truck went up into the California mountains. A guy said, “Get off. Clear this area. Build a shed.” (I may not remember the project exactly.) The guy left. The men realized no one was in charge. There were some crude tools. In a short time, he said, supervisors were decided, the men divided into crews and by the time the truck returned it was all completed.

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