Shrek The Musical.

In watching a live performance of Shrek the Musical (Junior) I could not but help thinking about our amazing contemporary culture.  This version was a shortened one written for 12-15 year old actors.

I saw the Shrek movie several years ago.  It was a huge success and the musical version must be one as well.

The story is about an green ogre who is rejected because he is so different.  He is commissioned to save a forlorn princess so a despot king could marry her.  The princess and the ogre, however, fall in love and that’s that.

Over and over in the story are references to being different.  Further, it is about accepting the differences and being proud of them.  In the musical, there is a rousing song entitled, Let My Freak Flag Fly.  The flag prop used has several colors, making it, and the rest of the play, clearly about homosexuality.  This even though the romances are heterosexual.

The story fits so perfectly the values taught in public schools today, acceptance of differences.  I’ve said many times the teaching of such values surely has a role in the growing acceptance of gay people in the U. S.   It must affect to one degree or another the attractiveness of religions which go out of their way not to accept gay people.

There have been several successful movies this year with religious themes.   Shrek the Musical shows there have also been successful productions that undercut some passionately held religious values.

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  1. Wolfy32

    I’ve always considered myself “different”. Not Gay, not that it matters, but, I didn’t belong with the evangelicals, never felt I was good enough for them.

    As a potential non believer, I’ve felt, that would be highly destructive to me. So many people hold that if you have no beliefs one is immoral. Plus, I feel a little arrogant thinking the human race is all there is in an infinite universe plus the possibility that our universe is just one of potentially infinite universes… To say we’re it… Seems rather… self centered. Not that I judge. People believe what they want as long as they aren’t trying to convert me and I’m not converting them.

    However, all that said, it leaves me in societal limbo of lack of conformaty to the society and the community. Where I blend to fit in but don’t really ever feel like I belong.

    Tolderance is about more than just “tolerating” that which is different. Ever heard someone say “I tolerate so and so”. Has very little positive connotations. In fact, it’s mostly negative and condescending.

    I agree that gays are no exception to needing acceptance. However, our world and our society is very well comprised of intollerance, and the only group that seems to have made headway (successfully) is the homosexuals.

    The black communities of the US are well known for poverty, drugs, and crime. Not saying Whites are immune, just saying there’s still a reason for the different races having the highest crime, poverty, and negative communities.

    Go out to some of the reservations past Bismarck and you find some of the poorest, crime ridden, and drug / alcohol abused, communities in ND. Separate but equal.

    The homosexual community bugs me in that it fights for all this stuff… But, it’s very self focussed… They want more than just tolerance. Well, why aren’t larger, more successful groups for better racial integration? Maybe PFLAG could become something more than just homosexuality, maybe it could be a flagship company for homosapien rights.

    There are global oversights for human rights in the international community, yet, it seems to me, we allow and perpetuate interance in our society by saying we “tolerate” those that are different.

    When do we as a human race change that to we “accept” those that are different?

    If there is a God, I would think it would be ashamed of how we treat each other. I would much rather be accepted for who and what I am than be tolerated.

  2. Morality does not derive from a higher power. Anyone who says so is misinformed.

    Not believing in a higher power does not mean humanity is all there is in the multiverse. In addition to all of the diversity of life remaining on this planet, the more we learn about the rest of the galaxy the more likely it seems that the conditions for life may exist beyond our tiny blue dot.

    1. Henry

      SOS:“Morality does not derive from a higher power. Anyone who says so is misinformed.”

      Evidence to your claim, please.

      1. Wolfy32

        The claim is self evident. I claim no higher power and follow a strong moral code. One of honesty, caring for others, and to do things that build others up without hurting myself or others.
        It’s really a simple code to live by. One I found agreeable with my way of life. 🙂

      2. Henry 7:19 Evidence to your claim, please.

        Let me try to understand this. If someone doubts there is a higher power or that morals come from a higher power, it is necessary, in your reasoning, to present evidence. If someone claims there is a higher power and moral come from that higher power, you accept it w/o evidence.

        OK, I declare myself THE higher power and declare my moral values to be higher than anyone else’s.

          1. Adam Heckathorn

            If you could see Me at My terminal You’d see Me doing Obeisance! Oh great declarer of Moral values Higher than all Others! (Although I actually haven’t heard any of those Moral values yet I’m sure if I just have enough faith it’s all gonna work out for the best)!

  3. entech

    Surely the moral of the Shrek tale turns on the point that Mrs. Shrek actually turns out to be an ogre as well. It should be banned, marriage of two of the same type is a sin.

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