The Computer Squeezes The Church In Two Ways.

The link reviews an article written many years ago, long before the web was carried around in a phone.  We all know what has happened, technology has taken away leisure time, not made more of it.

The priest who wrote the link was surprisingly accurate when he made the observation that organized religion is not something so important people make time for no matter what.  Instead, it is dependent on people having leisure time available.

He also makes the observation I have made here many times–that the computer is a competitive source of information to the Church.  He wrote the computer has become the Church itself in this sense.

I have to confess I, along with my economist colleages, was unimpressed in the early days of the “computer relvolution.”  It seemed to me to be just another tool, like the air hammer that breaks up concrete and the automatic trasmission on cars.  Both changed the way things were done, but not what was done.

I now see that it has had a far reaching effect on how people think.  It has changed how people spend their time both when working and when not working.  It has giving both the wealthy/powerful and the lowly bottom-of-the-rung certain weapons to use against each other.

For the “religious class”, the set of people who live off the time and donations of the public, all this is a lose-lose. There is less time for church and less reverence for what it is.

Please, the Priest asks, spend more time with me.

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  1. Michael Ross

    The internet has been compared to the printing press of the middle ages which mase books available to the commoner. The Bible was the first off the press. The people realized they had been lied to by their monarchs and the Roman state church. This lead to the the Renaissance and Reformation.

    Today the Net has made thousands of news sources available whereas before there were just a handful (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, AP, UPI and so on). A good example of of how this is affecting the masses is the reaction Israel’s slaughter of Palestinians. Big media and world leaders support the Israelis:

    But thankfully, because of the internet more commoners are waking up:

    Don’t look for this on CNN or Fox anytime soon but hopefully in time it will be so overwhelming politicians will have to act.

    1. Michael 2:12 I think you are on to something here. In former times Israel would have been seen by the U. S. press and public as the victims. This time the story is being told differently.

  2. Paul

    Jon, … thanks for being such a positive and wonderful part of the F-M faith community … please continue to be with us … your pilot buddy Paul

    1. Paul 5:05 Thanks for checking in again, Paul. Are you still flying the Mooney? It’s almost time for me to make my annual fight to Clinton, IA for the Cessna 150-152 Club Fly-In. I pack so much camping gear that when I land with not much fuel I don’t use flaps because gusts of wind provide a sickening feeling of an overloaded aft. The by return flight will not be to West Fargo, sadly, but to my newly rented hanger in Perry IA. It’s about 30 miles NW of our place in Des Moines.

      1. Wolfy32

        Not sure this is the best forum to ask, but, is it possible to charter a pilot / small plane to a destination for a 3-4 day trip. Like a family of 3 plus luggage from Fargo to Rapid City or something like that. And have them fly us back 3 days later?

        Just wondering where I could get info on that?

        I’ve wanted to get my pilots license so I could do things like that, I’ve got awesome eye sight (better than 20/20 according to my last checkup) but, I’m severely directionally impaired. Not sure I’d handle soloing by myself. Heh.

          1. Wolfy32 5:30 are the economical?

            Mostly, quite expensive. I have not chartered for years, so I can’t say the cost. It seems like you could fly in a Cessna 172, on of the most economical planes ever. They are a little tight and bouncy, but are ubiquitous. Look under “air service” and give on a call.

          2. Wolfy32

            Thanks Jon, checking into it! I still may get the bug to get my private license. It’s not overly expensive, Just a little terrified of not finding the airport while 10,000 feet off the ground, but I’m thinking that’s something that can be trained. 🙂

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