An evangelical preacher blogger about my age wrote of how he recalls his faith in the past and how it differs from today.  Some of his recollections are mine, but some different.

The old church, he recalls, was bigger on missionary work.  I recall missionaries were big.  Special collections were taken.  When a missionary returned, he traveled the area talking up success and asking for support.  That seems largely gone.

Heaven and hell were talked about more back in the day.  In my church, there were lots of sins that would put you hell bound.  I’m sure those sins are long forgotten.

The return of Jesus was much closer then.  Now, there are so many returns of Jesus’ it is probably not a good idea to bring up the topic.   Preachers know their business and it is not to be seen as whackos.

He wrote that the “blood of Jesus” was an common topic in sermons.  I have to confess  not remembering anything about that.  Then again, I was not a very good listener in church.

The preacher blogger said conspicuous consumption was not so evident in the earlier years of his preaching.  I have to wonder where he lived—conspicuous consumption everywhere from big shiny cars to gleaming appliances.  The term itself was invented by economist Thorstein Veblen in 1899.

The old time religion fit the culture of those times.  Fifty years from now today’s issues of gays and abortion will surely seem quaint and out of date.

P. S. To our U. S. readers, Happy 4th of July.