At Easter, Like In The Movies, The Underdog To Wins.

The story of the resurrection is like the many sports movies where the skinny little kid comes in wins the big game.  Or, the nobody horse wins the Triple Crown. Or, the Rocky movies.  It’s always a good story.

Here is Jesus, ridiculed, whipped and hung up to die.  Now, there is an underdog.  When everything looked the most bleak, Jesus scores a last minute goal by coming back to life.

Within the Christian faith an argument continues about whether one can be a Christian and not believe in the literal resurrection.    Opponents of the literal resurrection say the story can be metaphor and serve the purpose of giving people hope for a brighter future even though the present is not going well.

Episcopalian Bishop John Shelby Spong has been preaching and writing for four decades it is not necessary to take any of the miracles literally to be a good Christian.  The meaning of the resurrection story, he says, is that Jesus became one with God.

I, myself, don’t understand why myths such as the resurrection, death for sins or an afterlife need be required in Christianity.  Different factions of the faith have always focused on different parts of the story and everyone could do the with the resurrection.

I would go so far as to say dropping miracles of all kinds would serve the faith well.  It would allow people to focus on the faith’s message of doing good for others instead of planning for room service in the afterlife.

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  1. entech

    Mel Gibson’s bit of sadism was on local television last night. Sorry father I know it is your favourite film but I couldn’t bring myself to watch it, even on free to air.

    1. entech 12:38 “Mel Gibson’s bit of sadism was on local television last night.”

      I’ve never watched the entire thing, but “sadism” is a good description for what I know of the film. It made Gibson VERY wealthy so that is the only good thing about it I’m aware of.

    2. I’ve always felt that focus on the extent of the physical torture Jesus was said to have suffered is part of a massive guilt trip placed on Christians to keep them in line. “After all that pain and suffering that Jesus went through, the least you could do is be appreciative and support the church with your time and money.” That’s the real message. If the amount of pain and suffering a person absorbs is an indicator of holiness, all the poor children who have suffered at the hands of priests should be canonized.

      1. H.P.D

        Yes Realist nothing like a good guilt trip to keep people in line (Have a good Pagan Holiday) maybe a little debauchery is in order for putting up with the Christians all Winter.

          1. entech

            Letter to the editor in my local paper this Monday morning (local time).
            “We atheists are celebrating the original purpose of the Easter fertility festival by staying in bed and procreating”.
            I do hope the meant that literally, if the y were just going through the actions that can lead to procreation while taking measures to prevent it, well that would be ‘unnatural’ and against the will of God/Jehovah/Allah/Mazda/Brahman and Father James.
            PS. apologies to all gods that have been left out, feel free to be offended anyway.

  2. Fish

    It is truly amazing after 2000 years, some still have the faith to believe in the Resurrection. Whatever ones beliefs are, I hope everyone has a Happy Easter.

    1. Fish 12:28 “..hope everyone has Happy Easter”

      Thank you and I join you in that wish for everyone.

      We had a long conversation with our son last evening. He mentioned that his wife, our wonderful daughter-in-law, had asked him to explain the Easter story to her. She grew up in the U. S. but has never been around or paid any attention to religion. He explained it all to her. Her reaction was, “Bizarre”.

  3. IQhigherthanyours

    Realist, you bad, bad thing. Now you have the Jews and Muslims to contend with, as well. Actually, now that I think of it, why isn’t there any Jew and Muslim bashing on this forum??? Are you all afraid? You sniveling cowards, you ARE afraid!!! You pick the most peaceable (contemporarily speaking, of course) of the devout, just like a playground bully, all the while warily avoiding the bigger kids on the fringe of playground, the ones with brass knuckles and knives. Blinding good show, Nancies.

    1. Well, IQ, the topic under discussion was the movie about Jesus. Stick around. Just about any religious group comes under fire from time to time, although that’s often not the focus of discussions. Meanwhile, you are living in a world of your own on this one.

      1. It’s common for readers here to complain I, and posters, do not go after other religions, discussing almost exclusively Christianity. Other religions don’t show up much in U. S. life. If they did, like demanding their own version of Easter, we would go after them.

        1. entech

          We did have a Muslim posting for a while.
          A couple of times Buddhism has been raised it was mainly Christians putting it down.

          I think the basic reason is that it is 99.9999% Christians that respond to the non-believers comments.

          1. David

            I don’t think so. I think Jon’s explanation is right. It’s more on topic to speak about Christianity because it’s most relevant here in the U.S. – especially upper Midwest.

  4. IQhigherthanyours

    Yeah, just a little bait dropping on my part, because you know, you guys are basically a hate group, sans active planning in the violence department. As detestable as groups like Fred Phelps Westboro Baptist, KKK, Nation of Islam, and others are, atheist groups follow a pretty close second. I gotta tell you, as an ethnic Jew, not a practicing Jew, groups like yours really disturb me. It seems that your only function is to propagate a disdain for a specific group of people. Shame on you. See, what I was trying to get at is, you pick the Christians, and you sit back, safe and comfortable behind your monitors, and you harp and harangue and disrespect another group simply for what they choose to believe. Like I said in one of my other posts, I’m all about hearty debate with a little discord thrown in, but there is a fine line between intelligent discussion and debate, and encouraging distrust, malevolence, and hatred. It’s when people like you decide to take the step and become proactive in your belief that bad things start to happen. Anyone hear about the recent “prank” on Jews in the Ukraine? Very funny stuff, if you’re not a Jew. If you’re going to expend all this effort, maybe try building up your fellow man instead of tearing him down. Christians get a bad rap. From what I see, contemporary Christians are a lot like Republicans. There’s a lot of them claiming to be such, but when it gets down to it, they don’t really know what it means. However, there are Christians that will debate you that are very true believers, and they will leave you in the dust, because frankly, you guys don’t know the Bible as well as you think you do. You do all know, of course, that there are a lot of historical records that point to Jesus and His tribunal and subsequent death sentence by one Mr. P. Pilate. So the man did exist, this is a given. Most Jews will quietly admit that the new testament is, in fact, an accurate historical record. Saul converted, Jesus the Messiah (to us believing Jews) appeared to over 400 AFTER his death. These are well known and widely accepted, just not talked about widely within the Jewish community. Furthermore, I defy any of you to find His grave! I’m afraid this forum isn’t for me, so I bid you all adieu, and have fun being gay and performing abortions and whatever else it is that you do.

    1. IQ 1:50 “..have fun being gay and performing abortions and whatever else it is that you do.”

      We will do just that. As to your literalist views of the Bible, “that Jesus appeared to over 400 after his death”, I wish you would do like the other literalists, or partial literalists, and list scripture numbers. Then, I could give you the scriptural site in the NT for the many who walked out of their graves when Jesus was killed. There is scripture for most everything so we need to hear which ones you have selected as true.

      And, I was hoping you would not leave so we could hear more about how health care is not a market commodity. Maybe we will never learn about how you came to such peculiar views.

      1. entech

        Don’t be cruel, he might have calmed down and we could have learned how a non practicing Jew can be a believer.

        Contrary to the spoutings against us, most are actually interested in others beliefs and argue against those beliefs rather than the people that hold them. It is somehow strange that of all the things that they do believe that it is the beliefs not the believers we are against. We could almost say hate the belief love the believer, but I think that has already been reserved.

        1. IQ would have been an interesting addition to our discussions. He must be, or be close to being, a “Jews for Jesus” guy. Outside of being uninformed on lots of things, healthcare and taxes, he had potential.

    2. David

      I would agree this forum is not for you. Most of the posters here are not bad people. They have a genuine question as to why some believe. That’s fair. While they give as good as they get, unless provoked I don’t see them trying to crush people’s faith. If the atheists here or agnostics get a bit out of line they generally walk it back. You need to understand that atheists are not bad people. All people are bad sometimes. If you’re a true believer then you should pray for them. How easy it is to preach to the choir and pray for the faithful.

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