Yankee Staduim Is Sold Out For A Sermon. It’s Not Billy Graham.

It will be filled for a second time to hear Joel Osteen.  So,  why are not Billy Graham’s sons, daughters or grandchildren the headliners today?

I think it’s partly due to hell.  Billy Graham’s Southern Baptist message was about sin and its consequences.  Joel Osteen preaches heaven is here on earth.  You just have to be optimistic enough to find it.  Jesus is pulling for you.

If hell is slowly removed from the Christian message, what will happen to sin?  When you think about it, there really is no sin if there are not consequences.  If hell evaporates, goodbye sin.

The biggest sin denomination, Southern Baptist Convention, is shrinking by ten percent a year.  Liberal denominations are shrinking also, but feel good mega churches like Osteen’s are going strong.

The image of Billy Graham is that of the wise elder statesman of evangelism.   Few criticized him him and many sought out his wisdom.  The culture of the times he preached in fit him to a tee.

Today, something different seems to be required.  My thinking is the unequal income distribution has contributed to a certain melancholy preachers can touch with messages of hope and optimism.  Sin and hell do not reach this state of mind.

Personally, I would miss sin.  It is entertaining to watch what is considered sin and how it changes.

TV preachers carrying on about the sin of gay marriage and abortion will be hard to replace.


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  1. entech

    Osteen’s “Historic Night of Hope” at Yankee Stadium on April 25, 2009, was the first non-baseball engagement held at the current venue, located in the Bronx borough of New York City. The ballpark, home to the N.Y. Yankees, had re-opened after a move just 9 days prior to the Christian event with Osteen reportedly beating out the Rolling Stones rock group for the inaugural spot.

    And why not, bet the tickets are a lot cheaper than the Rolling Stones and the showmanship is just as good. Looking at the picture of the kids performing on stage reminds you of the Osmonds.

      1. entech 12:38 John 11:35

        The Book of John, written a long time after Matthew, Mark and Luke, which themselves were written many years after Jesus was dead, has more quotes and detail about Jesus than those three gospels written closer the the time he was alive. Unusual kind of “history”.

        So, that verse says, “Jesus wept.” There are those who preach Jesus was a capitalist. They might say Jesus wept because the price was not high enough. Then, there are those who say Jesus was a socialist, mostly concerned about the poor. Maybe he would have wept because taxes on the tickets are not high enough.

        The faithful here might fill us in on the Joel Osteen message and ticket prices.

  2. I can’t imagine spending my precious time watching the likes of Joel Osteen. Why do it? It would be like a vegetarian watching a segment on slaughterhouse operations. You know it happens, but why make yourself sick to your stomach. These guys have been around for generations. Oral Roberts used to be quite entertaining in the 50’s with his hands on healing, but after a few episodes the irrelevancy was obvious. In my case, I would much rather do other things that create joy and peace in my life.

  3. melvin bulthuis

    The end result of not believing in sin and the washing away of it through the death of Christ on the cross will be hearing at heavens door the words ” Depart from me I never knew you”.

    1. melvin 4:16 Thank you for posting, your comments are always welcome here.

      “The end result of not believing in sin and the washing away of it through the death of Christ….’Depart from me I never knew you.'”

      Thank you for this threat. It has appeared here dozens of times and is always read.

      1. Adam Heckathorn

        At a time when I had complete trust in the Bible a debate came on Prairie public television between atheists and some Main line religious Leaders of various faiths. In the debate one of The Atheists made the point with references that some of the things sanctioned By God were pretty brutal and that the religions represented would never accept or condone these things today. His point was that accepted standards had changed All would agree that was for the better and why not take that to its logical conclusion and quit holding on to The remnants of Christianity. I already had given up on main line Christianity because I realized it was ridiculous to call Yourself a Christian and then create Your own politically correct religion. A Gay Bishop makes as much since as feeding a lion hay. We’d all be better off in the long run without religion.

  4. H.P.Drifter

    As long as we have religion developing big imaginations that easily influence people at a early age, that easily jump to conclusions about others they nothing of, these type of people are not only ignorant but dangerous as well. In the world we will have the dark horse of religion running amuck around the world populations causing problems, that need not be.

    Some day religion will be classified as mental illnesses, same as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia and may even be proven as the root causes of these mental illnesses and many other mental and psychical illnesses as well, delusions of grandeur and everything that goes with it.

    Hopefully the religious fanatics will be locked down in their own personal hell for eternity for their crimes against humanity, Nice thought but more likely they will end up compost for evolution of nature to bring promise to the future, a future with no god and no self appointed authority.

    What a wonderful world it could be, the only barrier I can see is man and his small pin head sized brain trying to ruin everything before the world really gets a chance to prosper. But then again we shall see, maybe humans as we now know them now, are not meant to be and it will take another thousand generations to rise from the rumble and climb out of the trees once again to make a difference.

    Enjoy your day with Joel while the world burns


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