Noah’s Ark Found Again. This Time It Comes In A New Shape.

Some Christians say the Noah’s Ark story is the worst in the entire Bible.

Think of the contrast between the praise, “God loves you,” and “God drowned everyone except Noah and his family.”  We are to assume there were no innocent victims.

This vicious story is so popular there is a little army of people “proving” it is not a myth.  Several logs have been found in different places, each claimed to be pieces of the Ark.  I would bet there are enterprising people charging admission to see these meaningless pieces of wood.

The dimensions of the “Ark” are in the Bible.  Thus, when a weathered pole is found of the Bible’s length, it is assumed to be from the Ark.  But, now a new wrinkle has been thrown in, the Ark might not have been the dimensions written in the Bible but a round boat.

This new revolation comes from a story written on an artifact that is 4,000 years old.  It tells the Noah story of the round boat and animals “two by two”.  Some say round boats were the craft of choice in that area at that time.

The reality is, both the Bible’s and round version of the “Ark” fit the kinds of boats the writers of the tales knew about.  They had little information other than what had happened within a few miles of where they were born.

The shape of the Ark is fun to talk about.  It doesn’t matter, however, because it never existed.

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  1. entech

    Actually the Mesopotamian story is wrong, the Bible story is correct in every detail. You see that the early story never really happened it was just another of the prophecies that we hear about that prove, well, whatever you want them to prove. God had great foresight to create all these myths and legends so that thousands of years later you could prove by prophecy anything you wanted.

    1. entech 11:05 “Actually the Mesopotamian story is wrong, the Bible story is correct in every detail…just another of the prophecies that we hear about that prove, well, whatever you want them to prove.”

      I know the Bible story is correct in every detail. I just have trouble envisioning Noah gently examining mosquitos, bees and wasps to be certain he had one male and one female and then caging them in tiny tiny cages so they did not sting everything else in the Ark. But, yes, it has to be literally true. 🙂

  2. H.P.Drifter

    Elementary education is looking more like indoctrination than education as time goes by. In my last post, that was reason I wanted to keep the subjects down to a minimum, if they learn to read and write well with a foundation in math, they will be able to develop critical thinking skills needed in observation as they further their education. Don’t pile the crap on too soon, other wise they will not have the skills to tell whether it is bunk or not. Being able to learn how to use the big dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedias and reference material is just as important as all the other things they are learning. I know in my business I would be screwed without knowing where to look for information on subjects I have interest in to help me complete my projects. No wonders these kids can’t think straight they have no point of origin to go to, to start their work, being sandbagged with irrelevant material along the way. Noah’s Ark should be included in after school activities under developing your imagination.

  3. H.P.Drifter

    Kind of reminds me of my early classes in international relations and deciding what shape the table needed to be in order to start negotiating what ever the negotiations were all about. Different cultures different preferences for table shape and size. In some instances these negotiations could go on for years, just to get the two parties or more to the table. Just another power play really. To think people investigate this stuff are paid somebody’s hard earned money to go after invisible magic is beyond me. What if they did find an Ark, that still would not explained how they got two of everything in the boat. A logistical nightmare even now, of course magic must have played its part. Really people who believe in this stuff deserve what ever the world and mother nature has in store for them. Those of us in a no flood area, will have a good laugh, when the next great flood comes. And those of you that spent your money on fairy tales, instead of preparing for the next disaster, well “You reap what you sow” No empathy coming from over here. Religious doctrine by committee, I don’t have any respect for those that practice that either. I do miss the fish on Fridays at restaurants everywhere, thanks to the Catholic Church, seems these people can screw up everything, any time and any place.


    1. H. P. D. 3:31 “To think people investigate this stuff are paid somebody’s hard earned money to go after invisible magic is beyond me.”

      I’m with you on that. Besides searching for the Ark, there is a small army of believers being paid to find verify Jesus birth place was in Bethlehem, even though there is no evidence thus far there anyone was living there at the time. Then, there is an on going search for Saddam and Gomorrah, but nothing has been found so far.

      It seems to me the faith would be better off not searching–when they search and don’t find they are worse off than never looking. The stories are so off the wall doubt is there from square one.

  4. Sometimes I wonder if the number of posts here are correlated with the weather. Bad weather; more posts. Or is it the topic? I notice that today was beautiful after many weeks of too-cold-to-go-outside weather so fewer posts. Coincidence?

        1. entech

          Some of your more generous religious writers would probably equate that with walking with your knuckles on the ground. 😆

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