I’m still learning about the Bible–I will never be an expert.  There is one thing I think I understand.

It starts with the observation there are many contradictions in the Bible.  There are stories about the same events that differ.  Family genealogies differ.  The time periods for the same events differ.

How could it be there is such variation when allegedly the Bible contains the faith’s message for the ultimate end of the world?  Why doesn’t it start at square one and proceed methodically to its point?

It doesn’t because it is a collection of many points of view, not one.  Those who wrote it did not see themselves as writing one of several chapters is a longer book, but one self-contained piece of writing that would read by itself at that time.  That is to say, each part of the Bible was written by someone with a specific objective in mind aimed at a specific group back then.

The Bible, then, is most accurately read as a collection of separate views of many separate people, not a book guided by either an devine or human editor.  There is no evidence it was guided by a god.

Since very few could read or write during that period, the purpose of the each writer was to have his essay read aloud at gatherings of worshippers.  One assumes people wrote their essays because either none other was available, or, the author wanted to correct other writing.

In either case, God was not involved.