Duck Dynasty, Atheists Hit The Jackpot.

The press is filled with commentary about the Duck Dynasty cast member kicked off the show for anti gay remarks.  It should not be surprising that anti gay remarks trigger a reaction by people paying the bills.  If sponsors don’t like some broadcasting they are paying for, why wouldn’t they threaten to withhold their money?  That’s private enterprise.

The public is being given a definition of what it means to be a Christian:  One must be anti gay.    Duck Dynasty merged Christianity with anti gay bigotry.

As the public grows ever more accepting of gay people and gay marriage, an anti gay religion will be less popular–that seems inevitable.  It’s a turnoff to a growing segment of contemporary U. S. society.

I heard a report on public radio this morning that reflects the nature of what is happening.  It was an interview with a book store chain with several stores in the Houston, TX area.

The management person said books by the TV personality from Duck Dynasty were selling very well in some of their stores, especially in the suburbs, but hardly at all in the City’s center.  To me this means anti gay Chrisitanity is an isolated sub culture, not a mainstream culture.

Even though anti gay politics is isolated by location and sub culture, it remains the face of the Christian faith.  It will be an uphill battle for the faith to portray itself as something else.

The year 2013 has been a good year for non belief.  Duck Dynasty has given it a December boost.


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  1. Henry

    Jon:“The press is filled with commentary about the Duck Dynasty cast member kicked off the show for anti gay remarks.”

    I would have thought he got in trouble for his anti-heterosexual fornication comments made at the same time. Anti-Gay comments? Who cares? They constitute a small minority of the population. Why is the gay agenda the squeeky wheel and sacred cow all rolled into one stinkin’ mess?

  2. eric haugen

    “Even though anti gay politics is isolated by location and sub culture, it remains the face of the Christian faith. It will be an uphill battle for the faith to portray itself as something else.”

    Apparently you have not been in church recently. Jesus Christ is the face of the Christian faith. Anti gay politics and anti-gay sentiment is simply what the press and what you focus on. In the past 5 years or so I have not heard a single sermon that was focused upon homosexuality or the anti-gay sentiment. I can guarantee you that these 5 years of sermons were in very conservative biblically based churches. You might be disappointed to find out that the anti-gay sentiment that you love to promote as the source of our faith is actually not the focus of what we believe in nor the focus of our services on Sunday. It is only the focus when you and the media bring the issue up. A few weeks ago you condemned Christians for being so obsessed with sin. I would encourage you to go back and count how many times you bring the issue of homosexuality up in the past few weeks. Who is obsessed with this issue? God is so much bigger than you realize or acknowledge. His grace and forgiveness so much more than we can fathom (For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son…John 3:16). Quite often atheists will promote themselves as being enlightened. If you think this issue somehow defines Christianity then you are very much in the dark. To say that this issue is the face of the Christian faith is so sadly erroneous that it does not deserve further comment.

    1. eric 3:16 “Apparently you have not been in church recently.”

      That is correct–I only attend a couple times a year and it is at a liberal denomination that welcomes and marries gays.

      Whether sermons discuss the gay issue or not isn’t the point. The point is people get the impression it is the central issue in the faith. I tried to explain this in the blog. People get this impression because the likes of the Duck guy use gays and god in the same sentence. And, several main line denominations have suffered splits among members over the gay issue. Just this past week there have been headlines about the Methodist minister getting the boot just because he officiated a wedding for his gay son.

      As you pointed out when there is a church story in the media, the majority of the time it is a story involving homosexuality.

      I have tried to point out here many times that there are two ways of deciding what the church is all about. One is to refer to its doctrines. The other is to refer to what people in the pews think the church is about. Often, the two are not the same. Thus, even though the sermons you have heard do not discuss homosexuality, there is an impression among the public it is often discussed. The impression people have is what will influence the future.

        1. eric “It would seem then that to promote this as a central issue of the faith is factually fraudulent.”

          Many would agree with you. If doctrines are what the faith is based on, you are correct. If peoples’ impressions of what the faith is about is the operative rule, then its about hating gays. A careful reading of the Bible reveals it does not condemn homosexuality–doesn’t matter, people think it does.

        2. H.P.Drifter

          Think before you post, try anyway, I like you stuff, once in a while. At least your a man with a conscience.


    2. josh

      Hear, Hear! Well said Eric. What you have experienced on this site is “Lindgrens Law” It’s similar to Godwins Law except we just substitute Hitler for Homosexual lifestyle.

      1. Jinx

        It is his blog and I think he is a more than fair moderator and guess what Josh, you can leave if you don’t like it.

  3. Michael Ross

    “Atheists Hit the Jackpot.”
    Not so fast Jon. . .

    Cracker barrel puts DD items back on shelves:

    Wal Mart sells out of DD merchandise in mass support:

    New Episodes of Duck Dynasty Include Phil Robertson, Advertisers Continue Support:

    1. You must realize that people watch this show mostly to mock this crazy family, not to emulate it. People aren’t that stupid; they understand that these people are fringe dwellers. It’s TV’s latest flash in the pan. Won’t last.

      1. josh

        You couldn’t be more wrong. People watch the show because they enjoy seeing a normal functional family that loves one another, supports each other and has faith in god and sits down to eat with each other. They’re tired of the divorced, single mom, gay kids, lousy father, drunk wife reality programs that the media depicts as the amercian family. The Robertsons are a threat to everything the Media stands for.

        1. noblindersonme

          Geez Josh you just don’t get it ,do you!
          Your whole post is an exercise in denial and it additionally misses the whole point of all reality TV. ( or at least the oddball aspect of reality TV!)
          Would anybody watch a series of ‘normal functional family life? ‘ MY family is normal and functional ! The MEDIA is NOT anti normal family!!!
          To finalize your post with the ignorant , ‘DD is a threat to everything the media stands for..’ is just a lousy way to intrepret the way America watches TV.
          I have have kids in college ( a Christian oriented school) and they and their wonderful friends watch that crap, the freak shows of “Slutty Housewives of Suburbiaville ‘, etc . Why ? we ask. “It’s just entertainment DAD! ” “We laugh at them etc” . It is junk food for the mind Josh!
          With the ‘freak factor’ so blatant in shows , it is no wonder these kind of shows rise to the top of the ratings! Or at least beat out , like the survival of the fittest, the other shows that don’t have the right mix of freak and entertainment .
          Cmon Josh and the rest of you , would you even watch DD if it didn’t have that Beard and back woods freak mix? Cut those beards off , give em a Minnesota nice accent and put them in dairy farm and the show wouldn’t draw flies.
          Peruse your TV buddy, scroll thru it and you will find a dozen or so family and kid shows like Disney or Nickleodean(sp) , dozens of religious shows from far right preachers begging for $ and screaching hell fire, and nice religion shows too like Rick Warren , and the oldie stations rerun the stuff like Cosby , The Waltons , Highway to Heaven, Little House on the Prairie etc etc etc . it is ALL THERE FOR YOU , all under the media umbrella .
          BUT DD gets the ratings! Ratings = $$$$. THAT is why the media is shaped as it is!
          ” EVERYTHING the MEDIA stands for Josh?”
          The media stands for profit! That is why it carries such a wide diversity , I guess reruns of the Cosby Show is making $ too!
          This reminds me of a party we went to where the host went off on this ‘media is anti Christian ‘ harange etc ,and I happened to see his library of DVD movies was heavily slanted towards the R -rated violent stuff . Hmmm, Tell me Josh , why would the ‘media’, exemplified by Hollywood , continue to put out family movies when the other stuff makes far more $!!.

  4. entech

    I think it is a good thing. Just imagine if everyone that said something stupid on TV were banned for life 🙂
    Most political commentators would be out of work, most religious commentators would be out of work. Television might even start to approach being watchable.

    Duck D is not one of the programs that made the international viewing audience so I know absolutely nothing about it, the quoted article tells me it is a “reality show”, this always brings the thought into my head “whose version of reality are we talking about”. There are so many that are removed from reality by a long way, how can something like, for example, Survivor bear any relationship to reality – lost on a desert island with only the clothes on your back and a full television production support team.

    The main question that should be in the forefront of all religious thinking with anti gay overtones is “how did the creator of a everything create something which he is supposed to hate so much? How does creation with its intelligent design even have it as a possibility?”.

    1. The followers of Duck Dynasty watch the show because it portrays a group of illiterate backwoods hicks who happen to be rich and do and say outrageous things. Watching it is kind of like stopping at an accident; you just can’t help but look. That these people say outrageous things is a given and that they say them to whomever wants to hear is their right. The point is that people who watch this show do it less because they identify with the situation and more because they are incredulous that people live like that. Down in Australia, you’re really not missing much by not being able to tune in.

      1. Wolfy32

        I think it’s a great publicity stunt. As usual many people miss the facts…. However, this is something done to garner new viewers….
        Fact one. The interview in which the “star” said these increduleous things was approximately 3-4 months ago….

        The tv station knew about the interview then… New when it would be published…. The filming of the next partial season was still in progress. So, the comments weren’t so bad that they had to cancel the filming (evidently).. So, the show finished filming and is even scheduled to air! (why wouldn’t you cancel the airing of the show if you’re firing the star and don’t approve of the star’s comments?) So, the show is being aired anyways, and only then was the star let go.. Thus generating a huge scandal…. Exposing millions of more viewers to the show’s name and causing people to wonder what the show’s about and maybe even a lot more will tune in as a result of the scandal.

        They can then wait until the end of the season air dates, and be like… Oh we made a mistake, please come back… Make a show of slapping the star on the wrist somehow, and he’ll be back.

        I don’t know that it was all orchestrated, but, I’m pretty sure most of it was orchestrated to get more viewership and a higher rating.

  5. H.P.Drifter

    Something about sitting around the cracker barrel. Doesn’t sit right with me. I can think of more intelligent things to do besides watch shows like this. If others like this stuff, I will defend their right, the stupid have the right to do anything stupid that does not interfere with my rights. If you want to slump in front of boob tube and take in passive entertainment, if is your thing so be it. At least your not driving around drunk.

    I agree with Entech and Realist on this one.

    Tolerant the idiots as long as it doesn’t cost you anything.

  6. StanB

    Of course living in an echo chamber Jon you don’t hear from the other side often. If it was just the progressives watching a train wreck any talk of boycotts wouldn’t make much difference to the advertisers. I believe there was a famous quote from the re-election of Richard Nixon by a well known liberal that she couldn’t beliefs he was re-elected because NOBODY she knew voted for him. Of course no one she knew voted for him, she self selected her friends specifically to exclude such people. That’s the same thing you do Jon.

    All your information comes from people who believe like you do, at least the Christians who read your blog DO read outside of the culture. You take progressive opinion pieces and claim them to be fact and that is the end of it. Any dissent from believers is because we are all illiterate mouth breathers lead by our noses by the evil church leadership who are getting wealthy off our idiocy.

    1. Wolfy32

      I actually am with you, I believe the focus on homosexuality is a bit much on here. I don’t care about homosexual marriage… After all I want to start an anti marriage group that bans marriage… Imagine that war. 🙂

      After all,why should the married people get special treatment over single people. Marriage/ single people inequality should be banned. We don’t have to worry about divorces anymore, The religious could be happy, the secular could be happy and we’d have no more issues with people in abusive relationship staying because they’re “married”. And then ending up dieing from the stress of the abusive relationship or being murdered by the crazy person they married.

      There’s a point where, you can say “You won” let’s move on to some real issues. The gays won, there will always be bigots like Josh that want to persecute a group (blacks, gays, austrailians, whatever is different from them and their beliefs), we can’t do much about them other than home they do something really stupidly hateful and get locked up for it.

      For all intents and purposes the movement is won and will continue moving forward. Let society move on to solving some real life and death problems.

      1. josh

        Since when am I a bigot? It’s so fair that you brand a person a bigot because you don’t agree with their opinion. Then again that’s the liberal attack plan when they can’t come up with a defensible argument.

        1. entech

          Bigotry is the state of mind of a bigot: someone who, as a result of their prejudices, treats or views other people with fear, distrust, hatred, contempt, or intolerance on the basis of a person’s opinion, ethnicity, race, religion, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic status, or other characteristics.

          Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. described bigotry in the following quotation: “The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye; the more light you pour upon it, the more it will contract.”

          Josh, I think you have scored pretty high on the list of those that you rail against

    2. Stan 4:47 “…Jon you don’t hear from the other side often.”

      I do read the polls. They show falling interest among young people for traditional theology. I do read about church membership trends. They show falling numbers. I do read about attitudes of people toward gays. They show acceptance.

      You say I don’t hear from the other side. Give me information different from this.

  7. Michael Ross

    Did anybody notice that The Section Preventing Indefinite Detention of Americans Without Trial Removed From Final NDAA Bill?

    This was done while we are all fighting over the DD flap. The powers that (shouldn’t) be love to get us at each other’s throats over issues like this while they quietly go about the business of shredding the Bill of Rights and the rule of law. We (myself included) are all damn fools.

    1. Wolfy32

      Thank you Michael! Along with a publicity stunt, it’s distraction.. It’s the oldest trick in the book. Lookey overhere… and we all look, while a group or government does something over there.

      I didn’t think huffington post was all that credible though? I may be mistaken.

  8. H.P.Drifter

    I really wonder what happened in Josh’s life that has turned him into such a mean spirited “little angry man” a ward of the state, a victim of child abuse, rescued by pedophile priest, malnutrition during the developmental years.

    You don’t do your research, you spit BS put as fact, just pisses people off. Most people on the post Christian or other wise are intelligent people. It is obvious you are not, I think it is time we stop having fun at your expense and just ignore you.

    Anyone want to answer his posts, then we know where you are coming from as well. If someone thinks they can educate this guy, give it a try, personally I think he is lost cause.
    Opening the blog and finding Joss, is like opening my front door and finding dog shit on the door step.

    Ignore Josh then maybe we can intelligently discuss the issues and exchange ideas


    1. Wolfy32

      I know.. sometimes it’s fun to poke the crazy person….You never quite know what the response is going to be… However, rarely are the responses of poking a crazy person positive. Yes, your response is a valid one H.P. A good one that seemed to work was *Smile* *Nod* and agree with him…

      There’s not much he can argue with if well all just agree with him….. *Wink* *Wink*

    2. Jinx

      Good point H.P.D., from now on Josh is ignored….his comments will no longer be read by me, passed over like rotten fish.

    3. josh

      Wow. When have I ever stated anything but my own opinion? You interpret this as being mean and really have said nothing that requires research. Everything you say about me bounces off and sticks to you.

      1. entech

        Josh,you seem to be missing the point here. It is your opinions that make you, or anyone else, a bigot. It is your opinions which contribute to what you are and what you appear to be is an angry little man.

        If I were to say that all priests are potential child molesters that would be prejudice and bigotry, if I were to try and justify it by pointing to a couple of actual instances and extrapolate that to all, that would confirm my bigotry, the deeper I dig and the harder I try to justify something only compounds it.

        You are entitled to your own opinions, just as every one is, you need to remember that what you think is not necessarily the truth, and no matter how sincerely you (or me, or anyone) believes something it does not mean much when deciding if something is true or not.
        I hate do disillusion you but your opinions do not carry a lot of weight in the real world. In my opinion the Bible you seem to love so much is simply an old book with a lot of myth and magic and some almost correct history mixed in with the legends, its laws and rules and regulations are the writings of priests and shamans from the beginning of recorded history proclaiming themselves to represent the gods while doing it all for their own advantage. If I state that as my opinion it is quite a valid opinion, it may be right or wrong but it is an opinion. If on the basis of this opinion I said that Josh is a total idiot for believing in this old malarcky that would be bigotry.

  9. entech

    I apologise for the bad things I said before about reality shows, you know the great race etc. that run struggling to catch a taxi just in time, and by magic they pick a taxi that already has a camera crew in the front seat.

    I actually saw a couple of clips of Duck Dynasty, I thought it was really bad and pretty inane. But, while googling around about reality shows I came across something about ‘Honey Boo Boo”, if there is to be any shouting and screaming it should be about this bit of child abuse. How bent can something be while still claiming to be straight?

      1. StanB

        Yeah DD are millionaire trailer trash though. Put there by their own hard work without A&E. They have a product that sells and is backed by great customer service.

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