Catholics Continue A Game Of “Let’s Pretend”.

It isn’t just Catholic officials, of  course, pretending things are different than they actually are.  Some branches of the Protestant church and probably religions around the world also play this game.

The Catholic Church sticks out, however, because it is centralized and its press professionals bring press coverage.  The Church pretends people pay attention to its theological teachings on birth control and gay marriage.  Polls show its own members pay almost no attention at all.

Pretending an institution is doing something while doing nothing of the sort is not the work of only religion.  In politics we see it all the time.

For several years, the Republican Party said it was the party of “family values” that would stop gay marriage in its tracks.  The Party actually was doing nothing to stop it and we all know it is legal in many states.  There was a time when the Democrat Party said racial integration would never happenen.  It was doing nothing to stop that either.

What will eventually happen to cause the Catholic Church hierarchy to stop pretending it is having an influence when it knows it is not? We’ve seen it before.

It will start to talk about other things and eventually not mention birth control or gay marriage any more.  Even divorce and remarriage will have to be ignored soon.

The first steps are actually under way.  The new Pope, even today, is talking about other topics.

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  1. I was amazed to hear the pope stress the importance of serving the poor and other social justice issues. He also said things will not be done the “old way” just because it’s been done that way forever. Sounds like he is going to shake up the establishment of the catholic church in a major way. He’s better have a food taster on the payroll. On the other hand, he’s still a catholic pope so I’m not expecting miracles. 🙂

  2. Michael Ross

    What will eventually happen to cause the Catholic Church hierarchy to stop pretending it is having an influence when it knows it is not? We’ve seen it before.

    You are correct Jon. The Catholic church and Christianity in general is losing influence. The ruling class is gaining influence and control. Do you think that is a good trend?

    1. Michael 1:02 “The ruling class is gaining influence and control. Do you think that is a good trend?”

      First, I’m not sure what “the ruling class” is. I know from your previous posts more or less what you think it is. To paraphrase, I get the impression you feel it is a group at the top of society, democrat and republican, who make the same decisions about war, taxes and other things. Please correct me if I am not expressing your view correctly.

      I would phrase it a bit differently. We know one set of people controls a larger and larger percentage of U. S. wealth each year. The rest of us control less and less. This seems like a bad thing.

      My thinking is there is not a “ruling class” but, instead, business leaders/politicans react to these consentrated wealth circumstances in a similar manner, i. e., they don’t necessarily collude or confer. They get us into wars, give the weathy better and better deals on taxes.

      1. Michael Ross

        This 43 min video should tell you who the ruling class is and why Christ threw the money changers out of the temple:

          1. Michael 1:37 “And this one will tell you why JFK died:” (youtube)

            Before I look at the video, please tell me which conspiracy it tells us about. Is the one about VP Johnson, Castro, “Russia”, the “mob”, the “Irish Mafia” or all of them in one conspiracy?

          2. entech

            Been some stuff on local television lately, the contention is that Kennedy was actually shot by accident, while reacting to the original gunshot one of the secret service men accidentally disparaged his rifle killing Kennedy.
            All the rest is to cover up the accident, some organisations don’t like to admit to error.

          3. Wanna B Sure

            But, if the bullet recovered was from an Italian Carcanno (spelling?), it is claimed. I understand one from that gun was found on the gurney. I hardly doubt the secret service would be using an Italian war surplus piece of junk the Carcanno was. Of course, a conspiracy theorist could claim it was planted. A friend of mine bought one through Guns and Ammo Magazine advert shortly before Kennedy’s death. He never used it after that. Not a good example of fine fit and finish, even for military. I thought the bullet was unusually long for the size of the brass.

          4. entech

            Don’t know, I didn’t actually watch a lot of it. It just seemed a bit more plausible than most of the others that have been propagated.

        1. Stan 3:31 Warrem Buffet, Bill Gates are a couple. I said in the blog the same thing happens in politics as happens in religion, talk as though there is one reality when there is actually another.

          1. entech

            Jon that is not answering the question, those two are not spending a lot to keep it, I heard they were desperately trying to find causes worth giving away too.

          1. entech 6:38 re: Religious Dispatches, 3/4 of Christian giving goes back to maintain the church.

            The picture painted here so often of the kind and generous Christian and the selfish nonbeliever looks different in that article.

      1. Michael Ross

        I don’t believe I’m a freak about the matter. Just don’t tell me that rich and powerful men don’t conspire to get more wealth and power.

        1. entech

          People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices…. But though the law cannot hinder people of the same trade from sometimes assembling together, it ought to do nothing to facilitate such assemblies, much less to render them necessary.
          Adam Smith – Wealth of Nations.

          This has been known forever, it is also known that the reason the new world order type of conspiracy theory and the organised murder and mayhem attributed to them is never likely to be very effective because of competition. Not the minor competition that keeps the price of bread reasonable, the essence of the market economy you love so much, but, the competition of the egos, the reason they all strive for more wealth and power, the most extravagant lifestyle can only consume so much. The point of the competition is not to have more and more but to be dominant, to show that the others have less.

          Like Gates and others as mentioned above, once they have won the competition they can relax and simply give it away.

  3. H.P.Drifter

    Jon, Entech

    I never liked the uniforms at the Episcopal academy now I know way. Never wanted to play dress up. It was hard to get me in a suit. Not until it was mandatory did I put on that suit.

    Teddy (who is still here with me, not bad for seventy, missing only one eye and one ear) I knew it, I knew it, I never should have put on that first uniform. Teddy and I have been through some rough stuff together.

    Pomp and Circumstances I never did like that either.
    The Catholic Church has a lot to answer for and History will not be kind (small secret there is no absolution for your crimes) In your heart you will pay and your heart will burst like bubble gum, then it will burst again, according to Teddy’s laws away that is.

    Religion the fraud for all time, taking advantage of man’s psychological predisposition to fear and superstition. And we are still ass deep in believers (that is if they are all lying down)

    Teddy and I need to talk, get back to you soon (after we have our chocolate and coffee) and a trip to the woods.


    1. Wanna B Sure

      When I was young, we all wore bib overalls. I never did like them. Alex, an old friend who is not with me anymore, was old too. His eyes were cloudy, and totally deaf. Every time I got home in his last year, he was getting thinner and thinner. We had been through a lot together. I talked to his Doctor, and asked him for suggestions. He asked me if I had a 30-06. I told him I did. The Doctor told me that a well placed 30-06 shot was just as, if not more humane than “putting him to sleep” in his office. So I loaded up, and Alex and I went for a walk to the rock pile. (on Doctors orders). When I got back to the house, I had a shot of Jim Beam to Alex’s memory. Alex and I don’t talk any more, and the rock pile has been buried and farmed over.

      1. H.P.Drifter

        Wanna Be

        Teddy was trained as combat Canine. The minute he smelled the gun oil or the jim beam (no drinking on premies) your private parts would be his dinner. He is old but not stupid.
        Just like any Christian or Christian doctor in these parts, your not in really good hands if you live in the countryside. Unless you farm right outside of Fargo or St Cloud or South Falls. I think the doctors that work near where I live are hiding from something (just a guess)


        1. Wanna B Sure

          Teddy attacks without command at the smell of gun oil or Beam? Sounds like he needs more training, no matter how old he is. Would he attack a fellow soldier of yours after he cleaned his gun? The Dr. I was referring to was a Dr. of Veterinary Medicine, trained at the University of MN.

        2. Wanna B Sure

          Is there some kind of conspiracy going on among the rural Doctors? I haven’t heard of any. Are only big city doctors qualified? Seems to me I’ve seen in the news big city doctors having been caught in ethical problems, and Medicare Fraud. There are good ones, and bad ones, but location is not that which determines it. Specialization is the current trend, but then, I wouldn’t expect a gastro-intestinal Dr. doing brain surgery. A good Dr. knows his limitations, and refers his patients to those who have the expertise to handle something beyond his General practice. On the other hand, a brain surgeon may not be the best qualified for complication in obstetrics.

  4. H.P.Drifter


    Until we stop mentioning religion at all as a society of human beings, it will still be a threat to mankind.
    The predisposition to fear and superstition is so strong, till the genome gives us a break, it will still be around. Probably connected to our sense of fight or flight. Everyone wants to believe in something, even if it is nothing, parcel and part of the human condition.


    1. Wolfy32

      “Everyone wants to believe in something” Though I have issues with religion, mankind does have a predisposition to it, and I don’t believe it’s all bad…. It’s not all good either… And it’s something so easy to abuse and take advantage of others belief. However, a belief in something greater does give a sense of piece…. It’s the realization that we as humans are inadequate at times to save ourselves from that which we are unable to control…. E.g. Death, circumstances — earth quakes, tornados, floods, fires, volcanos, etc, etc. There’s a billion variables we have little to no control over. So, to compensate for that lack of control we are predisposed to believe something invisible and bigger than ourselves controls the billions of things we are unable to have control over…

      Hense early on, why the volcano Gods were angry all the time and they demanded virgin sacrafices…

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