You Can’t Talk About The Devil Too Much.

It’s quite obvious the devil serves the same purpose as the god.  That purpose is to make sure a person feels selfworth.

That is to say, “God knows who I am.  He singles out me as someone important.  He tells me personnal things I should and should not do.”

The devil makes us feel important, too.  “The devil is tempting me.  He does this because I am important to him.  It’s a big deal if he draws me into sin.”

If ever there was a person who needed self affermation of his importance, it is former Republican candidate for President, Herman Cain.  And, sure enough, he finds the devil takes time in his busy schedule to focus on Herman.

According to poles, a lot of people believe there is a literal Devil.   That makes sense because about the same number believe in the god.

It has become expecially popular recently for conservative politicans to bring up Satan in their remarks.  Cain joins Michele Bachmann, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Judge Scalia in giving us fair warning.

With so many talking about it, there seems a good possibility the Devil will be a campaign issue in the Republican primary.  It is just as legitimate as being against as gay marrige.  Perhaps the Republican Party can establish itself as the Party that fights Satan.

Conservative politicans entertain us all with talk of morals.  Hearing them talk about Satan is so fun I’m buying a season ticket.

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  1. Michael Ross

    Judging by the lack of response to this post I would say you can and have talked too much about the devil. You went to the well (or should I abyss) once too often, apparently.

    1. Michael Ross

      P.S. Rand Paul is the only politician mentioned I care a wit about. I would be interested to know what he had to say about the devil.

    2. Michael 10:57 “You went to the well (or should I say abyss) once too often…”

      You are not doubt correct. Still, there will be more blogs about the Devil. It’s irresistable.

  2. Well, this morning I read that Rick Santorum thinks the devil controls the film industry so you might be right about having to talk about this some more, Jon.

    1. realist 12:12 “…Rick Santorum thinks the devil controls the film industry so you might be right about having to talk about this some more.”

      Think about it this way. Here is a set of politicans (one Supreme Court Justice) who seem to have religion filling their heads at most every moment they are awake. They can’t really talk about their own personal versions of it in “values voter political speak” because it turns off those parts of the public that has a different version. But, everyone claims to hate Satan, so Satan has become the default safe topic. I think we are going to hear a lot about the Devil through 2016.

    2. Michael Ross

      “Rick Santorum thinks the devil controls the film industry ”

      I’m sure Santorum would say the same of Jon’s blog.

    3. Wolfy32

      Movies shown in a movie theater were evil, and an evil industry as well as many cable tv stations other than TBN. However, rented movies, viewed at home, are not evil.. Displayed on a movie screen = Sexual oragy, same movie(s) rented and viewed at home = safe to watch.

      So, based on that logic, the film industry is not evil. The movie theater industry is evil for allowing oragies to happen on premises.

      I really hope the seats are sanitized well or I may have to start bringing my own plastic to cover the seats with. I have not witnessed these Theater based oragies yet… THANK GOD!

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