I know several Catholic clergy and they are fine men.

The problem in the Catholic church is it’s management rules, set up to govern the church and manage its personnel, money and properties, were not set up by laity to serve laity.  They were set up by the clergy to benefit the clergy.

We all know about clergy accused several times of sexual child abuse who were not turned over to law enforcement.  They were, instead, allowed to remain priests and were simply transferred and often given the opportunity to abuse again.

The Diocese of St. Paul (Minnesota) is in the news a lot these days with problems of sexual abuse.  At the same time, the Diocese dismissed teachers in Catholic schools found to be gay.

There is no valid reason to dismiss a gay teacher.  Gay citizens are no more likely, it even appears less likely, to be child abusers.  But this fact is no match when faced with myth and self interest.

From the explanations I’ve read as to why priests who committed sexual abuse were not simply fired, it was because clergy were to follow the practice of forgiveness.  “Father X is troubled and needs our forgiveness, prayer and support.”  Forgiveness was not, apparently, the way homosexual teachers were treated.

There is a simple solution for the Catholic Church.  It is for the Vatican to decree, “God has told us the Church should be run by a lay Board selected by the laity.”  Things would be different.