Photos Of Gay Kisses In Church. Take Them Down, Says The Vatican.

The Vatican has gone to court to take down art photographs in a private Rome gallery of gay couples kissing in churches.  From what I understand, the couples did not actually kiss in the churches, the images were photoshopped.

I would guess there are art galleries all over Rome with imagines of nudes, violence, and sexual implications of all kinds.  But, gays kissing in church is the current version of hurt religious feelings.

We all know the history of Christian filtering of what is presented to the public.  It has a long history of censorship.

One thing we can count on from the conservative religious communities of the world is entertaining versions of censorship.  Conservative Muslims no doubt excel at this more than conservative Christians.  The Salman Rushdie fatwa is a great example.  But, both give us examples of riduculous ideas about what should be seen and experienced that are humorous to say the least.

It would be fun to have been in the meetings od the Vatican bureaucracy before the decision was made to go to court over the gays kissing.  “Was this sin and why?  Did this offend us?”

In all fairness, ridiculous policies about homosexuality are not limited to Rome.  In this country there is resistance to school children seeing same sex parents in textbooks even though they are all around children in real life.

For the moment, the Vatican has succeeded.  The kissing gays photographs have been covered.

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  1. wolfy32

    The pictures could be found to be offensive because it reminds them too much of what they’ve done to children. And that should be VERY offensive…

    Maybe their punishment should be to leave the pictures up to remind them everyday of what they’ve used their power to attempt to cover up..

  2. entech

    Could be worse, could be a Russian pop group. filthy atheistic communists Modern free enterprise state whose President wears a cross and the revitalised Church encourages freedom of expression and religion.

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