There Is, Absolutely, More Than One God.

When you don’t believe in gods, it’s fun to argue about them.  The link below claims there can be only one god, the Christian one.

He not only makes that claim, he rubs it in that other gods are false.  Like those who have made the one-god claim for a few thousand years, he is merely parroting what others made up.

This fellow does not do the gracious version of THE god.  The gracious version says each religion does worship a real god.  It is the same god as “ours”, it just has different names.

This gracious version does not jive with what religions, themselves, teach.  The Ten Commandments do not say, “Worship the same god as everyone else, the one we happen to call God.”   Instead, it admits other people are worshipping other gods and they must stop.  It’s very apparent there were lots of other gods around at the time the Ten Commandments were written.

While we don’t have records from hundreds of thousands of years ago, we assume people had their gods.  The oldest written records are cave drawings dated 30,000 years ago.  The drawings are thought to be religious expressions that involved animals and animal/human combinations.

Judging from the native populations in the Americas, believing gods inhabited animals was common.  This makes sense because when people lived in caves, one has to assume their lives revolved around either eating animals or avoiding being eaten by them.

The notion there is and always has been only one god is a new idea that cannot hold its own in the human experience.

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  1. entech

    Christ cannot be one of many Gods. That is impossible, based on the words of the Savior Himself.

    The circular argument could not be presented more succinctly.

    The arguments for the existence of God can only argue for the necessity of a creator, there is no valid reason why it should be the particular one that a particular apologists touts as being the one and only. Even William Lane Craig is reduced to saying in the final analysis that he believes that Jesus is the most likely contender.

    1. entech 1:49 “based on the words of the Savior Himself”

      That the entire Christian enterprise is based on circular reasoning it so incrediable. People who would not fall for a statement like, “Fords are the best cars because the Ford salesman says they are,” will nevertheless fall for the same trick in religion.

      1. entech

        Most of them seem to have some form of self verification scripture (in its original meaning of any writing). The only one I know of that is prepared to stand on its own is “Great Green Tree Frog of Northeastern Australia”, while I personally don’t consider it a serious contender it would do better as the basis for a belief system if it spread its words past the five drunks that worship it every second full moon.

        But don’t get me wrong, in spite of all the problems the GGTF has as much right to respect as any other belief system.

  2. Brad

    Probably one of the greatest dangers of any religion is the notion that someone’s particular religion has the one and only god and everyone else’s is wrong. And what makes it so dangerous is that so many people become incredibly irrational. They “know” their belief has to be correct since their idea is coming directly from their god, which of course is the one and only god (more of the circular reasoning). Everything becomes justified, including any and all sorts of violence.

    My basic belief in a higher power is that there is one higher power, but then there are all sorts of man-made religious interpretations of that higher power, many of which are misguided.

    1. entech

      The danger is when being martyrs turns into creating them.

      Early Christians are reported to have died for their cause, that the God they believed in was the one and only, that the gods of the Roman State were not to be recognised. When they became the state that got turned on its head.

      In Mohammad’s lifetime Islam was persecuted by the dominant Arab tribes of the time, similar reasons refusal to accept the dominant state of the period, their version of God was the one and only God and all must pay obeisance.

      You start with the enemy being non-believers and finish up with the enemy being the wrong kind of believers. So we have non believers first, then the wrong believers are added to the list, then others that are a different, some people here try to claim religion is a civilising influence, leading to advancement of society: potentially the opposite is true, leading to more and closer in groups, everyone else becoming “the other” – the other is eventually portrayed as less than human, an abomination in the eyes of my God, not really deserving to live ?

  3. Jim

    Only one person has ever beaten death. His religion doesn’t strap bombs to their chests and kill homosexuals, non-believers, or people of the opposing religion. His religion is ridiculed by cowards because they perceive his religion as being weak. These cowards hide behind their computers and ridicule others who have the resolve to stand up for their beliefs. These cowards call themselves thinkers but they are actually ignorant of the people they hate against. These cowards are intolerant of people of faith and consider them the enemy. These cowards seem to somehow blame all their personal problems on their enemies of faith. These cowards fail to realize that they live in a country that offers them freedom like no other country in recorded history…but they still cry like little babies at just about anything they can find to cry about. I would be interested in knowing how many free thinkers have served their country in the profession of arms and actually defended something other thank ridicule something.

    1. Jim 2:21 Thanks for commenting. Your thoughts are welcome here.

      “Only one person has ever beaten death.”

      I’m afraid that does not jive with the teachings of other religions. Many, if not most, religious heros came back to life.

      “I would be interested in knowing how many free thinkers have served their courntry in the profession of arm and actually defended something rather than riducule something.”

      If you mean how many atheists/freethinkers served in the armed forces, it appears they served in at least the same proportion as the general population. In our local freethinkers, there are several who have served or continue to serve, including myself. There are national organzations made up of nonbelievers who do and have served in the armed forces. One is called, “Atheists in the Foxholes.”

      Your comment implies people who fight for this country are fighting for Christianity. I suppose each individual has his/her own idea of why they serve, but one is for freedom of religion, which includes freedom to believe in no religion.

      “His religion doesn’t strap bombs o their chests and kill homosexuals, non-believers, or people of the opposing religion.”

      Are you familar with the Crusades?

        1. Henry

          It is reported Hitler’s mother was a devout Catholic. Hitler as indicated by his lack of participation in Mass or any other faith really points to him being a practicing agnostic/atheist.

          1. entech

            In what way does non attendance imply a contrary belief, let alone being an active and practicing member of the opposition.

          2. entech

            There is probably only one thing that is certain – he was an evil bastard – both sides of the theism/anti theism debate claim him for the opposition.

    2. wolfy32

      It’s interesting you feel ridiculed here by nonbelievers.. Yet, the original writing included information of people of faith. I am sorry you feel attacked, at the same time, I don’t think anyone is attacking people of faith or non faith here. Henry gets a little zealous and attacks sometimes… He’s got his pitchfork at the ready sometimes… But, he’s o.k. He’s ready to poke people that write anything contrary to many years of indoctrination. And I do still have my own personal beliefs.. Some occasional disagreements aren’t going to change my belief system. My beliefs are not that fragile. Nor are anyone else’s here probably.

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