Changing Times, Changing Values.

Social change takes place all the time.  Many think it is changing faster today than it did in the past.  It’s not possible to know if that is true or not.

The link points out that the percentage of people owning homes is declining.  I’ve read the percentage of young people who bother to get drivers licences is falling.  Obviously, car ownership is following the same downward path.

Job security has fallen along with a higher unemployment rate. Parents think the next generation will be worse off than they were.

In all of this, do young people think they have it worse than their parents?  To the contrary, they think their lives will be better.

Young people today have experienced the housing bust.  Just like my own parents’ views on money were influenced by the great depresssion, the generation coming of age today has seen the dark side of home ownership and is more wary.

Today’s generation sees itself with a wider variety of entertainment, communication and information than their parents had.  This sense of empowerment, stears them away from owning big assets that caused their parents so much grief.

They are marrying later, having children later if at all and enjoying lives with less baggage.  Probably, this is part of the reason fewer are joining churches traditional denominations and attending church less.

Accepting gay marriage and rejecting home ownership does not reflect declining moral values, the values are just different.

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  1. Candyman

    I completely object to the complete fallacy your last statement. Homosexuality is moral reprehensible sexual perversion of what God createdman kind for. So, when have you ascribed to yourself a more moral enlightenment than the Holy Bible of God? Emphises placed on the the name of the “Holy”. The Bible is the Holy inspired Word of God. The Bible hasn’t changed its precepts or bindings in the last 2500+ years. Because society and even some so-called Christian “churches” have approved of the homosexual-gay lifestyle DOES NOT mean God blesses these relationships.

    1. Candyman 2:08 “I completely object to the fallacy of your last statement. Homosexuality is ea morally reprehensible sexual perversion of what God created mankind for….churches have approved of homosexual lifestyle DOES NOT mean God blesses these relationships.”

      If there is a god, I am confident he approves of gay marriage. First, no where in the Bible is gay marriage disapproved of. Second, many gay people are sincere believers in the god. God would not allow them to be believers without his approval of their sexual orientation.

        1. Candyman 12:02 “In the absense of absolute truth everything is subjective.”

          And, where will the absolute truth come from? It will not come from a book written by wealthy goat herders to gain power over people just a few thousand years ago. If there were some document that reflected the several hundred thousand years of human history rather than the recently written Bible, it might be worth considering. Homer Simpson had it right when he said he didn’t want to commit to Christianity because it might piss off the real god.

  2. Henry

    Jon: “Changing Times, Changing Values.”

    Nothing new under the sun. Starting to get to the point of having all these people standing around the perimeter of the property making strange demands.

    1. wolfy32

      In the old testament, lucifer is part of heaven, designated to test the human race and simply present the misdeeds of humanity to God as a prosecuting lawyer. The old testament presents him as part of God’s kingdom not as someone evil. Christ comes around and declares evil to be of Satan. Up until then, he was one of God’s lawyers figuratively speaking.

      1. entech

        Like God himself Lucifer is different in the minds of different people, all believers seem to find the god or Devil they are looking for. Problem is with all these different ideas (one wants good works another blind faith etc.) how can you know which one was the one that brought you out of Egypt and should be placed before all others.

        The first few of these 10 injunctions have the same ambivalence and the same degree of compliance, graven images for example, some have the most elaborate carvings and paintings others a simple wooden cross. As for the sabbath, you can get lots of different thoughts on which day it is (don’t even mention Easter, arguably the most important, the defining event of Christianity, and it happens at different times each year in an amalgam of Solar and Lunar calendars.

  3. Brad

    “The Bible is the Holy inspired Word of God. ”

    To quote Candyman – “I completely object to the complete fallacy your last statement.”

    The Bible is a book written by humans and translated numerous times by humans. That in itself proves that the Bible is most definitely NOT the Holy inspired Word of God. It is in fact the unholy inspired word of man, driven by a political agenda – namely power and control through the use of fear and guilt.

    Personally, I refuse to completely trust ANYTHING that has been touched by the hands of humans.

    1. wolfy32

      “Personally, I refuse to completely trust ANYTHING that has been touched by the hands of humans. ”

      So you don’t trust anyone or anything… You do realize there’s a term for that.. It’s called paranoia.

      As to the bible. well, that’s not really relevent to this article, but, I believe it served a purpose for God and humanity. A lot of Good has come from it. So has a lot of bad… A lot of good comes from Guns…They also are capable of a lot of bad in the wrong hands.

      I think there is a form of ascendancy for humans to reach a greater form of existence. I think the bible tries to explain some of it but falls short. For how can any person describe what transcendance of the physical world would be like?

      We want scientific facts, but, how can we test, for something we can’t possibly begin to understand. It’s probably so far beyond our intelligence level the math is probably beyond us… One thing that amazes me is that many here say, show me proof.. What if it’s out of any scientific communitie’s capability to prove? That the existence beyond our physical being is so complicated we couldn’t possibly come up with a scientific approach for another million years.
      Heck, we can’t even physically explore our own solar system or setup a colony on another planet. How could we possibly prove something beyond our existence?

      That’s where a form of belief and faith must come in at least a little. Maybe there’s nothing more, at the same time, there might be… I’d say there’s as good a chance that there is more beyond our own understanding and existence, as there isn’t.

      1. Brad

        “So you don’t trust anyone or anything…”

        That’s not exactly what I said.

        Notice I said I “refuse to completely trust”, the key word being “completely”. I have a lot of trust in a few people close to me, but I will never trust anyone 100%, and certainly not a bunch of political hustlers from centuries ago at a time when they still thought the earth was flat and everything unknown had to be attributed to something like a god or superstition.

    2. noblindersome

      Thank you Brad for taking on “Candyman’s’ narrow minded version , had you not I might have tried attack such statements as “the Bible has not changed in 2500 years’ etc. and “in the absense of absolute truth , everything is subjective”.
      As a Christian and a history buff I find such thinking abhorant . “History ‘ has proved the Bible to be a book edited , re-edited , sliced and diced, packaged and reconfigurated to suit whatever needs or prejudices the ‘editors’ decided on centuries ago. How can the Bible be the ‘absolute word of God ‘ when mortal men cobbled together his words . Why is there much evidence of ‘missing chapters of the Bible’ etc. “WHO” decided to edit the version we adhere to today?
      Oh I shant not question the narrative that’ Candyman’ bases his faith on.
      In the time of Charles of France , several centuries after the fall of Rome , Charles became emperor by taking the version of Christianity settled on by all the monks , Popes and apostalic scholars and forcing the population of Pagan Europe , by the sword, to accept Christianity or face decapitation. The river , Rhine , it is said ran red as he spead Christianity and he became Charlemagne thereafter. Since this senario has been repeated again and again in Earth’s history ( did we not try much the same here in the Americas as we spread Christainity to the pagan “indians ‘ and Mayans and Aztecs etc?) it is easy to see how the survivors of those genocides needed to have faith in something . Thankfully , Jesus’s ( remember him) words remain the predominant feature of the Bible and today’s Christains can chose to follow HIS teachings.
      But it is incumbent on us all to remember the debateable fact that more humans have been killed in the name of spreading the Bible that any other ‘human’ activity’!
      I have no problem with those who question the Christian faith, there is much to question . I do have problems with the answers arrived at by some. My time in the pew is set on my family and community and how Jesus’s teachings can guide me.

      1. Henry

        blinderson: “But it is incumbent on us all to remember the debateable fact that more humans have been killed in the name of spreading the Bible that any other ‘human’ activity’!”

        So much wrong, so little time.

        1. noblindersome

          What are you saying Henry? I was wrong ? You don’t have the time to refute me? I said it was debateable! and any historical scholar can tally up the death toll over the centuries ! Are you saying that you can come up with some other genocides that matched or exceded Christianity’s horrible death toll, ( godless communism perhaps) then that would place Christainity in a better light?
          Yeah MY Jesus wasn’t keeeping a box score!

          1. Henry

            Yes, you are wrong. The worst recorded genocides occurred in the Soviet bloc and in Nazi Europe in the twentieth century. In one case, it was at the hands of atheists (gasp!). The other circumstance was by a madman that killed jews, Christians, homos, and the mentally defective.

            Your claim is not provable, and with the known massive genocides by non-Christians, is likely false.

            However, I guess you could continue to grasp onto some of extreme examples done in the name of Christianity and broadbrush Christians as responsible for those actions. There is not much integrity with that path. Rather illogical.

            I am out of time.

      2. entech

        There has been more blood shed in the name of the Prince of Peace than any kingdom this world has known.
        Archbishop Montefiore.

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