No Church This Sunday.

As things change, one victim is the “sacredness” of Sunday.  Cultural change is causing some churches to consider abandoning church services on Sunday morning.

We have seen changes coming for a long time.  Catholics have been holding mass Saturday evenings since I don’t know when.  Protestant churches have been holding parking lot church services in the summer.  Yet, Sunday remained not just another day of the week, it had religious importance.

Think, however, about how this changed when malls began to be open Sunday afternoons.   An idea was planted that Sunday was there also for things not related to church.

From the perspective of separation of church and state, there is no reason for government to treat Sunday as different from the six other days of the week.  We know people cannot work without a day off sometime, but there is no reason it must be Sunday.

With church attendence declining, some churches are acknowledging the loss of Sunday’s cache.  They see new meaning of the Commandment, “Remember The Sabbeth and Keep it Holy.”  Sunday could now be considered a metaphor for whatever day of the week each individual considers the “Sabbeth” in his/her head.

I think acknowledging this ancient idea that Sunday=holy was put there for reasons that no long apply would be a step forward in Christian thinking.  It would put the faith in its actual position, as an activity that completes for attention with other interests people have.

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  1. entech

    Friday, Saturday, Sunday – Islam, Judaism, Christianity. Can’t even agree on the day, but that is OK, the thousands of monotheistic sects disagree on so many things, the thousands of others disagree on the rest.
    I do wish it could be all settled, a quick visit would do it, he must be really annoyed at all the misinterpretations of his infallible book.

    1. entech 2:28 “..a quick visit would do it…”

      All these reports the rapture is near and he never shows up. We could find out if its Sunday and what happened to all those corpses that walked out of their graves after the crucifixtion.

  2. entech

    We know people cannot work without a day off sometime, but there is no reason it must be Sunday.

    Many of the “divine commands” are actually based on good common sense. Written as they were by self appointed holy men and tribal elders there were many that were for the writers benefit, long descriptions of sacrificial practice and preparation are quite obviously cooking instructions, recipes, for the way the priests liked their food prepared, others lost something along the way wool and linen is a case in point. The proscription against pigs and shell fish are pure health things, all are scavengers and all eat excrement.

    It isn’t hard to imagine why 7 became the magic number, the transition from hunter/gather to farmer left its mark in the importance of the lunar calendar, full moon and bright nights are important knowledge for situations where you might be the hunter or in turn the hunted; an annual calendar is more important for the crops – planting, reaping, the livestock reproductive cycle etc. That the two become mixed is inevitable Passover/ Easter relate to a full moon following the vernal equinox and so is both lunar and solar.
    7 as a special number because it divides the lunar cycle in 4, we have the seventh day, the seventh year, the 49 year all of special significance, not necessarily religious significance. Slaves should be freed after 7 years, bet that never happened in the colonial days, land should return the ownership of its original owner after 49 years (ownership is actually leasehold not freehold) I can’t imagine any luck trying to enforce that one in modern America. The return of land was a good one presumably the church as God’s agent was the original owner, so the land went to the priests every 50 years.

    That a day of rest is a good idea for the health of the employee and probably increases productivity for the rest of the time. That it should be any particular has no real basis apart from words in an old book which is interpreted differently by almost everyone.

    1. entech 8:13 A good review of the origins of religious beliefs and practices. Superstitions, like the bad luck that comes from a black cat crossing the road in front of you, have a seamless flow between culture and religion. That Sunday is a day different than the other days started somewhere for some reason, just like Friday and Saturday. The same folks who scoff at “Friday the 13th” being a day of bad luck believe in “Sunday the Sabbath”.

      I have my own theory, Sunday the Starbucks.

  3. dan

    I used to work the night shift. I’d get off Sunday morning at 8:00am. My 8:00 am was like anyone else’s 8:00 pm. There are times when I’d liked to have stopped by Walmart to pick up a few things on my way home after work but it was closed until noon, or my midnight. This is one thing I think should be changed. We live in a 24-7 world. Forcing business to stay closed hurts their bottom line.

  4. Wanna B Sure

    To demand WHEN to worship is Old Covenant. TO worship is the new. To insist when, is reverting tothe old, and is “Judaizing”. Col 2:16: “Let no man judge you by what you eat or drink, or regard to religious festivals, new moon, or a Sabbath day”.
    Heb 4:9-10 “The Lord is our rest”, (Sabbath).
    The Synoptics:Mat 12: 1-8—Mark 2:23-28—Luke 6:15—–Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath. (Mat 12-8).

    Not to worship is anyone’s private business. To demand or ridicule if or when someone does is nobody’s business but the one who worships.

    1. Wanna B Sure

      PS–I have no problem with business being open 24-7. Blue laws are rather hypocritical. Most pastors I know are available 24-7. Remember what to do if “your ass is in a well”.

    2. Wanna B Sure

      All that being said, a generally accepted universal “day of rest”, religious or not, is a convenience for all who wish to worship, or not (Sunday). The total confusion for all not to would be unrealistic. Many business would find it difficult to operate “half staffed” every day of the week to please every whim, including those of non-faith. Sunday is a realistic compromise for tradition and custom, for both those of faith, and not. It is what it is. Jon and crew are just being like spoiled brats about it.

      1. Wanna 10:59 “The total confusion fo all not to would be unrealistic. Many businesses would find it difficult to operate half staffed every day of the week to please every wnim, including those of non-faith.”

        My blog said nothing about this. I merely pointed out the culture is leaving behind the notion Sunday is different than the other days of the week. If private firms decide to give people the day off on Sunday, or Tuesday, it has nothing to do with government.

        I do know that some categories of business lobby for Sunday closures for their own business interests. A few years ago automobile dealerrships got a law past that selling cars on Sunday was prohibited. The law was an effort to limit competition by new upstart firms who would do business on Sundays when the establishment businesses did not want to be open. It had nothing to do with the public interest.

        I don’t understand your comment, “Jon and crew are just being like spoiled brats about it.” Maybe you just put that in to entertain yourself, and if so, I don’t mind.

          1. Wanna 11:22 “Bawawaa…”

            We were merely pointing out that if there were an ultimate truth in religion, all would declare the same sabbath. In your case, another version, there is none. It is something to cry about.

          2. Wanna B Sure

            Jon: “…all would declare the same Sabbath”. Again off topic from your post. You specifically, and in context were centered on Christianity. My response was directly related to it. To quote you ; Bawaa bawaa bawaa

          3. Eric


            You said: “if there were an ultimate truth in religion, all would declare the same Sabbath”.

            Not true. It does not hold that that if there is ultimate truth to be know, that all will know it. Do you hold science to that same standard? Scientist have many competing theories about matter or any number of other topics. Does that mean there is no “ultimate truth” science, because not all espouse the same theory? Does a plurality of ideas really render all ideas wrong? That’s not rational.

          4. Eric “Not true. It does not hold tha if there is ultimate truth to be known, that all will know it. Does you hold science to that same standard?”

            Are you saying there are people who do not believe there is such thing as gravity? Or oxygen? If there were one god, it would be like gravity.

          5. Eric


            Read carefully and follow along. What I said is that there are competing theories about many scientific topics, including matter. The fact that there are a plurality of ideas or theories does not mean that there is no truth to be discovered and known regarding matter.

          6. Eric 1:03 Yes, there are competiting theories in science. But, there is no WORD OF GOD. Terms like “the word of god” make it impossible for competiting theories. Nevertheless, every Sunday one set of people fill the collection plates and every Monday another set of people put the money in their pockets, paid to argue among all the competiting meanings of “the word” of the god.

      2. entech

        Wanna, you were doing well and quite agree until you got to the spoiled brats business. Must be a sign of something that you can rarely go very far with turning it into a personal attack on Jon and his supporters, I still think that it must over defensiveness as your doubts grow. An intelligent fellow, as I know you can be when you want, can hardly not have increasing doubts.

        I am sure you never used to quote scripture as much as you have been lately, you could always make your case without it, another sign perhaps?

        1. Wanna B Sure

          Don’t like the verses? It’s understandable.. but they do reveal the false claims presented here. The “case” (Sunday)(Sabbath) here is at Jon’s initiation, and in the Bible. One shouldn’t expect a response from Popular Mechanics. If you talk about Biblical matters,-church-10C’s, Sabbaths, etc. etc. expect biblical polemics. Ouch?
          Brats are brats wherever you find them . You can hear them by their Bawaaa bawaa. I hear a lot of that here lately.

      3. entech

        Wanna B Sure says: May 6, 2012 at 2:47 am
        No use in reasoning anymore with you.

        Note to self: the converse is actually the truth, try and remember the futility and don’t get suckered into any commentary.

        1. Wanna B Sure

          Note to self: re. “…try and remember the futility and don’t get suckered into any commentary.” I seem to remember you saying something similar quite a while back.

          1. entech

            Wanna B Sure says: May 6, 2012 at 2:47 am

            Yep May the 6th 2012, that is when I said it. But I am a generous soul and give you the benefit of the doubt, I am also an optimist, every time you improve I think it may be permanent.

          2. Wanna B Sure

            …”Every time you improve”…(code for agree with me.) Such a condescending attitude. Any rebuttal to that would also be considered a “personal attack” by someone as thin skinned as you. More of an opportunist than an optimist in showing your self appointed superiority. Another indicator of someone so thin skinned. (“Mommy, those mean old boys are picking on me”, when in reality, the wahwaa boy is usually the one who starts the fight. I knew such a fellow years ago. always in the middle of or at the start of a controversy or dispute, When things got too hot for him, he stepped out, and heckled from the sidelines. Always planning his escape ahead of time. His nickname was “weasel”. He died. It was a very small funeral. Well, the sun does set daily for you these days. No need to feel so superior. It isn’t becoming for you. Actually, I am glad you are one of those who has no faith. We have more than enough smug and arrogant people on this side of the fence. You do a nice job of balancing things out, while at the same time, perpetuating that upper classed Englishman’s mystique.

          3. entech

            I am not really thin skinned I just get so irritated when a man of your intellect gets so petty and stupid and then says that is what the opponent is doing. You are forever projecting your own failings onto others and resorting to non-sequitur and vulgarity.

            Don’t bother to answer I could probably write it for you so predictable have you become. Sad really.

          4. Wanna B Sure

            If you are so knowledgeable, and anticipate what you expect, why bother? Just have a conversation with a mirror. Forgot your “note to self”. “Petty, stupid, vulgarity”: sounds rather like personal insults to me. Bawawaa.

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