The Catholic Hierarchy Is Trapped With The Gay Issue.

The Catholic Church painted itself into a corner with birth control.  The Church still condemes it but nearly all its people practice it.

Now, it’s done it again with homosexuality.  The new Pope is trying to find a way to tiptoe out, but all avenues have wet paint.

In  1961, an instruction banned from ordination anyone “afflicted with evil tendencies to homosexuality or pedenasty.”  In 1986, future Pope Ratzinger, with his special hatred of all things gay, went even further.  He issued a declaration affirming the evil of homosexual acts but also the inclination toward same sex attraction.

The new Pope told reporters on an airplane several days ago he does not pass judgement on homosexuals.  Across the world, Catholic Bishops were quickly asked what they made of this new comment.

Without exception, they parroted the company line.  This is not a change, they said, the Church’s positions on homosexuality remain.

They did not acknowledge the Church’s dilemma.  It is that every Bishop knows of gay priests under his leadership.  Apparently there are also gay Bishops.

Cardinal/Pope Ratzinger’s declaration means everyone of these clergy is evil, even if they remain celebate.  And, with male clergy living together, who is to say there are not sexual encounters taking place.

The new Pope’s statement he will not judge is one the Cardinals have not touched.  If they did, the next question they would be asked is whether if is acceptable for gay priests to be living together in parish housing.

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  1. Candyman

    Churches say and do one thing. The Holy Bible remains consistently clear throughout history regarding individuals who live a homosexual lifestyle. Should we take sinful man’s thoughts and opinions and all the finite wisdom he posses? or should one consult the one who designed mankind? …

    1. Candyman 5:16 “Should we take sinful man’s thoughts and opinions and all the finite wisdom he posses? Or should one consult the on who desigined mankind?”

      You have me baffled there, Candyman. If the god created this man who is sinful, instead of one who is not sinful, why should we trust such a being? Why would we not conclude the god will just go on creating sin?

  2. KP

    Could you please logically defend the title of this article explaining exactly how the Church is trapped? There clearly no defense on how the Catholic Church is trapped except for what the author wants to try get people to believe.

    Furthermore, if you would stop taking sentences out of context and read exactly what Church documents say rather than giving it the meaning you want that would be greatly appreciated. My best guess is you have never taken time to discover what exactly the Catholic Church teaches and believes rather than going on hear say or your own opinion which is clearly not truth in these matters. You like to think you know a lot, after all you are a ‘free thinker,’ but when it comes to the issue of truth you cant handle being wrong, so you create your own perceived truth to attack other institutions.

    Rather than turning to outside sources why not look directly at Church Documents and read what the Church actually teaches…oh wait, if you did that you might realize you were wrong in certain beliefs you hold pertaining to the Catholic Church and Christianity. Please spare the F-M community your want to make Catholicism, Christianity, and religion out to be a bad thing go for it…you are no better than what you are yourself proclaiming in these article, that we’re hypocrites.

    1. KP 12:42 Thanks for posting.

      I agree I did not consult actual Church documents and took the quote out of whatever context they are in. I don’t understand what it is, however, I wrote that was incorrect. The former Pope hated homosexuality so much he included a condemation of gay marriage in the Christmas message. That there are gay priests seems indisputable. The likelilhood gay priests are in sexual relationships is high. The ability of the hierarchy to deny this is low.

      I reread your post–are you saying if I read actual documents, I would find the former Pope did not say homosexual thoughts are evil?

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