I Like The Truth More Than I Dislike Your God.

The attached addresses a comment all of us sketics have heard many times, “You must have had an abusive experience in church, that’s why you don’t believe in God.”  Or, “You must have had an abusive religious home life”.

It would be equally logical for us to return with the question, “Did you have a abusive expereince in a Mosque?  Is that why you are not a Muslim?”

We all tend to leap to the conclusion the default religious views of people are the same as their parents.  When that does not turn out to happen, the default assumption is something went wrong.

Now, if you ask most believers if they are believers because their parents were believers, they might get angry.  Most would be emphatic they came to believe through their own intellectual inquiry.  For some reason, they are unable to see that nonbelievers arrive at their conclusions independently, without some abusive experience.

There is something similar in the assertion atheists “hate God”.  I think there are atheists who are sick of hearing about God.  The hear about God at the end of every Presidential speech.  They hear about God in news coverage of someone who gets well after and accident or illness.  There are lost of reasons some tire of hearing about God, but that does not mean they hate God per se.

The skeptic’s position is about truth, not hatred.  The skeptic finds no evidence of a god. That is something different than hate.


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  1. Good article. The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. I don’t spend very much time at all thinking about god just as I don’t spend very much time thinking about other fictional characters. This blog, in my opinion, is interesting enough to read and contribute to, but when theology becomes the topic, I tune out. It just doesn’t have a shred of relevance to my life. That said, I do think a small number of people who profess to be atheists are operating in a reactionary and rebellious mode that does not describe most atheists. These people clearly have issues deeper than I am interesting in dissecting.

  2. Brad

    “I think there are atheists who are sick of hearing about God. The hear about God at the end of every Presidential speech. They hear about God in news coverage of someone who gets well after and accident or illness.”

    The problem I have with all the references to God is not so much how often I hear it, but the reason people do it. It’s often just pandering and posturing to maintain support from voters, etc. Or it’s done out of a sense of obligation or guilt or fear of retribution if they don’t mention God. To me, any reference to God that isn’t genuine and sincere is completely useless and I think it could be viewed as taking the name of the lord in vain.

    What is really interesting is that in spite of all this, the ranting and raving from the religious right is that they believe that God is being removed from everything and that we are not hearing about God enough.

    I guess whether you think God is mentioned too much or not enough depends on who you ask.

    1. I agree with you about the religious right’s complaints. Interesting that they are only concerned about the Christian’s version of god and not god of other faiths so it’s perfectly fine to complain about too many mosques.

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