Is There Any Organization More Dishonest Than The Family Research Council?

Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council, regularly sends communications to his members saying he is on the verge of turning back support of gay marriage.  He tells his faithful that if they each send just a few hundred dollars, he will see to it gay marriage is stopped in its tracks.

All one has to do is tune in the news everyday to see he has made not one inch of progress to turn it back and, in fact, it is on the acsendance.  But, I’m sure there are a hundreds or thousands of people who read his pleas and send him money.  A sucker is born every minute.

A few years back, Brother Tony paid white supremisist, David Duke, about $80,000 for a mailing list of Klu Klux Klan members to use in a political campaign he was managing.  There seems little doubt the Klan is not far from the heart of Tony Perkins.

In the Klan’s hayday, black people represented some kind of devil group to its members.  There was a fear, something like a panic,  about what would happen if black people became part of main stream society.

Tony Perkins plays gay marriage in a similar way.  He tells people to fear gay marriage- – it must be stopped or all is lost.

Mainstreaming black people did not damage society.  Gay marriage will not do so either.

But, there is money to be made telling lies.

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  1. Brad

    “He tells his faithful that if they each send just a few hundred dollars…”

    Yep, just send him your money and he will fix everything. You will be safe from all the evils in the world, and the religious hustler will get richer. And of course if you dare to question it, to hell you will go.

    That’s got to be about the slickest con game on the face of the earth – using fear to separate people from their money.

  2. In 2010, the Southern Poverty Law Center officially classified Perkins’ outfit as a hate group for their campaign against gay Americans. That says it all for me; the SPLC is a wonderful organization who recently gave ND a heads up about the white supremacist living in Leith. Perkins is a worm who makes money any way he can to advance his disgusting agenda.

  3. Jason

    Is There Any Organization More Dishonest Than the Family Research Council?

    Answer: Yes – US Congress, White House, Wall Street, Every major televison news program, Planned Parenthood, Climate Scientist, DOJ, IRS, FBI, NSA.

    1. It must be rough living in your world, Jason. Who DO you trust? The way I look at it is there are many problems in the world’s organizations, but for the most part, each is operating as best they can. Certain ones, however, are duplicitous groups who realize they are duping the public. You can’t tell me that Perkins doesn’t realize just how disingenuous he is being.

      1. Jason

        Not really so rough in my world, I trust my God, my family, friends, and pretty much most organizations who don’t try to enact laws or rules of which I am forced to follow while they exempt themselves from the same rules. But I totally agree these organizations are doing the best they can to socially engineer our country into their vision of a state run utopia….just like the former East Germany, or Soviet Union.

        1. noblindersome

          Jason -it was pointed out that Perkins reached out to the KKK for help- reached out to the KKK !-(for GOD’S sakes , what part of that doesn’t Jason understand?) yet Jason whines he finds other pillars of the American scociety MORE reprehensible!!!
          My GOD doesn’t encourage such levels of ignorance as that.
          Do you really find the IRS FBI NSA etc more troubling?
          The KKK’s vision of utopia was a nation ONLY populated by white Protesants. Lynching black men because they ‘were black’ troubles you less than the IRS , for instance , whose intention is to collect $ to pay the 500 billion annual military budget that YOU probably WANT but hypocritically despise paying for!
          Churchill once said ” democracy is such a ‘lousy’ form of government – exept for all others , which are all much worse!’.
          Jason -you don’t like this lousy form of imperfect bickering government , then get the hell out! start your own and take the KKK guys with you . My God will open the door for you!

          1. Jason

            Get out…that’s what cowards do. Strange you’d suggest a coward’s path..? I’ve put my butt on the line for this country in combat 3 separate times, I’m not about to abandon it now to a government set on destroying the founding principles which made this country great. You are absolutely right, the KKK lynched black people, but they haven’t lynched a fraction of the number of blacks who have been killed in black on black gang murders and random street violence. The KKK of 2013 is a marginalized organization of little threat to this country or any black person today….sure if a KKK group moves in next door, it’s a problem, but as a threat to society as a whole, not so much. Do you know what the number one killer of black males ages 15-34 is? Its murder…and not by Tony Perkins or the KKK. Do you know who the number one killer of black males is..? See if you can guess…….it’s other black males. So yea, Tony Perkins, David Duke, the KKK, sure I think they are evil…just as the Black Panthers and other hate groups. On the other hand our DOJ is directly responsible for the murder of a US Border Patrol Agent, and countless murders by Drug Cartels in Mexico, AG Holder admitted “guns were lost and will continue to show up at crime scenes both here and in Mexico and the American people will feel the effects for years to come.” The US State Dept stood idly by as request after request came in from it’s Libyan Consulate for additional security, then did nothing while it’s Ambassador and three others were murdered. Our President has a secret kill list which has had American citizens on it (NY Times 29 May 2012). Judicial watch recently obtained a DoD training manual through the FIOA. In this recently published manual is a section titled “Extremist ideologies” where it describes the American colonists as a historical example of extremists. The Dept of Homeland Security published a report in 2009 stating Veterans were the number one terrorist threat. And as far as the military budget…glad to pay for it, it’s the $1Trillion Wall Street TARP Bailout…which we were told was “to big to fail” or the $700 Billion Stimulus Bill for shovel ready jobs…which we later learned weren’t so shovel ready. So you go ahead and focus on Tony Perkins…I just don’t see him as much of a problem. Just by posting this blog I’ve triggered the NSA alerts and expect the men in black to be knocking on my door any minute….hopefully I’m not yet on the really “secret” list.

          2. noblindersome

            replying t0 jason’s angry screed ( sept4).
            First off I wrote to confront your first aug 31 screed where you chose to marginalize and mitigate this story ! That is what is troubling . Don’t get all po’ed because you chose to go that route. You chose ,now choose to downplay the awful evil of the KKK by coupling their actions with the evil of black gang killings that is torturing big city life . YES YES the murder rate that occurs in the urban ghettos are awful!
            But they are not comparable to each other !
            KKKers in Leith is NOT a linkable story to the Chicago murder rate ! unless you are saying that you need the KKK in ND less black gangs bring their horrible deeds to ND!
            Listen Jason! when you take that mitigation route you essentially diminish the focus on what needs our attention! Jason are you arguing we should be more accepting of the KKK because they have killed less than black gangsters kill each other? THAT is what you REALLY said Jason!
            and BTW Jason- what makes you think I wasn’t aware of how awful the murder rate is urban ghettos are? What makes you think guys like me hav’nt served our country in uniform too !
            When the subject here is “How can we fix or confront the awful problem black gangs in urban Amercian ” I will take the hard line as tough as any including YOU!!!
            But THAT is NOT the subject here !
            KKKers are moving into ND . THAT is the focus here! Are YOU for that or against it!!!!

  4. Formerly Fargo Bob

    Let’s just begin with the name of Perkins’ organization. None of these so-called pro-family organizations really cares about supporting families; they’re all about keeping LGBT people from being recognized and treated as equals in our society. But as Jon so correctly pointed out, there’s many to be made in demonizing our fellow human beings.

  5. Carlene

    So true, Brad and Formerly Fargo Brad. And my answer to the question posed in the headline is “yes,” but I can’t think of any offhand. How about Focus on the Family?? Or any other number of conservative groups that aim to preserve the reign of the white male, the so-called “nuclear family” and “one-man, one-woman. They are trying, with their influence on (mostly Republican) politicians, to turn us back into the way life was (stereotypically) in the 1950. Sad, but true.

  6. Wolfy32

    I had a pamphlet from my grandmother and a news paper clipping that my grandmother had kept (both were lost in my house fire. 🙁 ) They were propaganda from organizations making money on people’s fears. Both were articles about how the Soviet Union “The bear” would be taking over the US. That the end was near.

    They were both printed 50-60 years ago. Almost a full generation ago. We’re still here.. If the end came I missed it. Do I believe there’s an “end” to society as we know it today, yeah, it changes every year, just slightly. Some things for the better and some things get worse. I believe while we’re busy “fighting” and being “distracted” by Gay rights, civil liberties for everyone are being taken away, and more ways to monitor society are being implemented. So, while both the right and left, or christian and non christian groups are busy fighting each other for rights… Everyone is losing out by the changes happening so slowly we barely notice them. But yet they’re little changes. The patriot act was a huge destruction of personal rights. If you’re suspected of being a terrorist you have no rights. You can be arrested for no reason than being labelled a terrorist, property can be seized, and so much more.

    It’s the successful implementation of Marxism. Just under a different guise.

    Many good things have come in change. Yet, maybe Russia is dominating us, we’re destroying our way of life year by year, all while we are kept busy by fighting for and against things like equal marriage or right to abortions. Within a few years though, a simple thought against the wrong group could land one in prison labelled as a terrorist.

    We have the religious right’s main man to thank for that one… Mr. Bush Jr. I usually side on conservative thought, but, not on the side of the destruction of our nation’s constitution / bill of rights.

  7. noblindersome

    lastly guys like Jason try to argue the KKKers and the like hate groups ( Neo Nazi’s etc) are too small in #’s to cause concern or consternation ,
    ” blacks have little to fear from them”! oh really! have you black friends , black family members , any connection to the minority view ? I do ! and I see how stupid some folks can be when talking about minorities in my presense.
    Jason? How many KKKers need to move into Leith before you get concerned ? 10 ? 100? 1000? How many of these hate groups need to be documented by the FBI before you are concerned ? The FBI says it has lists of thousands (and growing) of these neo naziKKK type hate groups and it’s sympathetic members!
    Oh Yeah . That’s what started my attack on you was your mention of the FBI! as more troubling than the Family Council!
    The FBI has caught thousands of criminals who otherwise would have made life a hell on earth for many , but Jason thinks they are our enemy!

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