Critics Of The New Pope Say Not Enough Sex Talk

The new Pope’s focus seems to fit him like a glove.  It fits the Catholic church as well.

The former Pope (can’t remember his name already) used his Christmas Eve message to talk about sex, not poverty.  To me, this emphasis on judgement and sin is the most unattractive characteristic of the faith, especially the Catholic brand.

So this Pope just by passes all that and talks of the poor and social justice.  He is in the slums, mostly stolen from the Catholic Church by the pentacostals, talking of his identification with its people.

While the Jesus character of the Bible was quoted as saying many conflicting and sometimes judgemental things, his attractive imagery is of helping the outcasts.  Today’s outcasts include not only the poor but gays as well.  Daming them to hell is not an attractive image.

On National Public Radio this morning was a discussion of Catholics who are criticizing the Pope for not continuing to fuss over gay marriage and sexual sin.  The Bush era of flat out capitalism and focus on sin is being replaced with the social gospel.

It would be a wonderful thing if the Pope is successful in focusing on the less fortunate and pulling back from sex and sin.  Currently, some of the poorest parts of the world are the most viscious toward gay people.  The Pope’s change of focus might even influence U. S. conservative politics.

Saying he identifies with the poor is better than saying he condemns the sinful.

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  1. Ray

    I do like Pope Francis and his emphasis on helping the poor. Don’t worry though Jon, he will still call a sin a sin. His first encyclical spoke of the importance of the family and of strong marriages (one man, one woman). I know that you’ll spin this as a focus on sin and condemnation, but in fact, he is simply speaking up for what is right, what is just, and what is good.

  2. dan

    “It would be a wonderful thing if the Pope is successful in focusing on the less fortunate and pulling back from sex and sin. ”

    Really??? Less emphasis on sex? Are you content about child pregnancies? Our tax dollars are paying for their MA. Do you think these babies have much of a chance at being raised in a stable family. Maybe if the grandparents step in.

    Headlines such as this remain a big concern: “A possible indication of rising child pregnancies in the US, now reports are emerging of an 11-year-old girl has given birth to a baby boy.”

    Wonder if a 10 year old will be next? Lets just turn a blind eye to this and hope no one address this issue.

    1. dan 5:32 “Let’s just turn a blind eye to this and hope no one addresses this issue.”

      Isn’t that kind of what the previous Pope did? He focused on condemning what consenting adults do, gay marriage and birth control. He had chances to do something about circumstances where the powerful, priests, took advantage of the less powerful, children, and took a pass. He was ultimately responsible for not turning them over to police and reassinging them.

      Criminal charges need to be brought against people who rape. The only job of a Pope is to see to it investigations of allegations are turned over to law enforcement. Instead, the former Pope spent part of his New Years Eve message condemning consenting adults, gay couples.

    2. Wolfy32

      Umm.. hmm.. Yes, there are way too young pregnancies, I won’t deny that at all. At the same time, many statistics show that we’re at an all time LOW for teen pregnancies in the US. The articles I’ve read, couldn’t pinpoint one thing that changed, but they believe that increased education about pregnancy and options, as well as easier access for teens to birth control are two major contributing factors.

      Teen pregnancies have dropped significantly since even the 90s. I wouldn’t attribute that to any religion since religion simply refuses to talk about teen sex…

  3. Jinx

    Good topic Jon! I totally agree with your 6:15 post.

    I am an agnostic who was baptized a catholic and I find this pope’s attention to the poor and less fortunate a breath of fresh air. Do unto others is a basic tenet of most world religions….christian and nonchristian, and as well as the foundation of what we call ethics. I have had help when I was down and out and I do not hesitate to help others in the form of taxes or donations or volunteering my time.

    Francis is correct in stating that his bishops and catholics need to get out of their churches/fine homes, open their eyes and really understand what poverty does to a person from the cradle to the grave. We get what we give/Karma/what goes around comes around/payback is a bitch/etc. I do believe that our actions towards others has a way of balancing out over time and no one may ever witness some of the payback an individual receives. Logical? no. Rational? no. Proven? no.

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