“We’re Not Las Vegas Anymore.”

I read somewhere that when Pope Francis was about to make his first grand appearance aids were scambling with last minute preparations.  Someone held a red cape for him to slip into like the one the previous Pope wore.  Francis declined with the Las Vegas comment.

The Catholic church, and of course others, could do themselves a favor by dropping  Las Vegas out of their ceremonies and policies. That would be claims of miracles, fancy get ups for clergy, and, for Catholics,  “Sainthood”.

Apparently, several staff members do full time “research” on candidates for sainthood.  There are advocates and others who critique the evidence.

Then, there are political issues that come up in many candidates.  Sometimes a saint’s political views are contrary to politics of a current Pope.

I wonder if any lay person knows the dollar cost of the Church’s sainthood bureaucracy?  It seems to me it has to be over a million dollars a year.  This million has many other good uses.

The real world is is not buying “miracles” of saints as it once did.  When someone is cured from something and there appears no other explanation other than the candidate’s  prayers, it is regarded as a “miracle” and we have a “saint”.

Statistics explain a lot this.  Every few hundred cases of some disease, a person is cured and there is not an explanation.  It just happens sometimes.

These “miracles”, like the Pope’s red cape are Las Vegas.  Pope Francis would do well to eliminate sainthood.


19 thoughts on ““We’re Not Las Vegas Anymore.”

  1. I have to say he is headed in a very different direction than some of the most recent popes; no red pope shoes, no living in the luxurious papal apartment, no more shenanigans in the fiscal department. It’s a breath of fresh air. He even washed the feet of a, gasp, woman. Never having had a horse in this race, I haven’t paid much attention to popes before, but if getting rid of saints is possible, Francis may just consider it. He seems to actually care about the poor. This may be a revolutionary pope; he’d better get a food tester before the Vatican insiders who have had their world rocked do him in.

    • I would have to agree with you on this one, Realist……it is a breath of fresh air coming from a stagnant institution that is the epitomy of hypocrisy.

  2. “I wonder if any lay person knows the dollar cost of the Church’s sainthood bureaucracy?”

    ”White House Says Obama’s $100 Million Vacation To Africa Is A “Great Bang For Our Buck”’


    And Jesus said to him, “The foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.”(Luke 58:8)

  3. yeah sure tell that to anyone who met Padre Pio…or received healing at his hands…or saw him levitate at the altar… there comes a point when you can no longer claim that its a coincidence…

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