Rep. Barney Frank’s Domestic Life.

I was so pleased to read the attached link about former Massachusetts Congressman, Barney Frank.  I met him a couple of times and had a long conversation a few years back.

Frank was among the first or second gay members of Congress to be out.  Since he was out some 20 years ago, and reelected many times, I hate to think of the insults and taunts that came his way.

I remember reading some years ago of a member of Congress who on the House floor referred to Frank that included the term, “bathhouse man”.  The Congressman who made to remark was called out and a few minutes later apologized.  Frank’s only reply was, “The gentleman’s apology is accepted.”

Frank also had a scumbag of a boyfriend for a while who used Frank’s home in inappropriate ways, I’ve forgotten the details.  After the embarrassing details were made public, Frank reflected that he had been successful professionally at that point in life but  unsuccessful in his personal life.

After he retired from his political career he married his long time partner.  In the link below he explains he is making so much money speaking and writing he does not really need his considerable Congressional pension and benefits.

It pleases me to see Barney Frank having a great time in his post Congressional life.

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    1. entech

      Wow such a range of knowledge, there is really only one way such things could be known.
      Wonder how many pastors etc. were customers.

      1. Henry

        entech:“there is really only one way such things could be known.”

        The radio? I disagree. I would imagine others would have heard this news from other diverse sources.

        Only a dem could have gotten away with what he did and still be called a “hero”.

        1. entech

          OK maybe more than one source, but that source would need to be very close to observe possibly even participate, purely to be absolutely certain, of course. Still wondering how many customers were men of the cloth?

          The manner in which you choose who to call a hero is outside my interest or knowledge, dems, rebs, or whatever not my business. But I do admit some declared as heroes leave me amused or amazed or both. Terribly misused word, originally meant the progeny of a divine and a human cohabiting, bit like the sons of god and human females, heroes are giants.

          1. Henry

            entech:“but that source would need to be very close to observe possibly even participate,”

            Yes. A police investigation.

        2. entech

          In 1985 Frank was still closeted. That year he hired Steve Gobie, a male prostitute, for sex, and they became “more friends than sexual partners.” Frank housed Gobie and hired him with personal funds as an aide, housekeeper and driver and paid for his attorney and court-ordered psychiatrist. In 1987, Frank kicked Gobie out after being advised by his landlord that Gobie kept escorting despite the support and was doing so in the residence … Amid calls for an investigation, Frank asked the House Ethics Committee to investigate his relationship “in order to insure that the public record is clear.” The Committee found no evidence that Frank had known of or been involved in the alleged illegal activity and dismissed all Gobie’s more scandalous claims; they recommended a reprimand for Frank using his congressional office to fix 33 of Gobie’s parking tickets and for misstatements of fact in a memorandum relating to Gobie’s criminal probation record. The House voted 408–18 to reprimand Frank. The attempts to censure and expel Frank were led by Republican Larry Craig (whom Frank later criticized for hypocrisy after Craig’s own arrest in 2007 for lewd conduct while soliciting gay sex in an airport bathroom). Despite the controversy, Frank won re-election in 1990 with 66 percent of the vote, and has won by larger margins until the 2010 Mid-term elections when Frank won by eleven points.

          Not usually conversant with or interested in the minutia of American politics but Henry starts on rant against someone because they are both gay and democrat it does pique my interest. Fascinating when you see that his main attacker was himself arrested for a gay related offense. Still political leaders and religious leaders so often leave themselves open to accusations of hypocrisy.

          1. Henry

            entech:“but Henry starts on rant against someone because they are both gay and democrat “

            Actually Jon started the rant. I merely supplied the information Jon acknowledged he couldn’t remember.

          2. entech

            Once again you have you own peculiar slant on things. Jon was writing about, you were ranting against.
            The investigating committee found no evidence that he knew about, or was involved in any illegal activity. 28 years old is not a boy.
            Distortion to cast things in a bad light is “bearing false witness”, henry, go and sin no more.

  1. Barney Frank is such a hero. He put up with so much ignorance over the years, but he was unfailingly polite EXCEPT when an important point needed to be made and then he didn’t mince words. He did not suffer fools, but was gracious to good-hearted people. Wonderful, smart Congressman.

  2. Michael Ross

    Frank ” married” a man 30 years his junior. How twisted and perverted can you get?

      1. entech

        Just got round to checking this age difference. 73 to 43 is a bit, but both are to be considered mature consenting adults.

        Suppose I at 73 married a woman of 43, would you consider that twisted and perverted? I can imagine some commentary, No fool like an old fool perhaps, she is a bit old to be a gold digger, maybe, but, generally it would be pretty well accepted as “if that is what they want”.

        I don’t think the age difference worries you, just the fact that they are both men. It does not comply with your prejudices, whether they are of Biblical origin or you use the Bible to justify prejudice I neither know nor care.

        Change it around a bit and say I did this 30 years ago, that would make it a 43 year old male and a 13 year old female. I think everyone on this site would find that objectionable. But it would not be prohibited in Biblical law or custom.

    1. So are you saying if he had just married a man closer to his own age that you would drop the twisted and perverted view. What if he had married a man 15 years younger? Would that have qualified for “twisted” but not “perverted”? How about 10 years? Or how about 40 years? Surely you need to add some adjectives for the additional 10 years. I mean, how twisted and perverted can YOU get?

  3. Brad

    Bigots are lucky. They will probably never experience the abuse that gays have experienced over the centuries.

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