One of the most entertaining things for me is to read about or visit with people about sin.  My impressions are two.  First, definitions of sin are almost completely arbitrary.  Second, when certain kinds of Christians talk about sin they are confident they are not arbitrary in the least.

Some definitions of sin are merely thoughts.  Diagnosing thoughts seems like something for a professional psychiatrist.  But no, it is the stock and trade of some branches of Christian theologians.

The attached link goes in to great detail about serious, mortal, sins and trys to sparate out when they occur.  One conclusion is that societal issues are moving so fast and that the sinner might not be fully aware something is a mortal sin until after he/she has committed the nasty deed.  This gives the sinner a pass.

That’s a nice thought.  With a finding like that, it could be no one is a sinner.

Believers often ridicule nonbelievers because, they say, nonbelievers have no moral standard.  Now, if sinners can be absolved by excuses that society drives over them in its sin bus, it seems like believers have no moral standards either.

I hope most nonbelievers have good moral standards.  The ones I hope they have are ones that help generations to come.  People with high moral standards are those who think the lives to come are more important than our own afterlife.

Support for abortion, birth control and gay marriage are probably the current mortal sins.  But, sinners can negotiate.