“What Are The Atheists Doing? Nothing.”

This week will be an exciting on the religion in government front.  The Supreme Court will pass down some kind of a decision on gay marriage.  Then, next Saturday, a county in Florida will dedicate an Atheist Monument that will stand next to the Ten Commandments.

I really enjoyed reading reactions to the new atheist monument in Florida.  It forces believers to explain the purpose of the Ten Commandments while making them recongnize the potential for competing monuments.

It is clear the national organization, American Atheists, never expected they would erect an atheist monument when they challenged the recently installed Ten Commandments monument.  But, after years in court, the County could not find the political will to remove the Ten Commandments and thus was forced to allow a competing or, as we call it here in Fargo, sister, monument.

Even though this outcome is a ridiculous one, from the County’s elected officials view, it is completely rational.  If county officials had voted to remove the Ten Commandments, they would have been voted out of office.  Since the court ordered installation of the Atheist’s monument, they can sit back and say, “We had nothing to do with it.”

Comments from the attached link run through the usual criticisms.  “Christians founded the country, atheists did nothing.”  “Christians are running this country, what are atheists doing, nothing.”

There is one thing good we can say about this outcome.  It was resolved by wasting money instead of taking lives.


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    1. Henry

      entech:“They have to learn to defend themselves against attack by Christian terrorists”

      They do a pretty good job themselves in their leaky boat without needing assistance.

  1. Wolfy32

    Really, what would be amusing and would outrage many in America… Muslims putting up a sacred monument next to the Christian and Athiest monuments. 🙂

    It’s funny, talked to my mom briefly about the Snowden case of the NSA leaks. She’s like yeah he should go to prison. I said why? He exposed the fact that we have a hidden agency spying on Americans at will, and that our government can blackmail anyone on the planet into doing what any particular person with access to the systems want. I said it needs to be exposed. “Well, yeah, With Obama being muslim and making us into a Communist country.” I said, umm mom… The system was put into place by the Patriot Act, signed into law under Bush as a knee jerk response to 9/11.

    “Well, yeah, they sneak so many things into those darn laws, how can you possibly know what you’re signing into law.”

    And we wonder why things are so messed up. 🙂 Dam Athiests!! They went and broke everything!

    1. Wolfy32 re: “…Obama being a Muslim making us into a Communist country.”

      We have to love the way we all filter information, weed out what we don’t like and stick with what we wish were true. I’m sure I do my share of this too.

      1. entech

        That bit must be true, now Henry is back on board I am sure he will have a site that will confirm it 😆 . Who would have guessed that the anti-Christ would turn out to be a Muslim 🙄

  2. This is such baloney. The strawman argument that Christians work as a group as do atheists is stupid. Atheists are interwoven in all aspects of getting things done. The reason many outcomes are as they are is that atheists have voiced their opinion and have modulated the final decision. The fact is that atheists are everywhere. You never know when you are being served by an atheist, when your children are being taught by an atheist, when you are working shoulder to shoulder with an atheist. Get used to the idea that atheists are everywhere.

  3. Wanna B Sure

    As long as we are on atheists; Article yesterday in Christian post, titled; “Are the Majority of Scientists Atheists?” Evidently not as many as one would come to believe on this site, and not necessarily for the reasons cited here.

    1. Wanna 4:00 “Artical yesterday in the Christian Post..”

      Thanks for mentioning, I had not seen it. My experience in academia is that different disciplines have their own unique cultures. When you visit with scientists in, for example, agriculture, you will find the majority tilt toward conservative politcal views. Other disciplines go elsewhere. The article pointed out scientists are influenced by their general social backgrounds, and not entirely by the notion science replaces religion. I think you could go into any department in the world and find scientists who are both believers and nonbelievers, regardless of the religion of a country.

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