The Closing Of Exodus International Is A Turning Point In The Gay Debate.

Exodus International, a place that specialized in “reparative therapy”, is closing. It has been the political crown jewel of the religious right for a decade.   Even more newsworthy was the statement of it outgoing President.

He said the Christian approach to gay people should no longer be to change them into straight people.   He apologized for claiming the organization could do and for the harm it might have done.  He acknowledged he, himself, though married to a woman and considered by his own definition to be heterosexual, still has same sex attractions.

This acknowledgement is far different than those of right wing no nothings still left behind.  One such person wrote the link below.

The link says Christians should pray for people “struggling with their sexuality”.  Neither the gay or straight people I know are “struggling with their sexuality”.  That is Christian right code language for “homosexuality is sin”.  The sooner the idea homosexuality is sin can be trashed by the religious right the better off evenyone will be.

There are others within the reparative therapy scam who know sexual orientation cannot be changed simply by switching off some circuit.  I knew a father with a gay son 30 years ago who had visited such a place and the staff was candid enough to admit same sex attraction can suppressed in a few people, but not replaced.

The closing of Exodus International is good.  Recognition homosexuality is not a choice is even better.


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  1. Michael Ross

    The modern sexual revolution began with the pill in the early ’60s. It produced so many unwanted babies that abortion on demand was legalized by the Supreme Court in 1973. The homosexual revolution began in 1969 and we can now say it is nearing complete success with a dozen (?) states legalizing gay “marriage”. The Boy Scouts capitulating and the Supreme Court set to rule the Feds position in the matter, and organizations such as Exodus going away I think we can agree that the gay revolution has prevailed. Where to now? Any guesses? I don’t know but anything is possible:…38546.45258.0.47144.…0.0.0..1c.1.17.serp.I5wBSrl4XqY

    1. Michael 2:02 “Where to now? Any guesses?”

      Yes, I’ll take a guess. Things will be about the same as they always have been. People will go about their lives, more or less, regulating themselves because it is in their own interests to do so.

      While they are doing more or less what they have always done, there will be preachers and politicians saying we are on the verge of moral collapse, because there have always been people saying that.

      So far as anyone can tell, the number of gay people and the percentage of pregnancies that end in abortion have remained about the same. This is true whether these are legal or not.

      What has changed is equal opportunity for woman and gays. The balance of control has changed accordingly, but our country is the better for these changes.

    2. Simple

      Wow, straight to the pedophilia argument in the first post. It usually takes a while to get to that one. You must not have much else left.

  2. Michael Ross

    “there will be preachers and politicians saying we are on the verge of moral collapse,”

    Moral collapse has already occurred. Economic and societal collapse will follow.

  3. Candyman

    I get such a kick out of all of your “free thoughts” that you post, Jon. I wonder why you try to go to such extreme links propagate your “free thinking”? is it because, “it’s free” and you can’t get any one to pay for it? or could it be that if the Holy Scriptures are a correct historical account of His laws and dealings with obomanations such as with Sodom and Gamora, do you feel that your giving homosexuals a false sense of security concerning God and His laws?

    1. Candyman 5:23 “Or, could it be if Holy Scriptures are a correct historical account of His laws..obomanations such as with Sodom and Gamorea, do you feel you are giving homosexuals a false sense of security concerning God and His laws.”

      I’m simply dealing with realities. One reality is sexual orientation, attractions, is not something people can choose, it comes from somewhere else. Another reality is there are religious people, some Christians and some Muslims, who think this is not a choice and people can be changed by religion. A third reality is, some of those Christians who formerly had this misstaken view, for example the former leader of Exodus International, have changed their minds and now see it correctly. This fellow has apologized for any harm he might have caused by his formerly ill informed views.

          1. Wanna 5:04 “Jon; That isn’t constructive.”

            I apologize for being prone to understatement. When I said that in la la land there are many options I was not being accurate. I should have said any option is available. That’s the case because when the divine says something terrible is an option, stoning women and children, then it’s an option. Believing in the divine allows one to shift responsibilty to an invisibile place that is not accountable.

          2. Wanna B Sure

            Those (plural) aren’t the option (singular) I had in mind. So now you are a mind reader? Sheesh.

          3. Wanna 5:59 I didn’t read your mind correctly? Now you are shaking my confidence–I thought I was a god that knew all. You really know how is hurt a guy. 🙂

          4. Wanna B Sure

            With you, It’s like trying to have a serious discussion with a cocky little 2nd grader. You being the object, just in case you try to turn it around.

          5. Wanna 7:33 Your idea of a serious conversation is for me to guess what you are talking about–like, “There’s another option.” We can both entertain.

    1. entech

      Diane, I hope you are not Wicca or the next one could be you.
      Presenting a viable alternative is much more of a threat than aberrant behaviour.
      Of course I am using aberrant in their terms.

      ab·er·rant Adjective
      1. Departing from an accepted standard.
      2. Diverging from the normal type.
      and guess who sets the standard and decides what is normal, Ted Haggard anyone 🙂

  4. Wolfy32

    To be honest I think the fight about Gays was something more personal. I mean what if gays become the majority and heteros the minority or god forbid heteroes become nonexistent? The Hetero gene is well.. bred out of humanity at some point. what if the population declines as a result. I already saw statistics that White Caucasions will be the minorities by 2050 in the US. And I think maybe the core of some of the fears / bigotry is what if women don’t need men anymore. And they prefer women. OMG< we might not have anyone to mate with? The fears are all irational no matter their source, but, there's definately a driving influence on many that reject homosexuality.

    Now, what I feel would be more productive and intriguiging is a psych study to determine the source of the fears of homosexuality. Is the fears innate, genetic just as homosexuality may be genetic? Is there something more that drives us beyond our control to (fear) hate homosexuality? Much hate is driven by fear, so, if that is the most likely root cause then maybe we need to show some empathy for those that fear homosexuality. What is it that bothers them so much?

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