Of Course, Mark Sanford Thanks God.

Mark Sanford is rich.  His exwife is rich. He rose to become Governor of South Carolina.  Then he told lies of his whereabouts with a young Argentine beauty.

All the while he professed his faith and hung out with Washington’s Christian politicians.   When he was caught cheating, they dropped him.

When I learned he was about to be elected again to his old House seat, I was sure he would attribute his come back to the Almighty God.  He did not disappoint.

He not only attributed it to God, he went on to say God had forgiven him for his fall into sin.  I tried to remember how many Republicans have used this line.  Newt Gingrich said it over and over.  Now, there are plenty of Democrat politicians who cheat in their marriages.  I don’t remember any who claimed God has forgiven them.

But, Sanford went further.  He went on to attack those who might doubt God had passed along the message of forgiveness.  He challenged such skeptics by saying, in effect, “You were not there when God told me this.  You did not experience it.  You have no business doubting the message I say God gave me.”

There will be many Christians who doubt Sanford’s message from God.  But, many of them make the claim of a personal relationship with God, “If you have not experienced it, you cannot understand it.”

We’ll hear more about Sanford’s, and other politicans’, forgiveness from God.


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  1. dan

    “We’ll hear more about Sanford’s, and other politicans’, forgiveness from God.” Okay…? Are you inferring that this makes them less of a leader? Are the Democrats who have made mistakes but according to you, have not publically stated that they asked for forgiveness, less of a leader? Can you name a politician who has never made a mistake? How about any person? I believe everyone makes mistakes. How they deal with their mistakes shows what kind of person they really are. Many would suggest that even though Bill Clinton lied to the American public about his encounters with Monica, he was still, all in all, a good leader. I would disagree since I was in the military during this time and saw how he was handling the rise of terrorism…he wasn’t.

    1. Henry

      “Many would suggest that even though Bill Clinton lied to the American public about his encounters with Monica, he was still, all in all, a good leader.”

      Billy did not make a mistake. I thought he had with his pizza delivery girl, but he was found not guilty. It did not happen. He was perfect.

    2. dan 2:17 “How they deal with mistakes shows what kind of person they really are.”

      That’s a novel way to put it. I really don’t understand, then, why saying God forgives me, the lieing cheating husband, is a better way of dealing with infidelity than simply saying, “I made a mistake.”

      As to leaders, I have never used that word much because I have no idea what it means. People either make good decisions or bad ones, that’s it. George W Bush made bad decisions. I don’t know whether he was a good or bad leader.

      1. Henry

        Jon:“George W Bush made bad decisions.”
        Yes, he made the bad decision not to reform fannie mac and freddie mae back in 2003. The democrats (dod and frank) were defending the fragile banking system so vigorously, that Bush made the bad decision to listen to them.

  2. Michael Ross

    ” Now, there are plenty of Democrat politicians who cheat in their marriages. I don’t remember any who claimed God has forgiven them.”

    They don’t need to. They are not playing to that crowd. Besides, libs have no such morals. To them the only are “sinners” are racists, sexists, and homophobes.

    Oh, and gun owners.

    1. Brad

      By the way, I’m a gun owner but I haven’t been condemning myself as a sinner for being a gun owner.

  3. entech

    “You were not there when God told me this. You did not experience it. You have no business doubting the message I say God gave me.”

    I know nothing of this, never heard the man’s name before, just a simple foreigner, but, I often think in this and similar cases it would have been better all round if God had spoken up a bit earlier and gave a firm message about keeping buttons,belts and braces firmly fastened.

    1. entech 7:52 “never heard the man’s name before…”

      That’s understandable, but he should be covered by the international news outlets because he is so entertaining. He lied to everyone, including his staff, wife and their four children saying he was going on a local hiking trip. Everyone was trying to find him. Alas, he was in the arms of his mistress in Argentina. Thank goodness, God has forgiven him. And, I should ask for forgiveness, too, for being skeptical. 🙂


        1. Wanna B Sure

          Or policeman, fireman, doctor, professor, farmer, mailman, construction worker, bartender, musician, phamrmacist, hunter, fisherman, butcher, baker, candlestick maker. There’s more.

  4. Brad

    Gotta love South Carolina. I wish that whole part of the country would just secede and then they could have their religious theocracy, hypocrisy, and corporate slave camps.

        1. entech

          It sure does, I am absolutely petrified with fear when I think of all the people that take it serious;y and would like to use it (and its new little brother) as the basis for government.

          1. Wanna B Sure

            Off to the dentist to have my semi-annual fang cleaning and sharpening, then to a nursing home to play the ‘cordeen for those who can’t get away from da noise. Life is good.

          2. entech

            I would have thought being in a nursing home was bad enough without being “entertained” as well.

          3. Wanna B Sure

            Back from the dentist. Soon to leave to entertain. FYI- The residents have a say as to who they envite in to entertain them. We do “name that tune”, or “stump the band”. I have several nursing homes I play at. My name is always on the list. Every one of them has their own story, needs, and things to share. Sometimes, (when I’m not there,) the ones who can, take turns telling their story, and memories. They sometimes bring kid groups in to listen and learn of the past, using pictures from a shoe box, etc. None of them have a “plug to pull”. I’m thinking you would prefer assisted suicide over a nursing home. I’m sure some would like that as” it would help keep the expenses down for the county”. This has been said. Selfish.

          4. Wanna B Sure

            I don’t know what kind of nursing homes you have in Australia. More like clinical cells with sterile conditions? If that’s what you see, it would be natural to think so negatively. The ones around here have community rooms with bird cages, large flat screen TV, piano, Indoor trees, aquariums. With morning coffee and conversation, dinner, afternoon coffee/cake, games, bingo, etc. Raised gardens outside so those in wheelchairs can garden. Some obviously can’t participate, but they are made as comfortable as possible, and given as much interaction as possible. Some ladies come in and simply read to them. A few years ago, they rolled a reclining bed/chair up to the piano as I played. The lady whom I had known as a child was in it. She had diabetes. Her eyes had been removed, and her feet were wrapped except for an exposed big toe. To the non-observant, one could easily thought she was dead. As I was playing, I thought I noticed that one toe keeping time to the music. I changed tempo, and sure enough, she kept up. When she was younger, she loved to go to dances. She was enjoying herself. You could participate. You could go there and tell them there is no God, and their remaing years are useless.

          5. Wanna B Sure

            Back from the NH. Jon; No, too far to drive, and don’t charge for the performance. Could play every day within 40 mi. but that’s too much.

          6. Wanna B Sure

            I should add; Today, it was 45 Mi. away. They had another local accordion player there, but he died, and my back is a problem sometimes. My good accordion weighs 40 lb, so I play a smaller/lighter one for these. The tonal quality isn’t such an important factor for them. They do pay me a small gratuity for gas, but I play for free. Been doing this for over 40 yr, and it’s personally rewarding. Thank you. I would like to play for you sometime. If you’re ever in the area, stop by the house for a command performance. They say that an optimest is an accordion player looking for someone willing to listen.

          7. Henry

            My mother used to play accordion. She didn’t around us much. She preferred the pump organ when we were in the picture (We must not have been optimistic). We still have the accordion.

          8. Wanna B Sure

            Dig it out. Fix it up if it can be fixed. learn the scales, your a b c’s, in (diatonic, pentatonic, chromatic), the circle of 5ths up and down. Modes would be helpfull. Start with one three chord song, and expand. Find old people. Accordions are babe magnets.

          9. entech

            Wanna thank you for the fascinating response, I think I have mentioned before that I attend a few classes for older people taught by other retired people, talking to a psychology teacher I heard that people often get quite irate when you say something disparaging about their job or their hobbies. Your response to what was really just a personal expression, that of not being a fan of accordion, was entertaining.

            Your 3:15 pm was all that was needed as a rebuff, at least the first part, I know people look forward to visits and communal things.
            No need to get personal about suicide and things, make whatever assumptions you like, cast aspersions as you like. For myself, personally and for myself alone (a little redundancy to enhance the point that I can and do only speak for me) I can imagine a time and circumstance when I would happily say I have had enough.

            Your really can’t help yourself can you. What on earth has idle speculation about Australian nursing homes got to do with my not likening accordion music. Anyway FYI, I live in a retirement village, part of a group of four, actually a registered charity that does take in a few people with no assets, that takes a good percentage of my assets as donation an entry fee if you like (although non-refundable it is still considered a capital asset). The village I live in recently closed down it’s assisted living and nursing home sections because they were not up to standard – shared bathrooms etc. not “clinically sterile” enough? I don’t know what kind of nursing homes you have in your area more like pigsties perhaps – I apologise for the exaggeration, but as ridiculous as your own statements when viewed objectively.
            My village is close to the city and the others are either in country areas and the facilities are much as you describe. In place of the old assisted living and nursing home they are building some new stuff on the site, some small serviced apartments for those still independent but want a simpler life (no cooking and cleaning etc,) and some assisted living units, the village itself was founded in 1850 (my cottage is a beautiful old place built in 1854) and they are doing are wonderful job of the new buildings. There was some worry about how they would blend in and I am pleased that they will (after a year or two aging to take the shine off) look quite in keeping.
            Several of my neighbours are widows no longer young is the polite expression. One very near walks down to check the progress of the new building every day, she says she is excited by the possibility of remaining here now that she is starting to need more help, I suppose at 96 she is allowed to feel that way. Another a bit younger only 93 walks to the local shopping centre twice every day for her coffee and cake, probably a mile or so and I can’t walk that far and need to use my bicycle (arthritis is a family problem) and many more over 80 still active and happy. They have a non-denominational service once a week, about 8 out of 150 or so attend, they had a bible study group but it is in dormant mode for lack of interest. I don’t need to tell them there is no God, they mainly agree and in no way do they consider their remaining years useless.

            For your self could I recommend chamomile tea as very soothing, perhaps play yourself something slow and sad, lento and doloroso, probably in A minor (no want to be confused using all those black notes) without too many accidentals. When the men in white come don’t resist, it is for your own good.
            (You can consider this final paragraph to be deliberate, and find it offensive, I invite you to consider you own pronouncements on occasion)

          10. Wanna B Sure

            Oooh my. I think I hit a sensitive nerve, due to a response inspired by a fair observation of your 2:27. Yours was a shotgun approach from a distance to hit all possible targets. Sorry, you missed. Your sarcasm yeilded sarcasm.

          11. entech

            1:32 and 1:37. One wonders why it is that you manage to get so many things totally reversed.

          12. entech

            I would have thought being in a nursing home was bad enough without being “entertained” as well. In what alternative universe does this mean anything other than a silly comment on accordion playing. Especially as you did a humorous and deliberate misspelling of accordion and comments on “noise” to start with.

            So I repeat:
            Nothing to do with suicide.
            An ignorant slur on the Australian nursing homes.
            Religion references irrelevant.

            But as usual I give up and bow to the fact that you know better than me what I mean

          13. Henry

            Wanna:“Accordions are babe magnets.”

            It is kind of girly. It is ivory with mother of pearl. Has a lot more buttons than normal. Looks complicated.

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