Might We Have Worshipped Monkey God?

Ancient Mayan societies of Central America had a full written language, mathematics and advanced architecture.

Even though they were on our neighboring continent, they have not been studied nearly as much as societies in the Middle East.  Economics and politics have held back archeology in the Americas.  They are far most expensive to evacuate and not the birth place of Christianity.

While ruins of many lost cities are rumored to be under the overgrowth of the Central American rainforests, the terrain, bugs and rain make for hostile dig environments.  Not as much written material survived.  There are stone engravings.

The economics of studying region are changing.  An improved version of lidar, a sensing  technology, allows detailed images of overgrown artifacts from small airplane flyovers.

Archaeologists are concluding the Central American rainforest population of the Mayas was much bigger and their cities and economies more  complex than believed previously.  The era the vast cities ended mysteriously about the 10th century C. E.  People dispersed and were later conquered by the Spaniards.

For decades, it has been rumored there remains a giant statue of the Monkey God somewhere in the rainforest.  Presumably, this god or similar ones were worshipped until Christianity was introduced by the sword.

It’s ironic this sophisticated society existed “next door” at the same time as the birth of Christianity.  That we now worship a God of Abraham instead of Monkey God seems the result of several accidents of history.



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  1. entech

    It is a Darwinist lie and you have just squandered your last chance, even if you converted to cretinism tomorrow you are still doomed.

        1. Henry

          Which galaxies? The ones that we have to fudge the “scientific” numbers in order to get agreement with the age-of-universe number.

          1. entech

            Ah Ha, fudging the figures must be a couple of years since you tried it on with that old cobblers.

            Ever since we Usher in a new system of Irish arithmetic anything older that 6974 1/2years ago is false, that is according to creation science.

          2. entech

            Oh well another fail. I was trying to play on Bishop James Usher but left it open for you again.

            I claim no credit for creation I leave that to you and yours, actually I am not even sure there was a creation, certainly not on 23rd October 4004 B.C. at nine o’clock in the morning.

          3. Henry

            entech:“certainly not on 23rd October 4004 B.C. at nine o’clock in the morning.”

            I am afraid scripture is silent on that time/date, or I am in ignorance of that date/time. I do know that Christ is risen.

          4. Henry 2:42 “…I am in ignorance of the date/time. I do know Christ is risen.”

            They all have risen, the heros of every faith. So, not to worry. Yours surely did too.

            For the Mayans, it was the sun and moon that died, and rose again at Easter.

          5. entech

            Henry @ 2:42 PM
            I am in ignorance of that date/time. don’t be so modest you are in ignorance of so much more than that, there is so much of which you lack gnosis. You might even be said to be agnosis personified.
            That is the problem with so much in scripture, inconsistent geography and historical time lines. Everything would have been so much more accurate and believable if they had only had Google Earth, Google Maps and Google Calendar, still the Mayans managed quite well without them. Oh, I almost forgot Facebook would have verified everything.

            I do know that Christ is risen. Do you know that date/time, or any consistent and reliable account. If so how do you know ❓

          6. Henry

            Jon:“So, who were more accurate prophets, the OT or the Mayans?”

            In some cases, the Mayans. The OT prophets of baal at Mt. Carmel got their head handed to them.

  2. entech

    Ancient Mayan societies of Central America had a full written language, mathematics and advanced architecture.

    Didn’t some say that the Mayan calendar and ‘stuff’ predict the end of the world last year. Perhaps it happened and we were all too busy blogging and ‘stuff’ to notice.
    I sometimes try to work out how we might know that one (just one would do) of the milliards of false prophecies. By definition there would be no one left to verify it, unless it is not really “THE END” but a precursor to the end, as Churchill said “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

    The truly frightening thing is that so many believe this sought of thing, even more frightening though is the fact that so many encourage it and work towards bringing it about.

    I would love to follow the advice on the London bus, “There’s probably no God… now stop worrying and enjoy your life’. But too many that actually believe there is and want to bring about his kingdom on earth NOW frighten me too much.

    1. Henry

      You should have no worry. You should be able to rely on your supposedly superior reasoning and abilities. Enjoy.

    2. Wolfy32

      The bigger question to me Entech, is assuming for a second, there is a God is the jump out in front of a bus question.

      We generally know that should we choose to test God by jumping out in front of a bus or shooting ourselves in the head… Well, God isn’t going to stop us from our own stupidity…

      The question is, would he stop us on a global scale? What if the “end” was brought about by a human caused cataclysmic event. Would he stop it or just let it happen and see what new life sprouts from the destroyed planet?

    1. Wanna B Sure

      Premier showing at the Plains Arts Mueseum, Sunday afternoon. Full house expected.

      1. Wanna B Sure

        And——-he was of English descent. That would explain the ability to part water,( or even walk on it?)

        1. entech

          I think that would require a Hebrew rather than English background, but as always I will bow to your superior knowledge.

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