There is a very aggressive effort to get religion out of taxpayer funded parts of the military.  While military personnel are free to believe what they like, they are not free to use the confined military life as a recruiting ground for the Christian faith.

Christian news outlets say there is actually discrimination against Christianity.  A Southern Baptist website was blocked from military personnel late last week.  The military said it was some kind of mistake and was trying to clear up the matter.

That Christian indoctrination has continued in the military so many decades after prayer in public schools was banned is a mystery.  It would seem obvious they are one and the same, public money is not to  be used for promotion of a religion.

This move to secularize military service is a far cry from the experience of previous generations.  During  the Vietnam War, there were stories of religious soldiers who bragged of “killing a Communist for Christ”.

Apparently, one of the practices now being banned to putting religious symbols, like the cross, on military issues property.  This would be on rifles, airplane and barrack property.

This policy is seen as discrimination.  It would not be discrimination is the same policy applied to all religions and political views.

I’m sure there are those who say limiting religious expression will be bad for military moral.  The moral argument was used against allowing gays to serve.

The moral of nonreligious soldiers probably will improve.