Immediately after the bombing, an “interfaith service” was quickly organized.  Included in the service were remarks by President Obama.

The truth is it was not truly an interfaith service.  A group larger than many of those on the podium requested to be present, but was excluded.  These were nontheists.

While no one could determine who ultimately rejected nontheists, one can project what he/she was thinking.  “This is an event about a theological concept of a super natural being.  Any group not believing super naturals has no place in the proceedings.”

Over looked was the actual reason for the ceremony.  It was held to help people deal with shock and uncertainty.  Since the event had no theological meaning, it would have been helpful to have representatives of groups who could express and reassure the audience humans have the capacity to see themselves through such a tragedy without a deity.

Use of theological tricks by clergy continues.  Evangelist Joel Osteen told an interviewer he cannot help grieving people, except to remind them God is helping them through it.

It would be helpful to the large and growing demographic of people who are not theists to hear there are other ways of dealing with the understandable anxiety.  That is to find the necessary will within themselves.

This, of course, was allegedly taught by an ancient, the Buddha.  It is also taught by secularist around the world.

But, for whatever reason, it is not included in today’s media or popular culture.