Are Male Athletes More Religious, Or, Just More Anti Gay?

There is this peculiar thing in the professional sports world. Women athletes come out as lesbian and continue their careers.  Gay men do not come out until after their sports careers are over.

The is a story today about a woman who is a basketball star and came out as a lesbian.  There is no expectation it will hurt her chances at a successful and lucrative career.  Another comes to mind, tennis star Martina Navratilova.

There was a professional baseball player I corresponded with about a potential speaking engagement here, Billy Bean.  Bean played nine years in the majors and did not come out until after retiring.  There has been only one other retired baseball player to come out.

I met a retired NFL player who had come out after his playing days, Esera Tuaolo.  He is a huge man.  At the event where I met him he and his partner were receiving a public service award from a gay advocacy group.  The couple is raising two children in the Minneapolis area.  Like baseball,only one other player has come out, both after their retirements.

I read a rumor on the net some current pro football players will come out as gay in the near future. The number tossed out was four.  Statistically, there have to be dozens of gay professional athletes.

It seems to me men athletes want to put their religion on display.  There is constant pointing to the sky and prayer postures.

Religion is on display, sexual orientation not.–and-that-s-a-big-deal-173852992.html

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  1. Brad

    I think athletics is a pretty strong he-man culture, and that’s why gay athletes do not come out when they are in the midst of it. It’s sort of like the cowboy and redneck culture. The movie Brokeback Mountain illustrates quite accurately the anti-gay cowboy culture and how coming out can cost a gay their life.

    1. Brad;;11:41 Wasn’t it the Dallas Cowboys who marketed themselves as America’s Team? By interence, that would also be God’s Team. I think you are right on the reasons gay players hide.

    2. Doug

      The fictional “cowboys” in Brokeback Mountain are bisexual, not that that would change the attitudes of the culture in which they lived. The sexuality of both men was probably so suppressed (1950s to 1970s) by that culture that neither probably even realized the true feelings each had buried in their individual psyches. There are gay rodeos all over the country, so (perhaps) slowly attitudes may change in the uber-testosterone venues as well. Now, if Hollywood could catch up to our armed services in this regard, maybe the perception that ones career is at risk will also shift. I think it already has to some degree (as reflected in recent pols) when it comes to marriage equality. It’s a generational gap that is closing in much more quickly than ever imagined. Just don’t forget that gay people are everywhere, and that includes any group of “rednecks”. It’s the stereotypes that die hard.

      1. Henry

        Gay rodeos? Let me guess, those kind of rodeos don’t have very many saddle bronc entries but a lot of the other type.

        It all seems a little far fetched.

  2. entech

    Same here, one or two well known secrets but nothing too obvious till retirement. Some have a sense of humour, buying a pub/tavern/ whatever is a popular venture, one pair, one gay and a good friend who was straight, bought a pub together and renamed it the “Blush and Stutter”.
    Fortunately the on the knees praying etc. is not common, I can’t remember any, probably get laughed off the field, acceptance of Gay would be more likely.

  3. Henry

    Jon: “Women athletes come out as lesbian and continue their careers. Gay men do not come out until after their sports careers are over.”

    In both cases, masculinity is displayed whether they are masculine heterosexual football players or a masculine lesbian tennis player. I believe it has little to do with “religion”.

    1. entech

      Really? I get the impression that you believe everything is to do with religion, if it is against scripture it is wrong. But I wouldn’t worry about that, going by some of the things you write you believe in a lot of very strange things.

    2. Henry 12:46 “In both cases, masculinity is displayed…”

      Strange you would say such a thing when exactly the opposite it true. Football is a display of femininity. Pointing to the sky is asking forgiveness for effeminate behavior.

      It starts when two rows of men crouch and look at each other obviously craving male on male phyical contact. Have you ever noticed the delicate ballet moves on tip toes receivers make when catching passes on the out of bounds lines? And then, what could be more effeminate than dancing after a touch down. Rodeo cowboys just walk off after the bulldog a steer. Pro football players dance like they are wearing pinafores.

      Really, Henry, you need a little work in interpreting behaviors in sports. 🙂

      1. entech

        Jon, don’t know if you ever watch English or European football, but after they score there seems to a lot of kissing and cuddling going on, but at least they don’t bend over while another player comes up headfirst from behind.

    3. Henry, all lesbians are not masculine. In fact, most aren’t . What you have portrayed is a stereotype that is perpetuated by those who have no knowledge of how female sexuality expresses itself. Socially, women are much more accepting of people, man or women. They are not as threatened by someone else’s sexual orientation as some men are. There have been Ph.D dissertations written about why men seem to feel more threatened by a gay man than a women is by a lesbian. Some speculation center’s around the issue of some men who find homosexual thoughts disturbing to them, thinking even subconsciously that they might harbor homosexual tendencies so they overreact negatively to gay men. What they do not realize is that all humans have a degree of attraction to our own sex. It doesn’t mean we are gay, necessarily, but if we are raised in homophobic homes, it can become a psychological barrier to a healthy self-image.

      1. Henry

        r:“Henry, all lesbians are not masculine.”

        Didn’t say they were. You will have to re-read. Thanks for the dissertation on you reading something into what I had written.

        I’d like to know where all these men are that are scared of gays. I am unaware of any. Sounds like an urban myth conjured up by some PHD “women’s” studies professor.

      2. Brad

        What I have noticed is that the more anti-gay people are, the more likely they themselves are gay or have some form of sexual problems they haven’t dealt with.

          1. entech

            Haggard is a goat roper for the sake of someone not up to date with American usage, please explain. Anything to with him being a preacher? I always thought the analogy was that of a shepherd and his flock.

  4. Brad

    Religion is not particularly “masculine” either, so most “he-man” cultures like athletics or cowboy redneck crowds tend not to be that religious, or at least they don’t wear it out on their sleeves.

  5. entech

    Once again we are being educated by Henry with his extensive knowledge of sin, sex and sodomy.
    Tell me how does one get to know so much about these things? I even remember someone once quoting that the percentage of sheep that exhibited exclusive homosexuality was about the same as human beings. He told us that in his extensive knowledge of the sex life of sheep he had never seen such a thing.

      1. entech

        NO, NO the topic is you, all I ever learned about sheep came from you and that was much more than I wanted or needed. I have said before all I knew about sheep was on a plate with roast potatoes.

        Actually, thinking about it most of what I know about homosexuals comes from you as well. Before you all I knew was that some human beings find different human beings attractive in different ways, even sometimes of the same gender. Oh, well I thought we are all people and we are all different.

        That all this was possibly evil was unknown until I read some of the things you say. What was that old proverb about “set a thief, to catch a thief”. Could that be what Brad meant at 11:29. Strange that you, of all people, would consider that an invitation. I guess we read into things what we will.

          1. entech

            Nothing so clever or complex, a simple statement of fact. I wish I was as sophisticated a rhetorician as you imply.
            It is as I said earlier you seem to have A deep knowledge, implying an interest beyond normal, of such things.
            Your writing, perhaps even your life, seems to be dominated by sex,sin and sodomy.

          2. entech

            Jon, I thought I had read that somewhere. A quick check just showed that he has come out in favour of gay marriage, which shows that he has at least given up on his previous anti-gay ranting. Interestingly I found this in my googling activity, may or may not be relevant or interesting.

            Haggard’s Law – The likelihood of a person harboring secret desires to engage in sexual and/or romantic activities with members of the same sex is directly proportional to the frequency and volume of said person’s vocalized objections to homosexuality.

            The “law” is more generally used to reference extreme hypocrisy in public figures who lead the moral opposition of homosexuality, and then are discovered to have partaken in homosexuality or homosexual behavior.

            PS. While I wait for more information from Henry about “goat roping” perhaps you could explain? If you would rather not, you having said in the past that this is a family friendly site, I would quite understand your reluctance as many of Henry’s posts have a sexual innuendo that is rather unpleasant.

          3. Henry

            entech, you are really missing out tonight. Lost as usual in your wandering mind. The discussion previously morphed into rodeo. A component of the rodeo is goatropin’ which the women handle. It is not a men’s event. So if you are a man, and are referred to as a goatroper, that means you are effeminate and weak. You seem to assess and presume a corruptive sexual value to goatropin’. Maybe you know more than the rest of us and would be willing to share?

          4. entech

            me @3:04 goat roper for the sake of someone not up to date with American usage, please explain. How you get anything but a ‘straight’ question from that is beyond me and my wandering mind.
            I had no knowledge of the expression, thank you for the explanation. Actually I never thought Haggard was particularly effeminate, just had that supercilious, super-smug, super-pseudo-gentle look about him that is so common to many of his chosen profession.

            As for sexual innuendo I am afraid that is your province, unless I am reading more into Gay rodeos? Let me guess, those kind of rodeos don’t have very many saddle bronc entries but a lot of the other type. than you intended. I think not as you are one of those with a deliberate misunderstanding that clump, gay, pedophile, bestiality etc. into one label.

            Maybe you know more than the rest of us and would be willing to share? As I have explained more than once I have limited knowledge of rodeos and the different events that are held – although I have heard of the barbaric idea of forcing a calf to the ground and sticking a red hot iron into its buttocks; from that goat roping now makes sense.

            Now I must confess that I do find some jokes with sexual overtones quite humerous, even outright vulgarity can be funny, but your attempts seem to have a sordid dirtiness to them, which in your usual way you try and project on to others.

          5. Henry

            Again, nothing dirty about goatropin’ in the rodeo for which I was referring to. The effeminate goatropin’ rodeo event is in contrast to the masculine saddle bronc event, thus a perfect match for the supposed “gay rodeo”. If that is the innuendo for which I am guilty of, so be it. Otherwise, you will have to be more specific.

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