Walking Back Gay Marriage, Liberty University Shows How To Do It.

Everyone knows the conservative wing of the Christian faith must change its position on gay marriage.  But in changing,  it must put up a front it never changes.  How to do this is being skillfully demonstrated by Jerry Falwell, Jr., President of his daddy’s Liberty University.

Historically a great slight of hand was done with the Commandment, “Thou Shalt Remember the Sabbath and Keep it Holy”.  In the Bible, violating the Commandment was punishable by death.

So, to be certain there was not a violation, and to fill churches and their collection plates, the rule was interpreted as, “Don’t work on Sunday.”  Until the few couple of decades, stores were not open, farmers did not go into the fields.

But, the culture changed and people wanted to shop and/or make money on Sundays. The Commandment was reinterpreted to mean, “Just remember, it’s Sunday. What you do doesn’t matter.”  The faith has never admitted it now ignores the Commandment.

A similar slight of hand is happening at Liberty University.  It’s President is now saying in effect, “Our position on gays has not changed. We’re just not involved directly in the culture. ”

He has even dishonestly rewritten history by saying his father, Jerry Falwell, closed his Moral Majority because he decided not to be involved in changing the culture.  The Moral Majority was about nothing but cultural wars and only closed because it went broke.

Falwell Jr. is  showing the rest of fundamentalism how to handle its defeat on the gay-is-sin issue.  It can just change the subject.


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  1. I’ve said a million times; a characteristic of fundies is a pathologic belief than when they verbalize something, it becomes truth.

    That would just be my opinion and personal observation, of course. 🙂

    1. Mac 1:40 In my opinion, Liberty University has lost all its moral grounding. For example, it recently changed its policies on what women can wear on campus. They can now wear flip flops. It that isn’t the end of morality as we know it, what is? 🙂

  2. Kevin

    Hey Jon
    I have to tell you this story. My great father, decided to combine on sunday, first time every, a 26 massy, ya that old, and about an hour into it, the cylinder bearing went out, had to fix it, drove the old farm hand tractor up to lift it up, drove the front tire into a pickup tooth, flat tire, I was out buckering alfalfa, 2 flat tires. Before the week was up, we had many flat tires, if I told you how many, you would never believe. We never worked a sunday again. Other then milking cows, sunday was shut down. I have a few questions for you, which I dont want on the web, and you and I talked before, but I cant find your email addy.

    1. I’d say your story suffers from what is called “small sample size” as a limitation of research studies. We can take our own personal experience and attempt to make it into a signal from god only to have another person’s experience directly contradict yours. Interpreting life this way makes it difficult to overcome adversity generally because according to your story, when bad things happen it’s because you have displeasing your god and that god is noticing. I am a firm believer in chance and serendipity. Life is filled with both and we can not ascribe those events to our actions no matter how hard we try. If you look at your attempt to elevate life’s ups and downs to divine intervention, you will discover your underlying narcissism.

  3. Michael Ross

    In the 80’s I was a Reagan Republican and a member of the Moral Majority. More recently I have not been able to support Falwell and some others due to their theology which is more Israeli-centric warmongering than Christ centered.

  4. Wolfy32

    Jon, I have to say again why the focus on what most of us already know as truth? That political “religious” organizations are no different than many organized religious churches… They have their agendas, and it has nothing to do with God or Christ Centered. No different than the Crusades had anything to do with Christ or God.

    It’s a bloody horse and unless anyone has anything we can actually do about it, which is doubtful, well, we let the lemmings be lemmings and those of us not lemmings and not running to jump off the next cliff, we just shake our heads and walk away from all the lemmings.. 🙂

    1. Wanna B Sure

      Yes, BUT, Who of us who saw someone, a friend, a brother or sister running towards the edge of that cliff wouldn’t shout; “Stop, don’t go there”.

    2. entech

      Certainly that is true of humanity in general, if anyone saw another human being walking down a street and the wall was about to fall the immediate reaction would be to call out a warning and not to stand back and say this could be interesting.
      However in the running towards a cliff scenario if the man running towards the cliff was wearing female clothing would the fundamentalists and creationists we have on this site say stop or would they say run faster?

      1. entech 12:56 “a man running towards the cliff wearing female clothing would the fundamentalists and creationists ..on this site say stop or..say run faster.”

        Or, give him a push.

        1. entech

          Perhaps not quite as overt as a push, perhaps just a little prayer that he doesn’t trip on the way.

          1. entech 1:10 “perhaps just a little prayer he doesn’t trip on the way.”

            The best of British/Austrailian understated humor seen here. Thank you. 🙂

      2. Wanna B Sure

        To say “faster” would be an “error”. It could also be that the horse they are riding only has three legs, blind in one eye, and a broken tail. Maybe deaf too. One does what one can do, (hopefully).

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