Republicans Need To Discourage “Certain Voters” In The Primaries.

In the 2012 election the GOP had a program to increase voting obstacles for poor people in Democrat states.  It was not successful.  People just waited and voted anyway.

The GOP needs to use its voter obstacle skills in the primaries, where its problems begin.  It needs voters with rational ideas to vote for rational candidates and discourage all others.

We all know the GOP’s current problem.  It wants to expand the role of government into abortion decisions of women and doctors and into marriage to stop gays from marrying.  And, it wants less government.

In order to eliminate this inconsistency, the GOP needs to re-brand itself as a libertarian party.  This libertarianism can apply only to social issues like abortion and gays because wall street and main street will not tolerate going without large public works, business subsidies and public education for workers.

Some might recall the now humorous debates among Republicans during the last primary season.  It was about who, among the sorry cast of characters, was “electable”.  None of them were.

In the next primary, Republican leaders need to find a social libertarian candidate, get out the primary vote and discourage the losers.  The religious right has free church dinners with mass after-dinner voting.  The new GOP needs to have church dinners canceled due to health code and parking violations.  It needs to schedule primaries during church.

Then, it needs to throw five course dinners with wine for libertarians at local Taj Mahals.

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  1. Brad

    The Republican party can only win by rigging the game. They can’t win on their ideas, so they have to make sure the opposition either can’t vote, or that their vote don’t count, or that it is extremely difficult to vote. They also have to rig the congressional districts to maintain their House majority. Democrats actually won more House votes nationally, but because of the gerrymandering of districts, Republicans were able to keep their majority.

    The even bigger problem is the fact that Republicans still have control of the federal government even when they lose. They have the House, and they basically control the Senate as well through abuse of the filibuster. The new normal is a 60 vote requirement to pass anything, and of course the Democrats have less than that. The President is almost completely powerless, unless he chooses to cave into everything Republicans want.

    Republicans have the best of all worlds. They have the minority, but they still have control of the government, but yet they can blame the Democrats for everything because the Democrats have the majority, at least on paper.

  2. Michael Ross

    “We all know the GOP’s current problem. It wants to expand the role of government into abortion decisions of women and doctors and into marriage to stop gays from marrying. And, it wants less government.”

    What did government do in 1973? Expanded its by removing the right to life of unborn children. What do you want government to do for gay rights? Expand its role by redefining marriage and overturning DOMA. You want to expand the role of government on your terms. That’s your current problem.

  3. Henry

    Jon: “Republicans Need to Discourage “Certain Voters” in the Primaries.”

    I would take from this that democrats apparently speak on good authority on giving tips on how to discourage certain voters.

    Rambling and wandering……..

  4. Wolfy32

    Everyone has their own selfish wants for government to fulfill. I think Jon knows that given his past government role. However, government by representation is nothing more than the dilemma of the needs / wants of the group vs. the individual.

    Sometimes individual needs / wants get sacraficed for group wants / needs.

    I can’t imagine what would happen if either party had control of both the house, the senate, and the presidency. I don’t think it’d be good if Republicans did or that Democrats did…

    If I remember right Clinton had both all 3 and still couldn’t accomplish anything, I think the second Bush had all 3 and still couldn’t get anything done either..

    It’s when we stop blaming the other party and start looking at ourselves that we can move on and try to accomplish something. However, given that everyone wants something different and everyone buys off senators and represenatives (dems and republicans alike). well, “we the people” will never have what we want, only what those with big money want to buy a politicans vote.

    1. Brad

      The problem is that the only way to find a middle ground between the 2 parties is to compromise between sanity and insanity. Not a good place to go. Sanity is my vote, hell or high water. Let nothing get done, it’s better than insanity.

  5. Dan

    “In the 2012 election the GOP had a program to increase voting obstacles for poor people in Democrat states. It was not successful. People just waited and voted anyway”. You’re right Jon. They voted. Some even voted multiple times. Ohio poll worker Melowese Richardson, is under investigation for voter fraud. Richardson is one of 19 people suspected of illegal voting by the Hamilton County Board of Elections in the last election. To date, 46 states have prosecuted or convicted people for voter fraud. Jon, it doesn’t appear that anyone placed any voting obstacles for “poor” people. As a matter of fact, the flood gates were left wide open. I can never understand why presenting identification at the polling booth is such a big deal. Those uncaring Republicans must have an ulterior motive. I’m sure you will agree that the Republicans are conspiring behind closed doors with rich people to make life as difficult as possible for women, Latinos, African Americans, Gay people, Un-Gay poor people, Transsexuals, Drug addicts, witches, atheists…. Why are Republicans such evil people? Jon, you’re awash in the two party- system. You’ve bought the notion that one side is always right and the other side is always wrong. This is simplemindedness. It’s black and white. There is absolutely no rational thought considered. The bandwagon goes by and the simpleminded people jump on it. A truly educated person can think in abstract. They’re able to discern what is actually going on. Education is liberating. Self-study is revolutionary. Those who choose to gain an education from MSNBC are truly in need of liberation from oppression of the mind, they are blind. I’m not siding with any single party…I only side with the political leaders who don’t make false allegations and distort historical facts. I only side with political leaders who exhibit patriotism and selflessness. I only side with political leaders who lead by example and not take Hawaiian vacation ($20 million tax payer funded) while shutting the doors to the people’s house due to lack of government funds. Progressive politicians will continue to clamor to the notion that people with integrity are to blame for society’s woes. They need to do this to fill their coffers at the expense of the poor and helpless. How many poor progressive politicians do you know? They will continue to make outrageous claims to discredit them. This is who they are. Deceiving and conniving. This helps them stay in power and as history has demonstrated, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    1. Dan 5:03 There is no doubt there has been voter fraud sponsored by both parties over our history. Do you know if there was more voter fraud in this past election than there was in previous elections? I’ve not heard either way.

      I only know the GOP has sponsored some bills in various states limiting the hours and numbers of polling places. I don’t think this is an effort at bipartianship.

      1. Stanta

        The thing about the last election that puzzled me was polling places with 100% of it’s votes going to Obama. Not one single Romney, not a single third party, no write in votes as usually happens, not even one for Mickey Mouse. Statistacally that is almost impossible.

        1. Stan 12:00 The thing …that puzzeled me was polling places with 100% of votes going for Obama.”

          In the Time magizine I got today, there was a review of the internal study done by the Republican Party as to why it is unpopular with the majority of voters. Among other things, there was a quote from a focus group of conservative black preachers in Brooklyn who trend Republican. It said the Party lost ground among black conservatives there due to “harm done by a Republican effort to cleanse voter roles.”

          Purity in voter ID and religion is the goal of Republicans and conservative Christians, including Catholics. It isn’t as important to everyone else.

          1. Stanta

            Still doesn’t exain the statistical near impossibility of a 100% vote for any candidate. Even Sadam Hussein only claimed about 95-98% of the vote, and we know those were rigged.

          2. Stan 11:45 “..statistically near impossibitly..”

            I agree, it does sound suspicious. Do you know for certain this did not happen in any preceinct for Romney?

            I know things happen at a local level, local operatives say, “I can hire you as a consultant to get votes for candidate X. Here is some cash.” The person “hires” others. I’ve never heard of it here in Fargo, but I’m sure its done in small and poor areas in the Middlewest and who know where else.

            But, to change millions of votes, its hard to do much handing out illegal cash. There is nothing like a broad policy of changing the standards for poll avaiability, expensive and difficult forms of ID’s and onerous vote registration.

          3. Stanta

            If you control the polling machines you contr the vote. All incidences were in democratically controlled cities and counties. Now I admit they are pretty much all Obama voters, but in your elections went there one or two write in votes?

          4. Stan 1:04 “All incidences were in democratically controlled cities and counties.”

            “Controlled”, that is a bit of a loaded word. That unsubstantiated accusation of fixed voting machines has been made by Democrats about Republican “controlled” areas as well. Gazillions of Dems think he won elections by fixed voting machines.

            Stan, you are blowing hot air. There are plenty of Republican political scientists with backgrounds in statistics that could get grants to go to those “Democratically controlled cities and counties” and get people convicted. Haven’t heard of this.

    2. Jinx

      dan, so it was ok with you that gw took many more vacation days than obama has at the same point in their presidency? …….note that Hawaii is his home state. 20 million?? idoubt that!

      repubs evil? aside from dick cheney, no. leaders who deceive and lie? sounds like the gw presidency and their immoral war on iraq…..funded by the credit card.

      what about those who educate themselves on faux news? limbaugh radio?

      do not diss me for all lower case, am typing 1 handed due to broken wrist.

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