Many think it would be.  They believe without the beautiful ceremonies,  feeling the “love of god” and the moral structure claimed by religion, the entire planet would fall into misery and chaos.

Since humankind has never experienced a complete loss of religion, we can’t say exactly  what it would be like.  One bit of evidence is atheist people, they seem fine.

There are a gazillion ideas out there about what humans need.  Go to any legislative body and see the bills introduced.  Many reflect some theory of human need.

Some “imperative needs” that have been popular are experience in nature, a male and a female parent, meditation, organic food, music, hunting, football and, of course, a god.  All of these and more are thought by some group to be necessary.

When I was a Mayor, many folks, each representing some point of view, would appear explaining how the community could be improved if only we required this or that of everyone.  For a while it was “transcendental meditation”.  It was claimed this would reduce crime and other undesirable behavior.  More trees, parks, prayers, festivals, art and flowers were among the many pitched.

Always present was lobbying for more religion in public life.  It’s lobbied for in some form everywhere in the world.  Even in North Korea, the leader is worshipped.

Maybe, these religions all claiming to be the “only” one cancel each other out.  In that way, we are already getting along without religion.

Face Book, Red River Freethiners