This country needs a Truth in Advertising law applied to the term,”traditional marriage”. Whoever uses the term should have credentials in the history of marriage.

Currently, the term, “traditional marriage” is used to get votes and collect money from a nieve public.  The less-than-honest Popes, politicians and preachers taking advantage of the public should be required to use a  phrase like, “marriage the way I want it defined”.

Opposition to marriage of gays is based on nothing more arbitrary definitions.  People who don’t like gays want to make their lives miserable.  So, they make up terms like, “traditional marriage” and pretend they know what is meant by it.

Since “traditional marriage” is used frequently, though not always, by the Christian right, we should look at marriage as it was practiced in its Bible.  A “traditional marriage” in the Bible was a man taking ownership of a woman, or some women, and treating her as his property.

“But, wait,” a Christian might say. “Jesus treated women better than men did in the Old Testament and better than other religions of the time.”

Actually, women were more powerful in times before Jews and Christians.  There were worse groups than the Jews/Christians, but there have been better ones as well.

The final defense when people are condemning gay marriage is the line, “They can’t have children. That’s the purpose of marriage.”

The purpose of marriage is to form a household to care for each other.  The part about children is another example of making something up.

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