This title is parody on Campus Crusade for Christ (it has changed its name) Some believers can be called curmudgeons, but I like the term for nonbelievers.

When students question the myths of religion, it fits the bill.  And, to learn large numbers of students are questioning the status quo and searching for their own interpretation of the universe, we are all better off.

What nonbelievers lack on campus’ is a space where they can socialize.  Churches fund comfortable student centers.  International students are often provided space by the local university, as are black students.  There is at least one national student atheist organization and perhaps some day it, or others, will fund campus hang outs for nonbelievers.

One thing that would encourage more nonbelievers to come out would be more faculty support.  While there are plenty of atheists across the disciplines on any campus, the logical place for sponsorship of a student atheist group would be in a Department of Religion.

Unfortunately, faculty in these departments are most often believers and have less interest in atheist students.  It’s not they treat atheists unkindly, they just don’t identify with them.

I had years of experience in the political wing of the gay rights movement.  It was poorly funded for years.  Slowly that changed when wealthy gay individuals began giving significant money to promote equal rights.  Why they did not at the beginning, I don’t understand.

Perhaps wealthy nonbelievers will eventually fund chapters of Campus Crusade for Curmudgeons.

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