Prophecies Started Way Back, They Continue.

I remember being taught years ago the proof of God is in the prophecies of the Old Testiment.  Later, I learned and accepted there is not proof, not even evidence, the Jesus character of the Bible is the fulfillment of any prophecy.

The Jews have said since day one the Jesus character did not free them from the Romans, a requirement of the prophecy.  But, those needing discovery of a religious leader disregarded that requirement and claimed otherwise.

The prophecy industry, if that’s what it could be called is thriving.  Obama’s first election put it on the uptick, the second election has made it into a growth industry.

A couple of regulars on the prophecy circuit are Harold Camping and Pat Robertson.  The first was an expert on the end of the world, the latter on the inevitable election of Mitt Romney.

A popular prophecies has been the end of straight marriage caused by gay marriage.  As gay marriage has become more accepted, we should by now be seeing some demise in straight marriage.  Heterosexual couples are still marrying.

We should also be seeing by now evidence that Obama is the anti Christ.  Though many complain that he seems too secular, I haven’t seen any evidence of the anti Christ.

I can’t begin to remember how many people predicted an economic crash if Obama was reelected.  Mitt Romney was among those who make this prophecy.  Instead, there has been economic improvement.

The only hopeful thing is people seem to discount false prophets.

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  1. entech

    When something happens and then you look back to see if something else can be massaged into suggesting that the first something was prophesied by the second something and so you can say that is what God intended and said would happen is not prophecy it is desperate, wishful thinking, a sorry attempt to prove something that never happened. In the words of the Man of La Mancha, to dream the impossible dream.

    When Einstein came up with some new hypotheses in the early 1900’s, new descriptions of the way light and the universe worked, some theories of Relativity came out of his thought. They were thoughts and thought experiments because there was no way to verify any of it. The ways science works is that a theory is developed and based on that theory certain experiments are performed and must produce an expected result, and the result must be repeatable. In Einsteins day there was no way to test his idea, he said “If a single one of the conclusions drawn from it proves to be wrong, it must be given up; to modify it without destroying the whole structure seems to be impossible.”. It took many years before the first experiments were possible, subsequent results are still confirming the theories. Now THAT is prophecy.

    Note, however, the way of science is to keep looking and to say that any theory can be incomplete – just as Newton’s laws worked well enough to put a man on the moon, they have there limits, as relativity will be correct within its limits.

    If the first paragraph seems “convoluted and hard to understand” it is because the idea of biblical prophecy is “convoluted and hard to understand”

    1. Jinx

      Much is to be said of applying rigorous adherence to the Scientific Method and the significance of multiple replications resulting in the same result.

      Prophecy? Dreams? Visions? Apparitions? They belong to the realm of delusion.

  2. Jeffrey Eide

    Daniel Dennett writes of the possible origins of religiosity in terms of the cohesive nature it provides to communities holding on to one leader despite mistakes.

    A man throws down chicken bones and reads a communique from the ancestors, or finds a message in the clouds. Whether to go to war or not, these decisions can mean life or death of the leader. Now say the leader chooses wisely, the battle is won, it is because he is doing things right. If the battle is lost, then is is due to the lack of faith/adherence to customs/superstition…

    Either way, the leader will come out on top, and it is what you can see with every other prophecy since. “It hasn’t come true yet? Oh, it will…”

    Show me a prophecy where the seer stands to lose. Every Harold Camping, Every Millerite movement has a person or a group of them who tend to profit, perhaps unintentionally, and yet I don’t think these people are stupid, yet they keep making the same mistakes over and over.

    1. entech

      Either way, the leader will come out on top, and it is what you can see with every other prophecy since. “It hasn’t come true yet? Oh, it will…”

      But we can do better than that, we have –
      Matthew 24:36 “Nobody knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the son, but only the Father.”
      The actual words of God: admittedly this is God speaking in his fully human aspect, Yeshua, if he was speaking as fully divine then of course he would know to the second. But he still wouldn’t tell you, although some like to think he tells them things.

      So we can keep saying “God only knows” until the sun blows up and it is all over, then none will be left to doubt the truth of the prophecy.

  3. Michael Ross

    “I haven’t seen any evidence of the anti Christ.”

    Yes you have. “He” is in the news everyday and has been for years. You just haven’t recognized him. How about the Bush-Clinton-Bush/Cheney-Obama Mass Murder Inc.

    Jesus said: “Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”(Matthew 20:28). That is the Spirit of Christ, to serve. The spirit of Anti-christ is just the opposite. To conquer, dominate, and rule over. That’s just what America has been up to in recent years by invading, occupying, and nation building.

    Jesus also said: “You know that those who are recognized as rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them; and their great men exercise authority over them. But it is not this way among you, but whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant; and whoever wishes to be first among you shall be the last and the servant of all.” (Mark 10:42)

    Just like the great slave empires of the ancient world, America, the most Christian founded nation of history is now backslidden, apostate, and has become the Anti-christ nation.

    1. Jeffrey Eide

      Every mediocre thinker of his time has noticed that societies tend to dominate one another and themselves. You have also made an analogy alluding to this. Why do you think this is not simply a commentary of the time, rather you think this is a prophecy?

      Yes we can find great humility in man who opts out of power to give to the people, which is why Jesus-like figures in history have always been popular with less privileged people. By saying there is an antichrist by defining him as a conqueror and a ruler is to find your antichrist everywhere throughout human history and in the world around you.

      Let me posit to you this way;
      to prophesy something banal and normal about human behavior means you will often be right. This, however, does not imply anything spectacular. This also tends to fall into the problem with most conspiracy theorists, which is the idea that if you are not with us, you are part of it.

      A majority of the world does not believe as you believe, sir, is it possible the prophecies you believe in are not that convincing?

      1. Jeffrey Eide

        This is the “bubble” so frequently mentions when hearing about right wing politics. By the way, nice dodge from the topic at hand, I wonder why the comment is there at all. If you surround yourself with right wing websites, news, and blogs, you start to believe this is the general opinion.

        No doubt, Professor Krugman plays his hand at politics, and tends to be outspoken, but the world considers him one of the top economists in the business, and he has earned his Nobel Prize by being right on nearly every claim he has made. Try to READ the New York Times, you might learn something to help understand why the Antichrist is overpowering the poor, oppressed Christians.

        1. Michael Ross

          ” but the world considers him one of the top economists in the business, and he has earned his Nobel Prize by being right on nearly every claim he has made.”

          By “the world” you mean the Wall Street establishment which also believes we can live forever on borrowed money. As for the Nobel Prize, Anti-christ Obama won that for peace and has at least 5 drone wars going.

          1. Jeffrey Eide

            Yep, back into the bubble. Everyone who is not with you is part of the conspiracy, and all the world’s problems can be boiled down to one simple idea.

          2. Michael Ross

            Rich and powerful men don’t conspire to get more wealth and power and anyone that questions the establisment’s propaganda is a conspricy nut. Now who is living in a bubble? I have some ocean front property near Hawley that you might be interested in.

  4. Stanta

    Did anyone see the Newsweek cover on the inauguration last week with a picture of the President and the headline “The Second Coming”?

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