Gays For God And Country.

I never  thought it possible Boy Scouts of America would thumb its nose at the Mormon Church, Southern Baptist Convention and Catholic Church of America.  I understood the Boy Scout prohibition against gay scouts and scout leaders was due to the large number of troops sponsored by these three branches of Christianity.

I was wrong.  Boy Scouts  of America is about to proclaim it has no organization-wide policy on sexual orientation, local troops can adopt any policy they wish.  This is all the more surprising when we recall BSA won a court case a few years ago allowing them to discriminate.

In retrospect, one can see how difficult it would be for Boy Scout officials to face this question from parents, “Our school teaches my boy to be tolerant of others who are different.  We teach him the same thing at home.  Why would I put him in an organization that teaches something entirely different?”

I can imagine there will be financial threats to Boy Scouts of America by some branches of the faith.  A Southern Baptist official made such a threat today. These are the same threats breakaway groups made in denominations like the Presbyterians and Lutherans.

The moral and religious case for allowing gay pastors was so powerful these denominations had to simply take the hit and move on.  The old bigoted position had no light at the end of the tunnel.

Boy Scouts of America must have seen no future as a bigoted organization.

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  1. Michael Ross

    “Boy Scouts of America must have seen no future as a bigoted organization.”

    Yup, homos are taking over everywhere. There’s no stopping them now. They would happily destroy a great oganization like the BSA if they resisted their precious agenda. Shows how selfish they are. “Be gay or be gone”, should be their new motto.

  2. Henry

    Gay scoutmasters in tents all cuddled in with their young charges. Some would call this a good thing.

    This will kill the BSA just like this killed the PCUSA. Parents will elect to keep their kids at home.

    1. Henry 1:28 “Gay scoutmasters in tents all cuddled in with their young charges.”

      Henry, lest we forget, statistically a child molester is most likely to be a male who self idenfified as a heterosexual. That is, the actual problems occur when dad husband scoutmaster is all cuddled in with his young charges.

    2. Wakiza

      Wow – you’re kind of a pervert. Is that what you thought about when you were in the scouts – cuddling with your charges? Why would you think others would think this as well? I think that’s just your own perverse imagination getting away with you. Lay off the gay porn, Henry.

      1. Henry

        It is perverted to have gay scoutmasters. If you took time to read this blog, you could see your assumptions are patently false (assuming your reading comprehension is adequate).

      2. Jinx

        Henry is a changeling: sometimes he thinks he’s a woman, a law Judge, or a Gynecologist, or a Theologian, now we find out he is also a pervert. What next!

        1. Henry

          Jinks, I find it disheartening that you place value on being narrow-minded. Perhaps it is threatening to you for other people to have a broad understanding.

          The perverts were at one time well defined by DSM-I. Then some perverts got a hold of a microphone at a scientific convention and changed history. Politics won the day. Science lost. I wouldn’t be defined as a pervert by DSM-I.

        2. entech

          Jinx, you missed one out. Henry is a comedian. He must be to talk of others being narrow minded and that it is threatening for other people to have a broad understanding.
          Hindwreck is the most narrow and bigoted person I have been in contact with, if it doesn’t fit through the sieve of scripture it is wrong is the starting point for everything, for this man to even talk about broad understanding is a joke.
          science lost a further proof of comedic talent, Henry spends a lot of time deriding science, not in scripture = wrong.
          Not only that he is so stupid he can’t even remember peoples names 🙂

          1. Jinx

            Entech, thanks for letting me know Henry is a also a comedian, I NEVER would have guessed!! Silly me, here I thought he was just a conjurer of his own facts.

  3. Stanta

    When the first gay man is accused of sexual abuse it will be the fault of BSA for not screening him well enough. (sarcasm off)

  4. Jinx

    My wonderful, creative, caring, anti-war, anti-nuke WWII veteran, now deceased Father-in-Law refered to the Boy Scouts as the Hitler Youth.

  5. Michael Ross

    ?Boy Scouts of America must have seen no future as a bigoted organization.?

    [big-uh-tid] Show IPA
    utterly intolerant of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one’s own.

    Seems to me that this def. fits militant gays at least as well as the Scouts.

  6. buzz marick

    Jon declared a few posts back that he might even be Satan. I tend to believe it. God granted us free will so he can turn to God or turn to ashes from within on Judgement Day. His choice.

    1. buzz 2:56 “Jon declared a few posts back that he might even be Satan.”

      I’m trying to follow you, here, buzz. You brought this up because I posted a blog about Boy Scouts of America accepting gay boys and gay scout masters. I’m Satan because I reported what I read on a website? If it makes sense to you, I’m fine with it.

    2. Wakiza

      And this has what to do with the original post? Come on, Buzz. Try to keep your brain on task. I’ve read your other posts and they seem mostly like silly word salad with little effort given to spelling and punctuation. Perhaps I shouldn’t expect too much from you.

      Ooohhh… threatening people with a non-entity. What’s next Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy gonna weigh in?

  7. I wrote a post on “The Gay Agenda” on this topic and I was threatened with physical violence.

    My husband is an Eagle Scout.

    The character and integrity that earned him that designation did not disintegrate when he figured out he was a big fag.

    Just for kicks . . . Henry & Micheal, did either of you demonstrate the character and commitment to earn the Eagle badge?

    My gay husband did.

    I suspect neither of you had nor ever will have what it took.

    1. Michael Ross

      No, I only made it to first class. My son is an Eagle Scout and an Iraq vet. I wont tell you what he thinks of you fags and what you are trying to do to the scouts and everyone else who are trying to live in some semblance of decency.

      1. Michael 4:05 “what you are trying to do to the scouts and everyone else ….”

        Michael, what is Mac “trying to do”? He is just living his life, you are living your life and I mine. None of us is doing anything to anyone else’s life.

    2. Henry

      Mac: “Henry & Micheal, did either of you demonstrate the character and commitment to earn the Eagle badge?”

      No. Mac, I was raised in a rural community with the corresponding rural youth organizations. I won’t bore you with my awards even if you insist. Your petty assumptions of underachievement are wrong.

      1. Of course, an excuse of why you were denied the opportunity of a a national (maybe world-wide?) organization to achieve excellence?

        Yeah, Henry. You’re a big-time winner.

          1. entech

            Mac, does the expression “fruit” have the same connotations in America as it does in other English speaking countries?

    3. Michael Ross

      No Mac, I’m not a real achiever, not like you and your “husband”. I think I’m in over my head and should butt out of this conversation.

    4. Jinx

      Mac, your Gay husband is just as fine as a man as my Gay son! Who cares what Henry and Michael believe……. Cowards threaten others.

  8. James

    Mac, you were promised a punch in the nose for making vulgar and insulting remarks regarding my wife. It had nothing to do with your stance on the boy scouts and you know that. Tell the truth why don’t you?

    1. My apologies, James. In the future I will work harder to anticipate which blog topics might incite a violent responses from you and which may not.

      And then, I’ll try to sort out which of my blog comment response topics might incite a violent response and which will not.

      For the record, I take threats of physical violence very seriously.

      1. James

        See, you’re twisting the facts. Why don’t you tell the audience here the comments you made in a past blog regarding my wife. Surely you can check your records? For the record I take verbal assaults on family members and slander very seriously also.

  9. What has happened

    Why is the push for women to become men and men to become women or get in touch with feminine side. Are we not happy with how we were created. The constant sissifying of this country is disturbing. If you are gay and or born gay I do not hate you. What I would like to see is all gays start there own chapters or groups and grow them just like BSA did or other non-Gay and lesbian groups did. Why must they continually infiltrate and try and change everything. I am not gay, but I also do not try and change any groups or people who are.

    1. What 4:01 Thank you for your first time comment.

      “Why is the push for women to become men and men to become women…”

      I am not aware there is any such push going on.

      1. Michael Ross

        That’s what gay rights and abortion are all about. Gender confusion. The social manipulators behind the scenes don’t want male and female distinction. If there is no male and female, there is no right or wrong, no true or false, no reality at all. People wont stand up for anything because they don’t believe in anything. A society of ready made slaves. I’m sure they appreciate your help. Who we are as human beings is profoundly based on who we are as men and women, boys and girls.

    2. Jinx

      As a small child my gay son liked books, his blocks, outdoor activities, regular boy toys and ignored dolls and other such girl toys. My nongay son liked alot of the same, especially tractors and farm and construction toys AND a doll he called Kyle. Gr Grandma made Kyle a quilt and my son hung onto Kyle from about age 2-4 and we never said a thing.

      You can’t make a child gay, they are born that way.

  10. What has happened says:
    January 29, 2013 at 4:01 am

    Generally speaking, the push has been for ONLY the laws that currently exist apply to both gay and straight people, and gay and straight couples.

    Along with the laws that apply to discrimination include gay individuals.

    Gay people are not looking for special rights, only equal rights.

  11. James

    For those of you that have any doubt about whether or not GLBT’s should be allowed around or working with children google “Folsom street fair” and view images.

      1. entech

        I looked again, couldn’t see any children, lots of adults with strange ideas of fum but no children. Also read the print this time, it says the area is gated off and donations at gate – would seem to preclude accidental attendance.

        I think the problem is all in your mind.

    1. Jinx

      My gay son babysat 3 boys for our family friend. He was their favorite babysitter and the kids would ask their parents to go out some place so my son could babysit again. They gave him handmade cards and worshipped the ground he walked on. These boys are all adults now, married with children of their own and are great people.

      People are confusing gays with pedophiles. Pedophiles may prefer one sex but the main requirement is vulnerability and a likeliness to to keep quiet under threats. Pedophiles are predators and not necessarily gay. You are not born a pedophile. You are born gay.

    1. James 2:33 You’ve got to be kidding. So, you think gay people have more porn in their lives and straight people? Entech put it well, you have a problem in your mind.

      1. So you’re ok, Jon, with people who have no problem with public displays of vulgar behavior and those same people becoming role models for our children and being in positons of authority over them? I think the problem is in your minds and your spreading your mental illness like a disease.

          1. James 4:28 “Not where I hang out.”

            Did you ever visit county fairs, or state fairs, years ago. I remember they had “girly shows”. Maybe they still do–haven’t been to one for many years.

          2. Jon, the behavior at gay parades and fairs go beyond vulgar and any definition of decent behavior. To celebrate it is sickening. I don’t care if it’s gay or straight it’s depraved. If you think opening that door to kids in the bsa is ok then i have no clue what moral compass you follow.

          3. James 6:46 “behavior at gay parades and fairs go beyond vulgar and any definition of decent behavior.”

            My guess is you have never attended a gay parade. You have seen news clips. I’ve watched gay parades and marched in them. They are a fun variety and cross section of gay people. But, there are more organizations and straight people in those parades, now days, than there are gay people.

            I happen to enjoy whatever get ups gay, and straight, people want to wear and parade in. One of my favorite kinds of shows are drag shows, which I have attended here in Fargo. The performers are both gay and straight.

            Your tastes are different than mine, obviously. Exhibitionist behavior by gays and straights is not a moral issue, its simply entertainment.

          4. entech

            Jon, 11:02 In Australia the police have a presence at the “GLB Mardi Gras” parades, not only for crowd control but also a part in the parade supporting equal rights and tolerance.

    2. entech

      Where do you get the idea that that is what THEY want, they seem to be having enough amongst themselves. They seem to be “leather freaks” (is that the right expression?) a particular thing that from my limited knowledge is often combined with homosexuality and/or S&M but not necessarily.
      The article says that they (the BSA) are likely to approve Homosexuals as members and leaders, not recruit them.
      My wife was a school teacher and quite a few of her fellow teachers, male and female, had same sex partnerships – they all had same sex partners in a similar age range to themselves and no sexual interest in children, quite the contrary they were as concerned for their welfare and as protective as anyone could be. Very conservative and you “couldn’t tell” if you didn’t know.

      They are not all mad exhibitionists any more than all teenagers are “Goth” or “Emo” or whatever the latest fad is, or drunks going around groping the local wives at a barbecue or hypocrites like Ted Haggard.

      1. Henry

        entech: “like Ted Haggard.”

        Good point. When it was discovered he was a practicing homosexual, he was dismissed from his leadership position. Similarily, the leaders of the BSA, if discovered to be homosexual, should be dismissed from their leadership position. Very consistent. Very good point.

        1. entech

          Haggard was preaching from an anti-gay stance, his crime was hypocracy. That he started a new church shows that hypocracy is not a real sin in Christianity.

          Henry show me where it is recorded that he has an unnatural interest in children.
          … methinks.

          1. Henry

            Hagsard doesn’t define the church. Perhaps he has come to terms with his sins, however, with the scandal he created, he wouldn’t even be eligible to be an elder according to scripture. At the very least, it would be unwise for him to preach again as his previous conduct would be used against the organization he is with. He could otherwise take down an otherwise acceptable organization just to satisfy his idolatry of thinking he is so important to the cause as a leader.

          2. Henry

            entech: “show me where it is recorded that he has an unnatural interest in children.”

            Well, it has been reported he had sex with a gay call boy. He also has been accused of being a pedophile at his new church.

          3. Henry

            I guess in some church settings, the pastor calls himself. In other settings, the congregation calls the pastor. The setting of congregation calling the pastor to serve would go a long ways in nipping the idolatry in the bud. This is the method of most churches. It is reported Haggard started his own church. He presumably called himself.

          4. Henry

            entech: “but is it true?”

            You will actually have to read your own link you supplied. He started the church. In other words, he called himself.

          5. entech

            I was actually querying your statement that he had been accused of being a pedophile, church business I leave to church people.
            What I said was are all accusations true? Yeshua being accused and convicted was an example I gave.

          6. Henry

            entech: “What I said was are all accusations true? Yeshua being accused and convicted was an example I gave.”

            You are really searching to receive a negative response from me to your question. I’ll give it to you. No. But being it was reported of him using a gay call boy, his involvement with youth is suspect and should be avoided.

            The BSA’s current policy is a good one. It has been well pointed out by others the fallacy of changing policy on gays. Why take on that risk in order to make some gay adult men to feel better?

        2. Henry 11:01 “the leaders of the BSA, if discovered to be homosexual, should be dismissed from there leadership position.”

          Interesting about the Girl Scouts. About 20 years ago, I was on an advisory board for the Girl Scouts of America. They were reaching out to invite lebian girls and lesbian parents. I never heard this has caused any anxiety by any parents or girls.

  12. The BSA will falter and go by the wayside as other orgs. have done when confronted with political correctness insisted on by those who must push their ideas and agendas on everyone else. And Jon criticizes Christians for the same thing?
    Hypcrisy to the MAX!!!
    This blog gets more incoherent with each post.

    1. buffalogal 3:18 “This blog gets more inchoherent with each post.”

      You’ve got that right. I should have quit back when I was making sense. 🙂

      “..politcal correctness insisted on by those who must push their ideas and agendas on everyone else.”

      Obviously, that’s not what happened in the BSA’s case. Twenty years ago, it was demanded that they change. They said, “No way”, went to court resisting the change and won. The reason they are now changing has to be a business decision. That is, the “everyone else” you refer to is the larger group that wants the change, not a tiny group pushing its views on a larger group. I really don’t think I’m “incoherent” in saying this.

        1. Hi Jinx (pun intended)

          Thanks for your insightful perspective as the father of two sons. From what I gather, you wouldn’t change or trade either one of them for the world. No doubt they are men of character in part because of the values you instilled in them. Congrats on a job well done.

          1. Jinx

            Thank YOU Mac! I wouldn’t change a thing and I love my gay son and his wonderful life partner and my straight son and daughter for the beautiful people they are!

            I am the Mom though……but am one hell of a tomboy from way back!

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