When Demonized Groups Refuse To Accept Status As Inferior, Religious Right Is Confused.

It has been race, religion and sexual orientation the religious right has insulted.  Their mission has been to make themselves feel superior by making others inferior.

When the public and public officials decide they will not take this anymore, the right’s  defense has always been, “Our religious liberty is being attacked.”  The term “religious liberty” used to be the “Southern way of life” or “what the Bible says”, but it’s the same thing.

Both the “Southern  Way of Life” and “Religious Liberty” have the same thing in mind, to demonize some group. For some reason, both think they can hide behind God talk and think the public will not see it is all about prejudice.

The confused thinking of religious liberty comes when those who use it against gays are confronted with the accusation of prejudice.  When it is obvious they do not like gays nor want them to have equal opportunity, they are unable to say which is more important, their prejudice or their religious justification of it.

Thank goodness, groups treated as untouchables by the religious right refuse to put up with it.  Blacks, gay and women are pushing back and with great success.  The more demonized groups push back, the more confused the religious right becomes.

The new story of today is women obtaining the official right to be assigned combat positions in the military.  It will be entertaining to see how religious groups, like the Catholic Church and Southern Baptist Convention, hold onto their positions women are not qualified for some positions in the church.



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  1. T

    American Christianity out of one side of its mouth: “A majority of Americans are Christians!”

    American Christianity out of the other side of its mouth: “We are a persecuted minority!”

  2. Ed

    There is a group, who call themselves Christians, who protest outside of military funerals. In my opinion, they are extremists, wackos etc….You would call them the Christain conservative right Jon. But I consider myself a Christian conservative with much different views and beliefs than those wackos protesting the funerals under the umbrella of Christianity. So what you may see, or others may view as coming from the Christian Right, really encompasses a broad group that has different views and beliefs. I think my beliefs are probably more representative of most Christian conservatives in the Midwest, and maybe even Fargo? I like people of all races equally. Skin color does not matter. I believe in freedom of religion as long as the religion does not justify violence. I do not dislike gay people or think I am better than gay people in the eyes of God. As far as women in the military, they need to pass the physical tests. When I watch basketball, men dunk the ball all the time, many effortlessly. It is extremely, extremely rare that women do so. It is fact – men are stronger. Athletically superior. No women in the NFL. Can women perform certain military roles equally? Absolutely. But if I am injured and need to be carried to a helicopter a half mile away, I’m hoping the soldier who comes to get me can pee standing up. Is that fair? Not being predjudice, just stating facts.

    Don’t lump all Christians in the extremist pot Jon. It is very easily done and destroys credibility…in your views.

    1. Ed 2:54 I’m trying to follow your reasoning, here. It seems to be this: Because some men can go high above the rim to do slam dunks and most women cannot, women are not qualified to be Catholic Priests.

    2. Wakiza

      I think it’s very fair to lump all Christians in the extremist pot. You rarely see examples of moderate Christians condemning the extremists. Birds of a feather – or something like that.

      Besides, it’s the extreme Christians that are a threat to our liberties and freedoms. They are continually ignorant of the meaning of the U.S. Constitution and are constantly introducing extremist bills on reproduction and education that follow a narrow Christian viewpoint.

      So, sorry, if you’re a moderate/normal person, but the whackos in your little cult are overshadowing the “normals”. And those whackos are trying to take away MY freedoms so they need to be under the spotlight like an ant under a magnifying glass. And, worst of all, I don’t see any “moderate” Christians standing up to the worst of their members.

      1. Wakiza 3:59 Thank you for the first time post.

        I get criticised often for lumping together all the various factions of Christianity. While such criticism has some merit, the parties best equipped to differentiate themselves are Christians themselves.

  3. buzz marick

    When it is obvious you do not like gays nor want them to have equal oppertunity. Jon, you are so far off base. It is simply a case hate the behavior, and according to the shepherds chapel pastor the closest translation from hebrew aramaic of hate means to love less. Please be careful not to propagate loving less and discontent.

  4. entech

    It has long been a mark of the truly inadequate that they always have to find someone to look down on, someone who can be said to be inferior. Blacks, browns, yellows, gays, dykes, unemployed, single parents, keep going and you get to Christians of a different denomination or (especially) non-believers.
    A small wager with myself.

  5. Ed

    Jon 3:01…. references were related to women serving in the military. I mentioned nothing about women being capable of serving as priests. You mentioned race, religion, sexual orientation, women serving in the military and in the church. You covered lots of ground and my response was maybe poorly written. My point is “don’t generalize and include all conservative Christians with the extremists. And….the majority of men are physically superior to women and are naturally going to be better soldiers.

    1. Ed 4:56 “..the majority of men are physically superior to women and naturally are going to be better soldiers.”

      I think your assumption of “better soldiers” implies circumstances that are becoming obsolete. First, the role of combate in a resume affects promotions. Personnel who are promoted get rank and positions which require brains and judgement, not physical strength.

      Women in combate have shown they can carry the back packs required and perform the physical strength necessar to perform their duties. But, more relevant, the physical part of the job is becoming less important. The role of walking patrols, fox holes, and such of war movies is not done as much. Here’s an example of todays combat.

      A wounded veteran was on public radio yesterday. She was a helecopter pilot. Her ship was hit on an approach, she took 18 pieces of shrapnel in one arm and one leg. She landed the ship, then, was the only person who returned fire. Until another ship took everyone out.

      Operating equipment in combat is the future and will be done equally well by women and men.

      1. Michael Ross

        “Operating equipment in combat is the future and will be done equally well by women and men.”

        That’s a good point Jon. We now can sit in air condition control room stateside and operate Predator Drones in the middle east or North Africa with joysticks much like the video games these “pilots” grew up on and vaporize the “enemy” with Hellfire missiles. In fact many of these “Top Guns” are trained right here in ND at Camp Grafton. Before we get too proud, however, we should consider that these are extra judicial killings. Worse, according to a counter- terrorist’s testimony before Congress only 2% of the casualties are actually suspected “militants” . The rest are, you guest it, “collateral damage”.

        You are quite correct. Now the gals can join in the killing with the guys. Good co-ed fun. Thanks to feminism American women can kill their unborn babies at home and other womens babies, born and unborn, in foriegn lands. That’s what “freedom and equality” are all about.

          1. Michael Ross

            I am obviously doing just that. My problem with feminism is that certain women (mostly beyond military age) want young women doing all the idiotic things men have been doing all along. To me women’s lib is just proving women can be just as stupid, violent and bloodthirsty as men. I don’t call that progress even if you do.

          2. Michael Ross

            I am reminded of what George McGovern said in the’70s: “I’m fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in. ”

            Now its old women like Nansie Polosi and Sen. Diane FineSlime doing the dreaming for their younger sisters.

  6. Ed

    You have to read the entire previous posts Buzz. I was summarizing views on two separate topics ……..as I mentioned, Jon wrote about several areas in his blog…..gays, religion, women and religion, women and military, Christian predjudices…

  7. Michael Ross

    “The new story of today is women obtaining the official right to be assigned combat positions in the military. ”

    Radical feminism has cost the lives of 60 million unborn babies but that’s not enough. Now they want young women to come home in body bags, just like the guys. How much blood has to be shed for you to be satisfied? I swear, you’re more bloodthirsty than the religious right.

    1. Michael 6:11 “Radical feminism has cost the lives of 60 million unborn babies but that’s not enough.”

      I have to keep repeating this. Irresponsible rules for automobiles cost 35,000 live a year in the U. S., including many babies. Children die everyday because there is not free and available medical services.

      The right to life response to these huge numbers of dead children is, “Oh, really? Not our department. No money or political cache with those deaths.”

      1. Michael Ross

        “Children die everyday because there is not free and available medical services.”

        So kill them before they even have chance at life? Not a very creative solution for a “Freethinker”.

    2. Jinx

      To paraphrase Michael Ross, women fighting for their equal rights instead of just accepting they are baby factories is not acceptable to you, nor is a woman enlisting in the service because it interferes with her utilitarian purpose of having babies.

      And you wonder why women must fight for respect, credibility and relevance!

      1. Jinx 8:56 Thanks for the first-time comment. Sorry about the delay in getting it up–there is a little approval process to limit spam.

        “And you wonder why women must fight for respect, credibility and relevance.”

        How true!

  8. Henry

    Jon:“When Demonized Groups Refuse to Accept Status as Inferior, Religious Right is Confused.”

    Jon has at least two premises that are not accurate:
    1. The “religious right”, very loosely defined by Jon, are actually the demonized groups with Jon piling on.
    2. The “demonized groups” according to Jon are seeking/have sought/have gained extra rights.

    Jon needs to crawl out of the ’50’s.

        1. entech

          What was that wonderful word you used just recently, projecting, been trying to think of that one for a while. It is so common amongst Henry’s clan, criticise or suggest that christianity has any lack of veracity and that is a hate crime – however, demonise gays, exaggerate their behaviour and potential for evil (if they do that it proves they will do anything ?) and that is religious freedom.
          Practically everything you project onto “The Atheist” comes from your own failings.
          again 😆

          1. Henry

            Don’t think so.

            I must confess I am little crotchety and direct today. I have influenza A. Do you want to come over for supper? 🙂

          2. Henry

            Thanks, Jon. This is the first time I had this crud since 1996. Fortunately, I had my flu shot, which softens the blow. I knew I was getting it when I was getting the aches in some of my joints where I had various “damage” over the years from physical work/play. Then, the location of where I had my flu shot administered two months ago started aching badly. It could be worse.

          3. entech

            Takes at least 24 hours to get there, so a bit late for supper. I hope you feel better by then and feel less enthusiastic about sharing your affliction.

            I meant the physical one of course, you would always be happy to share the affliction that makes you view the universe through the distorting lens of doubtful scriptures, while I would, naturally, like to see you cured of both.

  9. Michael Ross

    “Blacks, gay and women are pushing back and with great success.”

    The success goes to those societal power seekers who are pitting Black against white, Men against women, young against old, Rich against poor, Christian against Moslem, against Jew, against atheist. Divide and conquer is the strategy. They want a society with themselves as the ruling class and the rest of us their serfs. I’m sure they would thank you for your help.

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