It has been race, religion and sexual orientation the religious right has insulted.  Their mission has been to make themselves feel superior by making others inferior.

When the public and public officials decide they will not take this anymore, the right’s  defense has always been, “Our religious liberty is being attacked.”  The term “religious liberty” used to be the “Southern way of life” or “what the Bible says”, but it’s the same thing.

Both the “Southern  Way of Life” and “Religious Liberty” have the same thing in mind, to demonize some group. For some reason, both think they can hide behind God talk and think the public will not see it is all about prejudice.

The confused thinking of religious liberty comes when those who use it against gays are confronted with the accusation of prejudice.  When it is obvious they do not like gays nor want them to have equal opportunity, they are unable to say which is more important, their prejudice or their religious justification of it.

Thank goodness, groups treated as untouchables by the religious right refuse to put up with it.  Blacks, gay and women are pushing back and with great success.  The more demonized groups push back, the more confused the religious right becomes.

The new story of today is women obtaining the official right to be assigned combat positions in the military.  It will be entertaining to see how religious groups, like the Catholic Church and Southern Baptist Convention, hold onto their positions women are not qualified for some positions in the church.