Does Benny Hinn Do Parody Of The Book Of Mark?

The Bible’s Book of Mark has some theology, but its major purpose seems to be to raise Jesus to mythical status.  Mark is the oldest Gospel, it’s the first time Jesus appears.  It was written about the years 50 to 60 CE.

Benny Hinn is an evangelist who puts on a healing show.  He fills auditoriums.  You need to see him on YouTube–I cannot do it justice.  He crowds the stage with people who need to be healed.

Early on, he did the same thing other healing evangelists do. Someone needing healing would talk to him, he would make some pronouncement and the person would toss his crutches and walk away.

But, Benny thought,  “I can do better.”  Now, his shows are epics with him waving toward half the stage, everyone collapsing into a healing trace.  Then, he does a back hand “no look” wave in the other direction, the other half goes down.

My thinking is Benny Hinn is doing a parody of Jesus in the Book of Mark.  Much of Mark is following Jesus from place to place, encountering masses of people to heal and feed through magic.  If this happened a time or two, it might be worth wondering about.  But it goes over the top, on and on and bigger and bigger until it’s like Benny Hinn.

It’s like there were many writers, each had made up a story he thought better than the others and none could be left out.

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5 Responses

  1. entech

    Just demonstrates the gullibility and wishful thinking that is the basis of all of this. And the number of charlatans that are happy to take advantage and money.
    Not all to be sure, but enough to question why a certain entity would permit his name to be taken in vain in spite of commandments against it.

  2. Hinn has more in common with the WWF than the book of Mark. Both are for show and the fans often know they are fake, but lets pretend. On the other hand all healing is from God. If you are sick and recover with your doctor’s intervention, diet and lifestyle changes, or the prayers of others, God has had mercy on you.

  3. Simple

    Benny Hinn – A man with so much of God’s power on him that when he waves his arm 50 people fall over. Yet his wife had to go to Betty Ford to get off the prescription pills.

  4. Simple

    Benny Hinn and Joyce Meyer are two people that take in enough money that they could become billionaire preachers. This seems so wrong to me.

    1. Wanna B Sure

      Google images; “Prosperity preachers”. Most of the biggies are there. A Tulsa Oklahoma connection seems to be a common denominator for many.

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