The Christian Faith In Postmodernism.

Today’s postmodernism, sometimes referred to as disorder, presents a challenge for the Church.  People are confident of their own abilities to figure things and are less confident in the “establishment” .

Recently, a very smart pastor has written down his view of how the church can navigate this new world.  He doesn’t not say exactly how the “Word” should be presented, but lays out broad outlines.

People need to be taught, he says, they have individual abilities to figure things out.  But, they also need to be taught everything they figure out needs to be associated with a group.  That is, as I understand him, the interpretation of the word is not valid without group vetting or a group filter.

I would agree most people want to belong to some group or community of people.  But, I’m not sure the pastor’s model of persuading people to bend their version of truth to the group is what postmodernism is all about.

Instead, I think people will figure things out themselves and join a group that conforms to their beliefs, instead of the other way around.  They will also leave groups, denominations,  they don’t agree with.  That is happening now.

In this day in age when people have computers with vast libraries at the finger tips, challenging authorities, especially those in the church, is easier than ever.  It is made even easier by the arbitrary nature of religious documents, like the Bible.

The post modern world is the enemy of organized religion.

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    1. Another convert for Jon. You must be a great intellectual since Freethinkers worship their own intellect and reasoning abilities. Though I enjoy reading Jon’s blog, I am not the intellectual type, at least I don’t believe my intellect is worth worshipping. On the other hand I try to think for myself and not, as Jon puts it, through the “vetting of a group filter”. I guess I’m stuck between organized religion and a “freethinker” Just an odd duck all the way around.

      1. Michael 2:22 “I’m stuck between organized religion and a ‘freethinker’. Just an odd duck all the way around.”

        Whatever your views, I’m glad to have you as a reader and commenter, Michael. I don’t agree with you that, “Freethinkers worship their own intellect and reasoning abilities.” What you, and many others, seem to regard as “worship” is in fact merely critical thinking. That is, we applied the same skepticism and require the same level of documentation we would require of someone making a political statement or selling us a car or refrigorator.

        Devout Christians don’t make that requirement of, for example, the Bible. They conclude since Jesus said he was a god, it has to be true. Since Jesus said he was told by God he was one chosen by God, they simply assume it is true also. They conclude since the Old Testament said a god figure would arrive, and Jesus said he was that one, they simply accept that also.

        Freethinkers doubt such things because there is no evidence except what this person alledgely said. There is not even much evidence he even said these things. I don’t see how this can be called worship of “worhip of our intellect and reasoning”. It’s really only practical thinking. In fact, it could be said Christians are the one who worship their own “intellect and reasoning”. Many times it has been said here about me I don’t have the ability to enter the realm of the spiritual. And, that is true. It must take ability, I don’t have that ability.

        1. Whatever you consider the highest is your god. The religeous nature of atheism is expressed in this article I just read:

          As the First Church of Atheism site states:

          “The First Church of Atheism is formed around the belief that the mysteries of life can be explained through science and reason. We aim to provide a place for atheists to become ordained, for free, as well as a hub for atheists to find ministers to perform their ceremonies. This is our doctrine:

          “Nothing exists besides natural phenomena. Thought is merely a function of that natural phenomena. Death is complete, and irreversible. We have faith solely in humankind, nature, and the facts of science.”

          Humankind, nature, and facts of science is you god.

          Read more:

          1. Michael–That’s a funny article.

            First, Buddhism, “No one disputes that it is a religion.” (Also mentioned taoism, I don’t know anything about that.) One group that disputes Buddhism is a religion is Buddhism. I sat around a large table with former students, Buddhists, in Thailand, one evening some years ago and learned most of them were Buddhists and Catholics. They were enthusiastic Buddhists but they did not consider it to be their religion.

            The First Church of Atheism had to declare it to be a religion or else it could not be licensed to do weddings and funerals, which is why it exists. All the groups, American Atheists, Freedom From Religion, etc., which license people for that purpose, weddings and funerals, call themselves a religion when becoming certified by states for that purpose.

            I realize Christians like to accuse atheists of being a “church”, and, it does no harm to do so. But, I still don’t agree with you atheists consider themselves intellectually superior. We are inferior to Christians because they can envision talking to a god. We are unable to to that.

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