New In 2013, Congress Includes Nonbelievers.

Kyrsten Sinema is newly elected to the U. S. House of Representatives from Arizona.  She declares herself a “none”, not affiliated with any religion.  She does not agree to be called an atheist or agnostic or anything else.  On top of that, unmarried, she says she is attracted to men and women equally, bisexual.

I wonder how many people send Representative Sinema scripture everyday.  It probably tops what received when I was a Mayor.

Back in the days of segregation, the most sinful thing in the U. S. was interracial marriage.  This had been replaced by homosexuality and non belief.  Representative Sinema surely must represent the most sinful immaginable to today’s fundamentalist Christian wing.

That she could be elected must mean there has been a lightening up of voter attitudes toward non belief and diversity in sexuality.  Although she is a Democrat, it’s hard to grasp her election took place in the same country as the Iowa Republican Presidential Caucuses where candidates competed on being favorites of God.

Her election could reflect an unintended consequence of the redistricting in recent decades.  Republicans have been most successful in “fixing” districts so they are safe Republican seats.  The result has been ever more conservative candidates winning in those districts.

However, politics has its ways of evening things up.  What we are seeing is Democrat candidates like Sinema who are, not only liberal, but are from the set of people most despised by Republicans, godless and gay.

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  1. Michael Ross

    “She declares herself a “none”, not affiliated with any religion. She does not agree to be called an atheist or agnostic or anything else. On top of that, unmarried, she says she is attracted to men and women equally, bisexual.”

    She doesn’t know what she is and she doesn’t believe in anything. This is what we send to Congress to make our laws. God help us.

    1. Michael “She doesn’t know what she is and doesn’t believe in anythig. This is what we sent to Congress to make our laws. God help us.”

      She has been in public and elected positions for several years and “believes” in many worthy causes. She supported tuition wavers for returning veterans, supports the Dream Act (citizenship rights for adults who were brought into the country as children), gay marriage and abortion rights. I support all these things, too, so I think our courntry is in good hands when people like her are elected.

    1. buffalogal 2:34 “with 51% of the voting public being ignorant or worse.”

      I think the voters who elected her were quite smart people. She has advanced degrees, has been a public servant for several years and supported wonderful issues.

  2. James

    I think it shows how greatly a civilized society has fallen people like Jon consider gay marriage and the killing of children wonderful issues. It certainly sounds satanic.

    1. James 8:00 “…has fallen people like Jon consider gay marriage and the killing of children wonderful issues. It certainly sounds satanic.”

      You are correct I think gay marriage and abortion rights are policies practical for our society. If history is any guide, most all of the Christian faith will ultimately embrace them as well because the views of its members will reflect the changes in society.

      As far as “satanic”, an interesting side to the election of Kyrsten Sinema was that her Republican opponet said she had, “Participated in pagan rituals.” She was elected anyway. It makes me wonder if voters were wary, in turn, of a Republican Christian who had participated in a ritual Christians do that simulates cannibalism.

    1. Stan 7:04 “So, fixed safe seats are the domanin of Republicans only.”

      Gosh, I have never written that. It’s not true this is the case. There are safe Democrat seats. There are more safe Republican seats than safe Democrat seats. The people elected from those seats are not inclined to compromise.

      All that being said, there is an old saying in politics, “Everyone can be beaten by someone.” So, no seats are entirely safe.

      1. Brad

        The interesting thing about the 2012 election is that the House election actually had a higher Democratic vote overall than Republican, even though the Republicans kept control of the House. It’s all a result of district gerrymandering. In any case, the House is totally broken. No ability to govern whatsoever. If any of our problems get solved, it will be in spite of, not due to, congress.

  3. Brad

    The only difference between someone like Kyrsten Sinema and most other elected officials (or the general public for that matter) is that she is a whole lot more self-honest than most other people. One truth that I have found is that the more rigid or “stuck-in-concrete” people are in their thinking, the less honest they are with themselves. They protect themselves from their own truths by allowing someone else (such as their church or their political party) to dictate their thoughts for them. Rather than trying to take a deep look inside, they are constantly looking at everyone else, and passing judgement.

      1. Brad

        Another one that really sticks out is Ted Haggard, the evangelical pastor who was caught in a meth/gay prostitute scandal a few years back.

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