It’s Not A War Against Christianity, It’s A War Against The Assumption.

It’s so popular for some Christians to say there is a “War Against Christianity”.  It’s not easy to explain why there is no such war.  I came across a way to explain it today, a “War Against Assumption”.

When I was a Mayor, I made appearances at endless conferences and gatherings in our town to extend a welcome from the City.  The other part of opening ceremony custom is an appearance by a local pastor.

Even though I was a practicing Christian at the time, I would do a slow burn when a pastor would mention “Jesus Christ”, sometimes several times,  in his prayer.  I knew when people from all over gather for a conference, there are going to be non Christians.  So, why not refer to all gods and spirits, or better to none, was my thinking.

The pastors, of course, were on  automatic replay, repeating prayers they had given hundreds of times in their own churches and gave little thought to it.  My welcomes were kind of repetitive as well.

Still, the assumption was there the audience was exclusively Christian.  And, that’s the assumption made when people want to display nativity scenes and post Ten Commandments on public property.

I wish there were a little class pastors and priests could take about prayers outside their own church.  It might include a reminder not to assume everyone, or even the majority, are Christian.

A few words about the fellowship of humans gathered for a common effort would be just right.

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  1. Dustin White

    From my understanding, seminaries and religious programs are going that way. In Bismarck, I had a professor (he was an older gentleman), who actually began doing more inclusive prayers. He taught religious diversity, and took it serious. He was also a Lutheran Minister, but would do Buddhist prayers. He told one story in which one individual was actually upset by the fact that he did such.

    I think your point is very valid though. I would also say that there are some Christians who believe they are the only true Christians. Thus, anyone else is waging a war on the true Christianity, which is ridiculous.

      1. Henry

        Good point. The ionic bond between Buddhism and Christianity would be difficult to break. The religions would need to be fired to a boil in order to separate. I’d rather retain my Christian identity and avoid the pain of fire.

  2. Michael Ross

    The reason for the assumption is simple: Christianity is the only religion of any historical significance in American. The war IS against Christianity.

    1. Michael 7:02 “Christianit is the only religion of any historicdal significance in America. The war IS against Christianity.”

      I agree, Christianity is the most popular religion in the U. S. But, everyone is not a Christian. What would be wrong with people not tossing it in at gatherings where there are folks with other beliefs?

    2. Formerly Fargo Bob

      Michael Ross – The fact that people are more willing to criticize religion in general and Christianity in particular does not constitute a war. Christians have attacked people of other faiths or no faith relentlessly for as long as I can remember. It seems to me that Christians love to dish it out, but certainly can’t take it.

    3. Dustin White

      Michael- That is simply incorrect. Yes, Christianity has been the major religion, but other religions have had vast impacts on the United States. Judaism, especially during the civil war, was quite important in the fight against slavery. Jewish individuals also made huge impacts on our everyday life.

      Islam has been here for a long time as well, and Muslims have made a great impact on the United States as well. It is one religion that is definitely being attacked now.

      Then there are the Native American religions that predate Christianity, that influenced the people here for thousands of years. The new religions that are sprouting up have also had major impacts. The Christian-centered view that you are portraying simply is not accurate.

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