Thanks, Best Wishes For A Great 2013.

Here is a thank you to readers for taking a look at these blogs, even is just for a few seconds.  This month, December, 2012, shows the largest number by far of views in the two and a half years of doing the blog.

The blog was started with no particular purpose in mind other than exploring topics that seem interesting.   The many comments, both compliments and criticisms, are a bonus and I appreciate every one.

My thanks, also, to the Fargo Forum for prviding AreaVoices and the staff to keep this part of the Forum’s electronic program available.  Readers may not know the amount of work the Forum staff does to hold down spam on this site.

They must constantly monitor incoming spam because it changes in efforts to get around the screening.  My spam file has as much as a thousand messages a day that I can simply delete with one stroke because of the constant screening work done by Tracey Briggs and others.

So, thanks and a Happy New Year.  Now, it’s back to bloggin’.