The Clergy Police Blotter.

Several puffed up gas bags, like Mike Huckabee, said God was not present at the Connecticut school shooting.  Where God is present, however, things are not always that great.

ARRESTED/CHARGED: James Burton,  Pastor, Greater First Baptist Church, Ft. Wayne, IN,. FOUR COUNTS, CHILD MOLESTATION.      Barry W. Kallenberg, Rabbi, Sunny Beach, FL., 73 COUNTS, GRAND THEFT.       Larry Singleton, Pastor, Bay Springs Baptist Church, Lafayette County, MS., SEXUAL BATTERY OF A CHILD.      Bobby Gass, Pastor, Baypoint Community Church, Texas City, TX., ASSAULT AND COCAIN POSSESSION.              Donald Knizley, Pastor, Zion House of Prayer, Mobile, AL., LOITERING FOR THE PURPOSE OF SEXUAL ASSAULT.     Mark Derksen Sr., Pastor,  Faith Mountain Christian Church, Fountain Hills, AZ.,  SELLING METH AND HEROIN.

PLEADED/CONVICTED:   Luis J. Cuevas, Pastor, St. Athanasius Catholic Church, Long Beach, CA., SEXUAL BATTERY.     Gregory Goner, Pastor, Spirit Governed Baptist Church,  Milwaukee, WI.,  FILING FALSE TAX RETURN.

SENTENCED:   Luckner Sylvain, Pastor, First Haitian Baptist Church, Norwich, CT., INJURY TO A MINOR.   Thomas Wiggans, Pastor, Church of God in Christ, Wilimington, NC., SIX COUNTS OF FELONY SEX OFFENSE.

CIVIL LAWSUITS FILED:  Stan Archie, Senior Pastor, Christian Fellowship Baptist Church, Kansas City, MO.,  FORMER ASSISTANT ALLEDGES SEX FOLLOWED BY HARRASSMENT.          Christopher L. Johnson, Pastor, Pentecostal Tabernacle Bible Church.  FORMER CHURCH MEMBER ALLEDGES MOLESTATION WHEN A MINOR.     Archdiocese of Hartford, CT, suing its insurer for not paying settlements made to victims of three Priests involving 43 accusers.

REMOVED/RESIGNED: Roando Garcia, Agatha Catholic Church , Miami, SEXUAL ABUSE OF BOYS.         Stuart MacDonald, St. More Catholic Church, Lander, ON.  IMPROPER CONDUCT AND LANGUAGE.    Luke Odor, Catholic Chaplain, Stow, MA.,  BOUNDARY VILOATIONS WITH MINORS.

Just to be clear, the Pastors/Priests I know are fine people.

Source:  Freethought Today, Dec. 2012

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  1. katherine

    Sin rears up in too many places. That these people identify with a Savior who has defined sin and they still commit sin is especially egregious and sick. Mercy is needed everywhere. I hope one day people will understand how to treat one another. And the pastors and priests I know are stars in my life. I just remind myself not to ask too much of them.

    1. katherine !:04 “..pastors and priests I know are stars in my life. I try .. not to ask too much of them.”

      Good thoughts. To me the problem Christianity has is the few preachers/priests who think too highly of themselves. Plus, chruch institutions that give them too much power over what is the correct doctrine. Utimately, it gives rises to scoundrals have a green light, or, thinking they do, to commit crimes and dispicible acts.

  2. Henry

    Jon: “Just to be clear, the Pastors/Priests I know are fine people.”

    I have the same observations as well. So what is your point?

    1. Henry 4:00 “So what is your point?”

      It was in the opening to the blog. Gas bag Huckabee said if a god had been present in the school, the shooting would not have happened. When a god is present, like in a church, things don’t always go well either.

      1. Henry

        Ok. That is a little clearer with a helpful “if” statement. Thanks.

        I would have thought that Huckaberry Hound would know that God is omnipresent.

  3. Michael Ross

    Pastors, priests, rabis, Phd economists, we are all made of the same flesh. There is only One who walked this earth that resisted temptation to the end. The rest of us all sucumbed.

  4. Wanna B Sure

    Off Topic, but still seasonal appropriate. Here’s a CP article for you Jon, and for Dustin’s consideration. “Rebuttal to Newsweeks Cover Story on the Myths of Jesus”. (The Newsweek’s article by Bart Ehrman.) Hot off the Press today.

    Just sayin

    1. Wanna 2:18 re: Newsweek rebuttal

      I read that. I’m amazed you call that a “rebuttal”. He says, basically, if you are a Christian you believe it is historically true, a non believer does not find evidence it is true. The last paragraph about the resurrection says that explicitly. Then he quotes his relative, “An up and coming” religion professor who says Erdman is “wrong” but doesn’t really say why.

      As you often say about what I write, “weak”.

      1. Wanna B Sure

        Jon; Didn’t you catch the discussion of Ehrman’s claim/denial of the census, with the following comment by Paul L Maier? I think “rebuttal” is completely appropriate. How many times have I heard; “If one thing in the Bible can be shown to be wrong, how can you trust the rest”, (or something to that effect). The same can be said of Ehrman. Maier is not an “Up and commer”. Your rebuttal is weak indeed.

      2. Wanna B Sure

        Jon; As is usually the case, you have a problem in reading comprehension. Your; “I’m amazed you call that a “rebuttal”. reveals just that. Not my claim ! The word “rebuttal” was in the title of the article. Even more weakining your “rebuttal”.

        Re. Mike Licona; The article by Newcombe refers to Licona as “A friend of mine”. Nowhere do I see where he is a relative. I looked elswhere, and again see no relationship. I could be wrong, but I don’t see it as any importance. This again could be more evidence of your bias, and lack of reading comprehension.

      3. Wanna B Sure

        Jon; Your inclusion of “his relative” would have your desired implication of nepotism, reducing even more his credability. You old slickster. Funny really.

        1. Wanna 5:37 I concede he wrote friend, not relative. It doesn’t change the fact he did not present anything that refuted Erdman.

          And, that referrence of “three census'” or ten census’. There were census’. What is missing is an explanation for traveling back to some home village as a requirement of a “census”. I’ve not read anyone in the field who confirms this was a part of any census, at that time or any other time. That’s what’s missing in the myth. Critics say the return to the home village was a theatrical technique, inserted to make the birth rural and “humble” rather than urban.

          1. Wanna B Sure

            Looks to me, (have become convinced), that you selectively choose anything you can use as an antithesis, no matter how petty, and intentionally reject all else. Not as objective as you make out to be. Clearly the result of “the bound will”—–and Subjectivism. And so it also appears to be with you, as an economist. Look for the desired objective, and fit the agreeable information to arrive at it. “The end justifies the means”.

          2. Wanna B Sure

            Jon; Your philosophical style of economics, (In the classical sense), ((not in the field of bookeeping, which is an exacting science.)), fits nicely with your antithetical position on Christianity specifically, or anything related to it. You cannot separate the two. More evidence of the binding.

          3. Wanna 10:50 “trapped”

            You may again accuse my of having the Biblical diagnosed “bound will”. I have notice folks who believe in the super natural lose the ability to evaluate religious events from an objective perspective. I have named it, “bound brain”. There is nothing particularly harmful about people with bound brains, but they do have trouble performing critical thinking about myths from the Bible.

          4. Wanna B Sure

            “biblican”, Interesting pharase Your situation is “Biblican’t. Comes from a “Hardened heart”. AKA “Bound”.

  5. Stanta

    I wonder what the statistics would be per 100,000 for the clergy and being a criminal compared to the general population/teachers/coaches?

    Not defending, just curious?

  6. Blasphemer

    As an atheist, I’m a skeptic almost by definition. I believe this must carry through in all things. Simply believing or faith is putty to the hands of con men. So,… and Jon don’t get me wrong, not criticizing, just me, small point. When you say at the end; (and I understand (I think), your reason), “Just to be clear, the Pastors/Priests I know are fine people”, would have the words “,I think” behind “know”. It has been said that we don’t really “know” anyone. It’s tricky and challenging enough to know oneself. Thus I have been accused of believing in nothing and faithless. Not far behind such allegations is a smoldering hate and fear. While it does me nothing in their eyes I suspect, I would respond that “I believe in science and have an eternal faith in the goodness of man and his inevitable path to true ‘consciousness’ in what we call spirit”.

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