Pope: Gay Marriage is the Same as Communism.

The Vatican is pulling out all the stops trying to side track country after country legally  approving gay marriage.  Seemingly to understand the futility of using religious arguments, they are using ham handed political techniques.

If you want to politically demonize any group in the world, call them “communists”.  This is a nature for the Catholic Church because its clergy enjoy the religious class structure good for them.  When pushed, they like to point to the benefits of maintaining separate classes of people.

This effort to block equality for gays and women by referring to it as a reconstituted political effort to establish communism appears in a “semi official” publication of the Vatican.  The author takes the unfulfilled promises of communism and trying to say they apply to equality for women and gays.

“Egalitarian utopia” of communism turned out to be a disappointment, the author writes.   So too, was the happiness of equality sought by the French Revolution.

These were, of course, the same arguments used by those who favored slavery and segregation.  “Negro slaves in this country have it much better than slaves in other countries,” was the argument.

One can only conclude the less equal the rights and opportunities, the happier those at the bottom will be. This has always been the argument of those at the top.

Gay marriage somehow threatens both straight marriage and the class structure of the Catholic Church.


8 thoughts on “Pope: Gay Marriage is the Same as Communism.

  1. Jon: “Pope: Gay Marriage is the Same as Communism.”

    I think he may have a point with a number of similarities between the regimes.

    • Lol, I agree……….and I was raised a catholic but did not follow the footsteps of my holier than though family!! If I am reading this correctly, you are comparing Catholicism to Communism……..conform and obey to your last breath….

  2. Calling a “UNION” of GLBT people a marriage is an insult to me and I dare say to all heterosexual married people. How dare you?

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